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Native Opera Mini Review

by gratesbb

Native Opera Mini is not a new app for those who love to surf the web. It is a more streamlined browser than Opera browser but with some other additional settings. As a native app, there are some pros and cons you should know.

About Opera Mini

Opera browser has been one of the best browsers you might get. It has been developed for several versions and it has the same root after all. When it comes to the Opera browser, we might know several good things offered by this ap.

It has a built-in ad blocker that makes your surfing experience much better. The VPN is also equipped in this browser that will allow you to access all websites and videos even if those are banned in your country. Its battery saver is suitable for those who use it for the mobile phone.

Essentially, Opera offers faster performance compared to other web browsers and its Speed Dial start page boosts the browsing experience. To speed up slow connections, you can turn on the Turbo mode while it also cuts your data usage. For easy navigation, you can use gestures though. Its configuration options allow you to open RSS feeds.

However, this app might cause some sites to balk at considering they do not recognize the browser. Also, there is no reading list or reading mode. There is no social sharing tool available. There is no AJAX, Flash, or JavaScript support provided by Opera Mini. You cannot even choose to get a mobile or desktop version.

However, all of them are improved through its native version. The next section is where we will tell you anything about the native apps. Native apps allow the browser to be more useful, up-to-date and secured.

About Native Apps

In general, native apps can be more specialized compared to the web app. Native Opera Mini emphasizes the performance so it could do much better compared to web apps and cross-platform apps in general. Other than that, the native app can do anything cross-platform and web apps could do. Other than that, this browser provides the greatest strength compared to those two. The biggest weakness might be on its cost.

This version of Opera Mini also uses the system-level keyboard which is a different one. It might be the cons for those who what to use a finger-only keyboard without installing a third-party keyboard. However, this app is worth a try especially if you want to get a better browsing experiment as a militant fan of Opera browsers.

The development of native app costs more expensive than the development in the web or cross-platform apps. However, it is not the dead-end and it would not be wise if you make a decision based on the cost alone. Some other points like market potential make Opera invests on this app in the first place.

The Pros of Native Opera Mini

It has more varied options on marketing and strategic development points. The optimization is ranked better as well. Other than that, it has a better UI/UX design that will enhance multimedia and graphic content. Native Opera Mini gives the highest speed performance and much-improved functionality compared to the Opera Mini alone. It has better developer support as well. Compared to the Java version, this version is easier to install and operate.

The Cons of Native Opera Mini

As we have mentioned earlier, it is an expensive option that may affect your browsing experience by using the Opera Mini browser. Opera Mini is not the best web browser on the market today unless you upgrade it or purchase certain aspects if asked to. It requires users to sign up before using the browser which is not a convenient thing for some users.

Its initial Opera Link sync made an exception but it might sync your bookmarks just fine. You cannot change the size of the character and the smallest setting is still too big for VGA devices. However, since everyone uses a smartphone right now than it is not an issue anymore.

Generally, a native app can be invoked through the extension. However, Opera Mini by default will not allow users to set this up explicitly. It also does not support Italic character style.

More than anything, the Native Opera Mini has a lot of new things to offer for users. Considering there are tons of browsers that compete for the best browser in the world, Opera browsers also improve their service and performance from time to time.

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