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Beautiful Flower Plants with The Fragrant

by gratesbb

Having a beautiful garden will give a more refreshing view of the house. Imagine you can watch the colorful scenery of flowers in your yard every day, of course it is very pleasant. Flowering plants are the plants that have been chosen to decorate house buildings because of their diverse shapes and colors. Planting more than one flower species is the right idea to give a more attractive color to the garden. Basically, natural flowers have their own distinctive fragrance. Of course, each flower has a different fragrance. Nowadays there are many flower plants that can be developed in various types of house yards. Proper care can make flower plants flourish and develop well.

Having a large or even minimalist garden is not an obstacle to growing flowers. Doing the care every day and tidying flower plants can give good results for flower plants. Seeing the beautiful flower landscape can give enthusiasm to enjoy the day. There are many flowers that are recommended to decorate your home garden with beautiful and fragrant flowers.

1. Gardenia Flowers

Having a clean white color and a soothing fragrance makes this flower suitable to decorate your garden. This beautiful flower comes from tropical regions such as Asia and Hawaii. This plant needs high humidity to be able to flourish. Enough sunlight is also needed to support plant growth. This plant will bloom beautifully in summer.

2. Rose

This flower plant is often found in parks and has a variety of beautiful and enchanting colors ranging from red, pink, yellow, white to black. This flower plant, although thorny, has very beautiful flowers with a delicate fragrance. Planting these flowers in the garden can make your garden fresher even on a sunny day. These flowers will be more interesting to see.

3. Hyacinth

Hyacinth has bright and concentrated flower colors such as synchronous pink and blue. This plant can give color to the garden beautifully. Beautiful flower petals with a shape like a star and elongated give the flower its own charm. This plant will bloom in spring. Hyacinth also has a fragrant fragrant flower.

4. Wisteria

Having a garden atmosphere like the one in Japan can use wisteria flowers or in Japan called fuji flowers. When in bloom this flower will provide a blend of white, blue and finance that is very beautiful and fresh. Besides being beautiful this flower also has a delicate fragrance. This flower blooms during spring and early summer. This flower likes fertile and moist soil.

5. Stock

The color of this plant will be very beautiful when it blooms in pink and purple with a beautiful little white and also a pleasant aroma. Stock flowers will bloom in winter to summer. This beautiful plant grows in cold temperatures and will look beautiful in the sun.

6. Phlox

Phlox when in bloom has a star shape with a variety of flower colors. This flower will be suitable for garden decoration and also it is easy in maintenance. Flowers with a fragrant scent grow yearly in spring.

7. Sweet Alyssum

Growing up with cute and beautiful little white flowers. Sweet Alyssum is suitable to be placed in your garden. The fragrant aroma makes it also suitable to be placed on a hanging vase to beautify the house. These beautiful and fragrant flowers can grow quickly with seeds and easy maintenance.

8. Magnolia

Beautiful flowers that emit a refreshing scent make Magnolia suitable for planting in your garden. Beautifully blooming in spring with a charming pink color. This plant also thrives by getting enough sunlight.

9. Freesia

Famous for its fragrant fragrance and beautiful flower color that makes this flower suitable to be placed in your garden. This flower plant will bloom beautifully in summer.

10. Butterfly Bush

Flowers with beautiful elongated shapes will be very beautiful to be planted in the garden. It has a beautiful color with a cute little flower arrangement. This flower will bloom in spring and summer. Butterfly Bush is also easy to develop.

11. Peonies

Peonies have a beautiful and full arrangement of flower petals. The soft colors of flowers ranging from pink, red, white, yellow and fresh purple also make it have a charming appeal with a sweet fragrance. Flowering in late spring until early summer will make the garden more colorful.

12. Dianthus

Dianthus flowers have a unique shape with flower petals with beautiful color gradations. Bright flower color with a good color composition is also the main characteristic of this flower. This flower has a fragrant aroma which also likes to be placed in a garden with full sun.

13. Korean Viburnum spice

Flowers with aromatic scents are composed of beautiful small flowers. Flowers in white with a hint of pink that look faded look so beautiful. When autumn comes the color of this plant will change from beautiful red to purple. Choose moist soil with enough sunlight to grow beautiful and fragrant flowers.

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