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The 2021 Guide to Buying Active Instagram Followers without Wasting Your Money

by gratesbb

There’s one issue with buying Instagram followers for brand account promotion that no agency will tell you about (and they have reasons to).

Sometimes, when you buy followers for your profile, you’ll notice that although your audience became much bigger according to numbers, your account is still silent — no likes, no views, no comments, basically, no growth.

Avoid bots at all costs and choose only verified agencies — “Soc-Promotion” is a great option: https://soc-promotion.com/instagram/followers.

Sure, you could fix the silence created by empty accounts with a well-crafted targeted promotion campaign or marketing strategy that works perfectly well for your brand, but why spend the budget on bots when you can spend these money on real followers and benefits they give you: traffic, regular profile visits, comments and likes?

Besides, spending money on bots not only works poorly for your marketing strategy, but also creates a few problems for your profile.

Beware fake followers

While there’s nothing wrong in paying agencies for people to follow you, if your followers are not even remotely active, two problems arise:

  1. Brands can easily spot whether your followers are fake or not. If you’re an influencer, that’s bad news: no one wants to spend their budget to promote things to dead accounts. On the other side, people also can easily spot when a brand suddenly gets thousands of new followers without any activity.
  2. Instagram algorithms really don’t like bots and those who use third party services to get them in their audience. Hence the ban you might get for suspicious activities. 

Besides, it’s really easy to check whether your followers are active or not. Engagement rate is the best way to find out — this metric uses activity to followers number ratio. Advertisers will quickly label your account as not trustworthy if your engagement rate is lower than one percent. Instagram algorithms also choose this metric to range posts in Feed — the higher the engagement rate, the more chances your post will make it to the “Discover” tab.

It’s always wiser to have a small, but active and loyal audience, than thousands of bots that will never be active and won’t give you any kind of profit.

There are at least two great options to avoid bots and form a big and active audience: find an agency that will provide you with 100% real followers, or start an Instagram Promotions campaign to reach more people and make your brand visibility much bigger.

How to buy Insta followers and not regret it?

As you can see, buying fake followers is not only a total waste of money, but also a potential danger to your brand and account’s future. 

Surely, you can find services or agencies that will provide you with real audience growth — we even have a few tips:

  • target your audience, if you can. The best services provide this option and will ask you at least the location of new people on your account. Some other things that can help you narrow targeting and find more active people include the use of hashtags or competitor’s profile analysis. This way you’ll get not only real followers, but also those who might be really interested in your content.
  • know the difference between cheap and affordable. There’s no way you’ll get a thousand real people to follow you for $10. This looks suspicious and frankly, we doubt that one cent per follower is the price your account’s growth is worth. Sure, some services have great offers and bundles with likes, views, and profile visits from time to time, but you’ll know that this option is affordable — not cheap.

Our recommendation for a trusted agency is “Soc-Promotion” — they offer affordable plans that will suit your business goals. You can even set the pace you’d like to get your followers at for more organic and safe results.

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