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Those “Sonic” attacks in US Diplomats during 2017, it may be microwave attacks

by gratesbb

You may still remember mysterious diseases caused by suspected “sonic” back then in 2017 that attacked some US spies and diplomats in China, Cuba, Russia, and maybe other countries. A report released on Saturday, commissioned by the Department of State and written by external experts, has found a possible culprit, and it is technology frightening.

Many experts have identified that the directed and pulsed radiofrequency energy used as the most make sense explanation for the symptoms of the constellation which have been experienced by diplomats along with their families as well. It includes microwaves as the electromagnetic waves in the specific spectrum – this is not a food heater or heating machine at all. 

So, repeated short blows of waves in specific frequency will attach the inner part of ears, it can cause severe effects, and it can last long effects – without leaving any physical sign. 

The common symptoms of “dozens” affected include hearing a loud sound followed by pressure, pain, and kind of head vibrations. Suddenly, they will get short and long-term dizziness, fatigue, hearing loss, vertigo, memory loss, and get some issues related to balance. The symptoms occur in both embassies and some homes as well. Some of them have reported as forcing to get a permanent retirement as well. 

The experts state that some high frequencies can damage ears, but they can be seen by many people. The inner ear of a human is so sensitive to sound. Once a person is over 18 years old, they mostly cannot hear anything above 8,000-hertz range of sound. Although you cannot hear that sound, the frequency can affect some cells which line the inner ears. 

So, when someone gets exposed to continuous high-frequency sound, then it can damage the tissues. If someone has been exposed in a long term to high-frequency sound, then it can damage or kill soft sensory cells called cilia without any symptom until they start to experience some permanent hearing issues. So, this case should be a concern since it can treat a person’s life. They should get proper treatments to handle that condition.

Some studies referred to experts who stated that the energy of radiofrequency needs to be well-directed and pulsed (not continue pulse) to explain these spread symptoms. That’s why they explain it as the most consistent symptom related to the attack of radiofrequency energy. 

Many experts also warned that they have been disturbed by a potential which has been shown by a disinhibited malevolent actor and a new advanced machine which causes harm to other people or bad people who did dangerous acts in newer ways. 

However, that report does not go into detail about a “new tool” or talk about bad people. However, there are device classes which are called directed energy weapons that may include. That report refers to one device which was used in a study along with a bunch of names straight out of a Cold War movie known as Transformer Energized Megavold Pulsed Output or TEMPO. 

Many countries are developing this new weapon. However, New York Times reported that some affected diplomas have focused on “countering Russia operations with the foreign intelligent agents. It comes with some facts that Russia is very productive related to sources of research in these weapons. No wonder that it also leads to “suspicion”, according to Times that Russia may be behind these attacks. You can check the New York Times as a reference. 

The report also suggested that more proactive steps need to be taken to fight these attacks. But the first step to take is taking victims seriously, and hard to find the systematic record and investigate some symptoms – this is something that Trump has failed to do and make victims feel angry who are now suing the government. 

Times also reported that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has received this report since August, but no one acknowledges it when being asked about the illness during October. The State Department also made that report public on Saturday after the news outlets got and reported the existence during this weekend. 

So, it may include futuristic weapons in those attacks, whether it is microwave, sonic, or something else that we never know before. More horrible thing is that the government may not take any action when facing these attacks toward American citizens, because it is a hard phenomenon and it is hard to understand.

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