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How Graphene Is Reshaping the Outdoor Apparel Industry?

by gratesbb

Outdoor apparel, especially jackets, has gone mainstream. And it’s not surprising because recent innovations in material technology and design allowed for sleeker, more versatile outdoor clothing.

This article explores graphene and the GAMMA, a graphene-infused jacket, to help you understand how this material has the potential to revolutionize the outdoor industry.

Graphene is among the strongest materials on the planet, yet that doesn’t make it stiff or heavy.

But before exploring how graphene makes outdoor clothes better, let’s take a closer look at the material itself.

What’s Graphene?

In your mind’s eye, picture an atom-thick layer of carbon set in a hexagonal structure – it looks similar to a honeycomb. That’s graphene’s make-up that enables its exceptional properties and versatility.

Compared to steel, graphene is roughly 200 times stronger. The material has excellent conductivity of electricity and heat. And it features unique light absorption capabilities that can make a graphene jacket UV proof.

Other than outdoor apparel, graphene has a host of other applications, including:

  • More efficient solar cells
  • Water filters
  • Batteries
  • Supercapacitors
  • Computer chips
  • Etc.

Lastly, you should know that professors Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim received the Nobel prize in 2010 for isolating graphene as a material.

What to Expect From a Graphene Jacket?

The quick answer is – you can expect superb usability and comfort. But let’s dig a bit deeper and explore all the technical aspects that allow graphene-infused apparel to offer outstanding performance regardless of the weather.

Improved Thermoregulation

Commonly, all-weather jackets rely on layers of synthetic materials to insulate the body and for thermoregulation. But that’s not necessary with graphene-infused jackets such as the GAMMA.

Graphene’s hexagonal lattice can transfer heat for even distribution around the body. Simultaneously, the material doesn’t allow cold or wind to permeate the jacket.

Furthermore, the latticed structure can attract and expel excess moisture and heat to keep your body at an optimal temperature.

But the GAMMA jacket raised the bar by introducing built-in carbon heaters that make the garment ready for alpine adventures. They’ll keep you warm even when it’s -4°F and won’t overheat or burn the wearer.

As said, graphene can expel excess heat so it won’t accumulate in different areas and cause discomfort. Therefore, you can even sleep in the jacket with the heaters on.

Low Weight

Typical outdoor apparel, especially those designed for alpine adventures, tends to be cumbersome. And yes, it does a great job of protecting you against the elements, but it may impede your movement.

But not the GAMMA.

Since graphene is the thinnest material currently available, it’s also among the most lightweight. The GAMMA weighs roughly the same as a regular hoodie – 1.31 pounds, to be exact.

For comparison, an outdoor Bluetooth speaker might weigh twice as much.

Aside from superior comfort, the low weight makes the GAMMA easy to fold and store in the backpack. When traveling, you can save loads of storage space yet have a jacket that can withstand any weather.

Wind and Water Resistance

Getting an outdoor jacket that underperforms in heavy rain or wind can make your hiking trip extremely difficult. But with graphene, there’s no reason to worry about wind and waterproofing.

The latticed structure is there to repel rain and other liquids. When they hit the jacket, water particles will just slide down without penetrating the surface. Additionally, the GAMMA’s zippers are protected with rubberized flaps that won’t let in water.

As for wind resistance, graphene is impervious to heavy gusts of wind, so the jacket can keep you safe and warm in winds of up to 50 mph. That makes the jacket great for mountain biking as well as high-altitude hiking. And there’s no reason not to run the jacket through its paces when skiing.

Straightforward Maintenance

All the characteristics of a graphene-infused jacket might lead you to believe that it requires special care. But no, you can machine-wash the GAMMA on any cycle and not affect the jacket’s structure.

Better yet, you won’t need to wash it often because it’s pretty hard to get this jacket dirty.

Graphene Wins

When all is said and done, it will be interesting to see how graphene technology develops in the fashion industry as a whole. For now, it’s safe to assume that a lot of all-weather apparel items are going to be graphene-infused.

The GAMMA jacket is among the most recent arrivals as a most versatile jacket.

If you want to find out more about what makes GAMMA one of the best jackets available, check out the manufacturer’s website at http://www.weargraphene.com/

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