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Get To Know DELL VOSTRO 3470 Small Desktop Computer

by gratesbb

Having a small business with limited space for work? Then you will be needing some compact devices to support and maximize your business without taking too much space in your workplace.

Introducing Dell Vostro 3470 small desktop computer, with enhanced performance from the advanced processor, you will be able to work and open multiple tasks in an ultra-compact design.


Whether you have a small business in a limited space of work, or you are a student, or even if you are someone who works from home, Dell Vostro 3470 will be suitable for you. You can work fast and comfortably through the day thanks to the latest Intel processors, Intel Core i5 8400 that will give you a powerful performance during the use of the computer.

With up to 8GB high-speed RAM the device will give you the power and such a reliable performance.

Built-in WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet connection makes you stay connected to the web and it will help you to transmit any important data related to your business at an outstanding speed.

Imagine that your client sets a deadline and you need to use the time as precise as possible, you will not let anything slow you down. So the combination of the latest processor and the built-in WiFi will never make you disappoint your client. So why not complete the job on time and build the trust foundation from your business clients?

the existence of hardware TPM 2.0 will provide the best security to ensure the business keeps on going safely.

Who does not like multitasking? This will make your work faster and it is even easier for you to work on multiple things at the same time, so we are talking about time-saving here. With up to 2GB of optional discrete graphics, you can run multiple tasks and apps while enjoying a high-quality display on everything you are working on, whether it is powerpoint presentations to editing video.

About storage? No need to worry, there is plenty of room here, you can same and access documents, presentations, and even lots of media file without having to worry about the space. with up to 2TB HDD it is a huge space in such a compact design. You can even still enhance the performance by adding up to 512GB M.2 SATA SSD or you can choose the dual drive for optimum space room.


Stop worrying about having to provide extra space in your working table. This compact design is built for your desk space. You can save space now or even having extra space on your desk for other things that are important for your work. And you do not have to sacrifice anything just to have more space for papers perhaps?

The unique design also allows additional vents in the front part and the presence of ultrafine filters will keep the airflow in a good condition so you do not have to worry about overheating. The filters will keep away the dust and keep the system cool at the same time.

If you ever need more, you can always upgrade it with expansion slot.This will allow you to make your business keep on growing. VGA and HDMI ports are there to support multiple displays to keep your high productivity going.

Dell Mobile Connect

This app is made toes up your life, you can access multiple devices without having a distraction, just connect your android or io with your desktop, and you can practically work from anywhere. Dell Mobile Connect helps you to communicate better, make calls, send texts, get notified, and you can even make a duplicate of your smartphone to your P. This will allow you to use all applications with no limit.

By connecting your phone with your dell computer through point-to-point make sure that your data is protected and not exposed by the use of insecure internet connections. this surely eases your mind since you do not worry about your data being taken by some malware form, not a secure internet line. Dell mobile connect helps you to transfer videos, photos, music, and documents from Pc to smartphones and vice versa and it can be done quickly. Without complex cloud storage services or cables, you will be able to get the transfer done in a blink of an eye.

This Dell Vostro 3470 Small Desktop is for you who needs to work while having small space, its compact design and connected to a mobile app will allow you to work from anywhere you are. Whether you are working or students with lots of presentations, this sure is for you.you will have a desktop computer that can be placed in your bedroom.

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