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Is It True That Antivirus Able to Make a Computer Vulnerable?

by gratesbb

Antivirus is software that is used to detect and remove viruses on a computer to avoid more serious effects such as data theft. There are many antiviruses used to deal with viruses on computers such as McAfee, Avast and Kaspersky. The virus itself is a program created to attack a file so that the file becomes interrupted to severe damage. Computer antivirus has a role to prevent the antivirus from damaging files on the computer by quarantining it and destroying it. However, some computer antiviruses also have weaknesses when used.

Antivirus protects the computer from harmful viruses, while the antivirus will likely make the computer more vulnerable to viruses. This deficiency should be overcome to provide maximum protection for the computer. Even popular antivirus can make a computer more vulnerable to attack. This discovery has been researched and tested by independent antiviruses such as RACK911 Labs regarding antivirus vulnerability. Several other laboratories are also researching weaknesses that may be possessed by antivirus such as Dennis Technology Labs and Av-Test Institute. Antivirus is important to be the vanguard of computers against computer attacks, while providing protection and minimizing the impact is important to be evaluated by antivirus.

What makes an antivirus program exploitable

When the antivirus identifies a file that is suspected to be dangerous, the antivirus will do its job to quarantine it to other parts and it can also directly destroy it and then prevent the user from operating it. Antivirus is given the privilege to browse into the system and has the authority to make changes to the system. This makes it more susceptible to viruses. Antivirus has access that can enter parts of the computer system. This may make other parties still able to access the system by trying to find weaknesses in the system and try to pin it down. To be able to carry out more optimal protection, it is important to update computer programs, so that the system can make the necessary repairs to protect the PC and the files contained therein.

What about free and paid antivirus?

Free antivirus provides protection for your PC against virus threats to keep it secure. Free antivirus provides basic protection against viruses in general, warns of harmful files and applications and cleans them. Protection is done thoroughly by cleaning the dangerous viruses automatically.

Paid antiviruses provide more optimal protection. Basically free and paid antivirus have in common that can provide protection against PCs from virus threats. Paid antivirus acts by preventing the occurrence of virus attacks so that the incoming virus can be suppressed as much as possible.

Choose a computer antivirus that has good features and suits your needs. You can search for many antivirus references by looking at many reviews on the internet. Of course there are many recommended antivirus for better protection.

How to protect computers more optimally

Always update the software

It is important to continue to improve your computer software. This update can help to improve security on the computer. By updating means adding additional features that are useful for improving computer systems, including for security. The addition of features will provide protection against system vulnerabilities with better ways.

Activate the firewall

To increase security, try to activate the firewall. The firewall’s role is to protect and even block illegal system traffic on computers and the internet. The firewall will carry out its function by protecting important data that is there.

Take advantage of antivirus and do regular updates

Antivirus can be used to prevent virus infections in computer systems and to block the virus from both free antivirus and paid antivirus. By doing regular updates to update the features better and so as to prevent various malware attacks. Thus, antivirus can work more quickly and efficiently. Make sure the antivirus is also anti spyware to prevent various negative effects on the computer.

Using passwords for protection of software

The use of passwords in software is very important especially for security purposes. Perentas might make it possible to steal identities to devices that are not encoded. The use of complex passwords and the different uses in each application will make it difficult for hackers to crack passwords. Don’t use passwords that are too general like birthdays, because users will find it easier to bottle your device.

Don’t give passwords carelessly

The important thing to watch out for is not giving passwords to anyone and any site. Make sure you keep the password for yourself. To log in to a website, make sure the website is safe and legal. If a malicious site is usually a computer antivirus will give a warning.

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