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Launch of Bronco SUV has delayed due to Covid issue and Supply Chain

by gratesbb

The latest news about the newest Ford’s SUV series, Bronco SUV has been delayed from spring into summer of 2021 due to a problem in the supply chain because of the Covid issue. Ford’s customer needs to wait again after the ordering process is expected to order on Monday 7/12/2020. Recently, the launch was delayed into mid January 2021.

Ford spokesman Jiyan Cadiz in his interview with CNBC said that their company commits to building Bronco with the best quality as their customers expect and deserve. The supply chain, he said, is just only a specific problem to handle.

Ford’s shares have fallen at 1% in Monday morning trading related to the problem of Bronco.

Last spring, automakers decided to delay their several products as the virus has spread rapidly across North America. The delay is done for months and even in a year, due to the conserve capital or supplier issue problem. The domestic factories also have been shut down for two months due to the condition.

Bronco Ford 2021 is one of the most wanted vehicles from Ford company for years. Bronco is the first SUV from Ford offered to the general public. It was manufactured in 1965 and continued till June 1966.  

From Credit Suisse, they expected that Bronco would contribute nearly $1 billion to Ford’s pretax earnings sales if the car sales achieved 125.000 units. The original Bronco was built from 1966 to 1977 and became the hottest item among automobile collectors. The classic bronco price has increased by 76% over the last three years. The increasing price could be due to the reintroduction of the brand that leads to attraction to the old model. However, long before it becomes a general public matter, the classic Bronco has become the leader in collectible SUVs.

The company itself claims that there are more than 150.000 people who have made their reservation to buy the vehicle. Finally, the customer will need to wait for more. The order is previously set for December 7 and delayed into January. The reservation will be held on March 19 to finalize the dealer and builder selection, price agreement, and place the order. The other most wanted is the “sasquatch package” that featured with manual transmission has been introduced as the 2022 model year. The two and four models will arrive at least at the end of summer. 

However, Bronco Sport, the other vehicle from Ford that has arrived in the dealership currently has not been impacted by supplier problems. As a cousin of the Bronco series, it is another alternative for Ford’s consumers. Bronco is a truck-based vehicle platform and the Bronco sport is a smaller one with a less powerful 4 cylinder engine. The smaller car is based on a car or crossover that presents a smoother ride. Bronco Sports come with 181 horsepower, 1.5-liter turbo 3 that standard on all trim. For top trim, it is available 2.0-liter turbo 4. All trims standard come with all-wheel drive and the twin-clutch version available to the top 2 turbo litter 4. The seat comes with 5 passengers.

Both of the SUV share many common designs, inside and outside. Both take the inspiration from the early generation of 1966’s boxy Broncos. Both have a round headlight, straight body sides, and blunt front grille that stretch in the bumper and tip of the hood. The bumper was designed as similar as originally featured with a trapezoidal shape. The design is quietly vintage. How much bronco 2021 and Bronco Original differences?

Bronco 2021 goes further with the specification but still gets inspiration from the classic one. The original ford Bronco 1966 was compact with modern standards. How much is the modification to the 2021 model? The Bronco 2021 will be longer than the classic. It will be compact more from the Big Broncos generation that reigns from 1978 into 1996. The key is, while the 2021 Bronco Ford looks alike as redesigned from 1966’s model, but in terms of dimension, it is similar to the roomy full-size Broncos that reign in 1978-1996. The 2021 Broncos generation is a genius tribute to the original generation. The base engine comes with 270 horsepower and a 2.3-liter turbo 4. It comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission or 7-speed manual transmission. Passenger capacity capable of 4 or 5 depends on the door number. The rear end in the 2021 Bronco is familiar as the area under the windows changes into a little bit wider. The shape comes originally with a rectangular but modern aspect added by increased size and chrome in the area.

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