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A Special Price of Tesla Model 3 in 2021 Only with $35,000 with Great Specs

by gratesbb

There are some upgrades and refreshments of the Tesla Model 3 2021. Interestingly, one thing that is also planned by the company is the winding of the price. It is reported that the newest version of Tesla to launch in the market next year will be approximately $35,000. However, the car may not offer the main EV on the spot. According to Electrek, sure, the company has told the staff that the price reduction is possible to do. It is with a requirement that the local Tesla dealer provides any remaining inventory of the vehicle.

It is not exaggerating to say that Model 3 2021 is special. At the same time, it is also not “understandable” in terms of the design and specifications, if you don’t want to call it unique. The car is great, of course. It also takes more time for the production particularly in producing the variants. Meanwhile, when the cars are finally available, the customers can also buy them online briefly. In fact, in April 2019, the only way to buy Model 2020 of Tesla is by making orders or via phone line. In other words, with all the special things it gives, Tesla still puts effort to ease the customers when purchasing.

Indeed, even the owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, has not yet confirmed whether the information is true or not. If customers can buy the car for only $35,000, it is a good thing. It just gives more options regarding the electric cars the company produces. Yes, there is another plan by Tesla that in the next 2 years, the company will produce other types of the electric car with prices of approximately $25,000. Those cars are powered by the technology of tabless batteries.

Predictions of Details and Specifications of Tesla Model 3 2020

Details and specifications of the latest Tesla Model 3 also have not been announced. There are some improvements to see, for sure. But based on the report, some reductions are also possibly done. But you should not worry, some great features are said to still be available in Tesla Model 3 2021. One of them is the autonomous driving system, more than just for parking. The feature is sophisticated although it is probably quite difficult to activate in a very crowded area with coarse terrains.

The exterior also becomes one of the main points to be proud of. It provides a sense of aerodynamics with the intake air details on the lower parts. Uniquely, the sizes are very small to prevent it from being disturbed the aerodynamic system entirely. The headlights have adopted the LED lights equipped with Auto-Dimming High Beams that can simply turn on automatically in the dark environment.

For the size exterior, it applies the velg with a ring of 18-inch Aero Wheels. The port charger is available in the area also in which it can be easily opened and closed through the app even when you are inside the car. This way, recharging the car is easier to do even without you having to go out of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the rear area applies the stop-lamp rear combined with a futuristic LED design. A reflector can just make the car look more stylish. Furthermore, the feature also functions to improve the aerodynamic and stability of the car.

For the interior, the sense of modern and futuristic is still felt really strongly. It is predicted that the car interior still implements the touch of cleanliness and minimalism with the natural atmosphere with wooden accents. Panel details are made horizontally following the lines. The car has more tools despite conventional ones like AC, the audio system, and more. An LCD touchscreen of 15 inches is placed right in the middle of the dashboard. This way, whether the driver or the passenger next to the driver, they can just operate it way more easily.

While some specifications mentioned above are still predictions only, there are some matters that are sure. The car implements the format of 5 passengers. The car seats use leather materials with an electric setup that has been kept in the profile database. The luggage of the Tesla Model 3 has a total capacity of 424 liters, quite spacious for a sedan car. Do you need a larger luggage area? You should not worry. You can just simply fold the rear seats to provide more space. This way, the car interior space gives you a configuration of 60:40.


It is a great thing that the price reduction of Tesla Model 3 2021 doesn’t really reduce the quality and specifications of the car. But sure, you may wait patiently to really know how it looks like in the end.

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