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Interesting Information about Android 12 before Applying It on Your Android Devices

by gratesbb

Google finally released its latest Android OS known as Android 12 Operating System. It is the 19th version of Android and was developed by the Open Handset Alliance. Google released this latest Android OS from a beta version on May 18, 2021.

Then, this company launched the full version four months after the beta version on October 4, 2021. The following information explains more about Android 12 and its differences from the previous Android OS.

Google Use Sweet Snack Again

Google decided to stop using the name of sweet snacks for its Android OS after releasing Android 9 or Android Pie. Now, this company uses this method again after three years. The development team chooses Snow Cone as the name of their latest Android OS.

Previously, Android users are familiar with specific names, including cupcake for Android 1.5 Cupcake, Android 1.6 Donut, Android 2.0 Éclair, and Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie. Google even uses Quince Tart and Red Velvet Cake for Android 10 and Android 11, although it is for the internal company only.   

Fresh User Interface

Unlike the previous versions, Google introduces a new user interface. It looks fresh with larger buttons on its features, more animation, and a new style for home screen widgets. Android calls its new design language Material You.

Material You helps to build personalized and beautiful apps. Users can even automatically generate a color theme with a feature known as Monet. This feature also supports apps to use colors of the user’s wallpaper.

Improved Widgets

Google also improve the widgets in Android 12 to give a better user and developer experience. A rounded corner model is one of the simple improvements you can see when using Android 12. Android applies this new model for the corner of the widget and corner of a view inside the widget.

It works for the theme colors for buttons, backgrounds, and other components. Users can also see this rounded corner widget model while applying light and dark themes. This improvement affects the attributes and layouts.

The layouts are more flexible and responsive, along with constraint size attributes. Users will also get a better experience while picking the best widgets to use. There is a feature to preview and check the description of the widgets before applying them.

Better Content Management

Android 12 Operating System uses a new unified API to receive better content from any source, including clipboard, keyboard, or drag and drop. The idea of this improvement is to ensure that Android 12 users can insert and move content in apps easily. Users only have to drag and drop the content or press it in a certain period to copy and paste to other apps.

A New App Launch Animation

An app launch animation will make your Android look more attractive than before. Android 12 uses a specific feature known as the Splash Screen API to give a new app launch animation. This feature works by showing your app icon and a transition to your app.

Users can apply this feature whether for light or dark mode versions. Each animation consists of the window background, animated app icon, and icon background. Users can also customize this feature by setting the theme attributes, keeping the splash screen on-screen, and dismissing the splash screen.

Better Security and Privacy

Google also cares about the security and privacy of its users. It is the reason why Google improves the security and privacy system in the Android 12 Operating System. You can request, so the apps only access the approximate and precise location information.

Apps can access your precise location information when you request the precise location information. On the other hand, your apps can only access your approximate location information when requesting a piece of approximate location information.

Gadgets Compatibility

So, how about your gadget? Is it compatible with Android 12 or not? Google announces that the users who are using Chrome OS or Android based phones can try the beta version first. Android 12 is also compatible with phones with 5G connectivity. 5G phones users even can feel the experience of using the Android 12 system earlier than others.

Pixel phone is not the only gadget that is compatible with Android 12. Samsung seems also compatible with this latest Android Operating System. It is due to the use of UI 3 in some Samsung devices, including some of the Galaxy series and Note series.

Not all Android phones can update their operating system into UI 3. We can say that Samsung is also the top candidate for the Android 12. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that Android 12 is only for Pixel and Samsung devices.

Android 12 seems also compatible with other high-end phones. Some others also get the beta version of Android 12. We can conclude that Google will apply this latest operating system to most all devices gradually. You only need to wait for the update and apply it on your devices.

The Way to Update Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Samsung Galaxy devices are compatible with Android 12. Users can feel the experience of using this operating system in a beta version. So, how to download Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy, such as on Samsung Galaxy S21 series.       

Register for the Program

You must be registered for the program first before updating the OS. You only have to look for the Samsung Members app on the Galaxy S21 phone. You can also install it from the Google Play Store if it is unavailable.

Launch the app and sign in to your Samsung Account. Create a new account first if you don’t have it yet. You will see several options there. Scroll across the carousel on the main screen and look for the One UI Beta program.

You will see a banner. Tap on it and select Register. Tap on the enroll option at the bottom of the screen Ensure that you have inserted a SIM card into your device before enrolling in the program.

Download the Android 12 Beta Version

You will get a notification about the update. Tap on the notification to download the OS update on your smartphone. You can also download it from your Android device. Go to the settings option and scroll down.

Look for the software update option. Tap this option and click the download and install option. Wait until the process is complete. That’s it! You can enjoy your device with the Android 12 beta version. The beta version is not including Google’s Material You UI redesign.

This process is only suitable for the Samsung S-series devices, yet it will be suitable for all other Galaxy devices gradually.

The point is that upgrading the Android version allows its users to get a new experience that they don’t get from the previous operating system. Ensure that your Android devices fill all the requirements before updating them into Android 12.

Then, enjoy the new features and systems from this latest android operating system. You may go to the official stores of your Android devices to ensure whether the devices are ready for Android 12 Operating System or not. Google announces that will release Android 12 on October 4, 2021. Ensure that you follow the requirements and instructions to prevent failure while updating this Android operating system.      

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