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Top 5 WordPress Hosting Sites

by gratesbb

It is important to choose the right best hosting if you own or run WordPress websites. The hosting site determines how healthy and reliable your website is. Since there are so many hosting sites out there, which one is the best?

No matter which one you will choose, you should keep these points in mind when it comes to choosing the best hosting for WordPress. The server requirements should meet the latest requirements for WordPress. Speed is also important and if your website loads slower than one second then you need to consider changing your hosting.

Uptime is another important thing you should take a look. If you the uptime of your hosting is below 99.95 percent, you better switch it to another hosting.

#1. Bluehost Hosting

At a glance, Bluehost provides excellent main keys for your WordPress website. The average uptime is more than 99.98 percent with 375 ms average loading speed. It has a 24/7 live chat that will help you. The hosting is friendly even for beginners with reliable performance that includes SSL.

This hosting site very popular especially for bloggers and small business owners. The pricing is cheap which less than USD 3 per month. It is easy to use and no performance issue has ever been reported.

According to the tests we have run, Bluehost provides the best value ratio. With 99.98 percent uptime and 375 ms loading speed, you will never get the best yet most value for money hosting service on the market.

The pricing starts from USD 2.75 per month and you can purchase it for 36 months. However, the renewal price is USD 7.95 per month. Still, it is very common in the hosting industry yet this one is considered cheap after all. To save money, you should purchase the plan for the longest period.

#2. HostGator Hosting Service

This hosting service provider offers 99.99 percent average uptime with 425 ms loading speed. With a fast response live chat that will help you 24/7, HostGator is another best hosting service you should take into account. The intro price is cheap and it provides very reliable service and unlimited email.

HostGator is another popular hosting service provider with more than 10 million domains. It will be your ultimate choice when you run a WP website. Various high traffic sites use this hosting service its fast loading times just makes the hosting service more desirable. According to our test for one-year long, the average speed is 425 ms with 99.99 percent uptime.

Its initial purchase is USD 5.95 per month while the renewal might charge you USD 9.95 per month.

#3. SiteGround

This is another option you can take a look when you need a reliable hosting service for your WP websites. This hosting allows you to change the data center locations from the USA to Europe and vice versa. Some features provided will allow you to get a faster WP seed. The uptime is 99.99 percent and the load time is 671 ms. This number might not be as fast as HostGator and Bluehost. However, speed can be faster in some regions of Europe.

It has 24/7 customer service which will give helpful solutions for all your issues with the hosting service. However, the sign-up price is a bit higher than other hosting sites with USD 9.90 per month for the renewal. If you register your domain, it will charge you another dollar.

#4. Hostinger

If you need another name of the best hosting site for WP website, you should consider Hostinger as well. It offers the cheapest hosting plans with a data center in almost all continents across the world. You might not be able to choose your data center at first. But once you have signed up, you can ask the support service to change your server location.

Even though this one is the cheapest hosting service for WP websites, it provides 340 ms loading speed and 99.96 percent of uptime, which is faster and more competitive on the market. The initial sign-up price is USD 0.99 per month that can be purchased up to 48 months. Once the plan has ended, you can renew it for USD 2.75 per month.

#5. Dreamhost

Even though this is another alternative you can choose, it might not be suitable if you want more than average service. The uptime is 99.93 percent with 656 ms loading speed. Users can make site transfers for USD 99 and the service support is only during working hours. You cannot even choose your data center location.

Still, anything you choose, it depends on your main goal of making a WordPress website.

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