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5 things to look for when buying a new hoodie

by gratesbb

The hoodie has become one of the most beloved items in a modern wardrobe. Whether you are a sporty type or not, chances are you own at least one hoodie for camping, outdoor activities, or just a cozy night in. It also helps that there are different types of hoodies available, as well as colors and styles, so everyone can choose by their preference.

If you want your hoodie to live a long and happy life keeping you warm and snuggly, here are 5 things to look for when buying a hoodie.

1. Fabric

Hoodies are usually made from cotton or a cotton blend. If a hoodie has a lining, it might be from polyester and it will give an extra layer of warmth. It is a good sign if the hoodie fabric feels heavy and dense, the denser the fibers, the longer the hoodie will look as good as new.

If you are living in a warmer climate, you might want the opposite and are looking for a hoodie with a lighter feel and less dense fibers. Keep in mind though, that in this case you will have to take extra care when washing it, so it can keep looking good for as long as possible.

2. Style

There are two types of hoodies out there – with a zipper and without. Which one you choose is definitely your preference.

If you choose a hoodie with a zipper it will be easy to regulate your body temperature. However, some people don’t enjoy the shape a zipped zipper creates – it is not so flexible as fabric, so it will make a more stiff appearance.

A pullover hoodie without a zipper gives a more clean look, but every time you get hot, you will need to pull it over your head and possibly ruin your hair or make-up. If that doesn’t concern you, a pullover hoodie might be for you!

3. Size and fit

Since oversized is the new black and hoodies are no exception, you can wear whatever size you like. Some like it baggy and extra cozy, some still like it slim and snug. Keep in mind though, that hoodies without a zipper will look better oversized than hoodies with a zipper, and hoodies with a zipper will look better slim and body fitting. But it is still your preference. 

Just make sure when choosing the size, you check the shop’s sizing chart and order the right size you want to get. Also, keep in mind that some hoodies already come in an “oversized” fit, so ordering an item like this a size larger might come out as too large.

4. Manufacturing practices

It is true, we all care more and more about how our items are made. If you are particularly interested in this subject, make sure you research the hoodie creator so their manufacturing practices align with your values.

Since hoodies are often made from cotton, it is easy to find sustainably created hoodies from organic cotton. If you don’t find one firsthand, don’t worry, they are out there!

5. Hood type

Is the hood of the hoodie shallow or deep? Will it cover your eyes or barely touch your hairline? Some hoodies have a wider hood – the one that feels more like a headcover than a hoodie, others have a very snug hood that can even zip up (if a hoodie has a zipper) all the way or halfway. If you plan to actually use the hood, make sure you choose a hoodie with a hood you like!

6. Prints and designs

And last but not least, it is time to pay attention to prints and designs! You can always order an already made hoodie with a print or design you enjoy, but there is also the option to print your own design on the hoodie. How fun does that sound? You can have your favorite saying, quote, or graphic printed right on the front, back, hood, or sleeve of your hoodie. That is definitely a way to stand out even with such an everyday item as hoodie.

In conclusion

There are a wide variety of hoodies out there – whether it is style, size, quality, or prints. When buying a hoodie just make sure you buy the one that looks best on you and that brings you the most joy!

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