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5 Things You Won’t Believe Can Be Made from Scrap Copper

by gratesbb

At least one point in your life, you have probably imagined yourself advocating for zero-waste aesthetics. It’s a good advocacy practice, but it isn’t always so easy to pull off.

Recycling copper

However, if you’re passionate about going the eco-friendly route, you can consider recycling. Simply grab a bunch of discarded objects, some newspapers, and paintbrushes, and pack some patience and creativity. From there, you can create some new, quirky, stylish, and even functional things.

Copper is one of the fastest depleting elements. As far as natural resources and the environment are concerned, addressing its overuse is one of the best ways to ease one of society’s gravest problems. Since copper is an excellent material that can be recycled, melted, and reformed into something totally different, it’s the perfect material to start your recycling journey with.

Some of the things that can be crafted out of old recycled copper include:

  1. Playthings

By using some easy copper recycling techniques, it is possible to make mobiles that are safe for even the most delicate skin of your baby. We say this because copper is a natural antibacterial agent that is also toxic to invertebrates. That means mobiles and toys made from repurposed copper are unlikely to cause bacterial transmission that may harm your kids.

  1. Accessories

Jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and more are timeless pieces. They can be easy to make using by-products of old copper. There’s also the option to use copper tubes to make bangle bracelets or other accessories that are not only fashionable but also eco-friendly.

  1. Organizers

If making jewelry doesn’t excite you, then you can try repurposing your old copper items into earring and coat hangers, organizer jars, containers, candle holders, and bowls. To do this, you just have to melt the copper discards and pour them into molds to create beautiful yet functional pieces of recycled canisters and organizers for some added style.

  1. Display art

Old copper items are also perfect for making art, including wall plates, mosaics, or large-scale art pieces like sculptures. You may also incorporate copper discards into other materials, such as glass, to make even more exciting designs.

  1. Home and gardening tools and fixtures

Copper recycling can be very useful, especially when you’re interested in crafting your own tools and fixtures. Not only does it offer its antibacterial properties, which is perfect for home fixtures like brass handles. It’s also pretty useful when creating gardening tools as it’s lightweight and easy to manipulate.

There are so many ways to use old copper and give back to the environment creatively. So, while recycling old copper doesn’t solve the world’s problems on its own, it does help reduce the need for mining depleting raw materials for those who want to use copper in their products. It is also an easy way to take action and make a difference in the world.

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