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Hallmark Channel Cancels the Production of Home & Family TV Show and Original Movies during Coronavirus Pandemic

by gratesbb

The spread of Coronavirus is getting worse and it causes some production houses to stop their programs. One of them is the popular lifestyle program by Hallmark Channel, Home & Family that joins other daytime programs to cancel their productions. Even the channel, Crown Media Family Networks also temporarily stops their original films. Undeniably, the decision is quite disappointing since those programs are undeniably some favorite programs of the channel. Even the films have shot their scenes in various spots inside and outside the US. Some of them have done their shooting process. However, the editing process and others must be delayed to avoid worse things happening following the pandemic.

The decision made by some TV channels and production houses to stop their programs is very reasonable. They have considered many aspects after the US president; Donald Trump announced the national emergency situation. It also led Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garceti to call for the cancelation of any gathering in the city.

Home & Family is one of the entertaining programs hosted by Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison. It was previously filmed in the area of Universal City, Los Angeles. The program was stopped starting from Monday, March 16 for around 2 weeks for the first time. Because the condition was not getting better, the producer decided to lengthen the filming cancelation in a period that cannot be determined. But for the fans of Home & Family, they should not worry since there is a possibility to film it separately at homes in the future. As information, the last episode of the program was aired in March featuring Kevin McGarry & Chris McNall and starring the stars of Hallmark When Calls the Heart.

As a daytime talk show program, Home & Family is not alone. Some other hosts also have announced the cancelation of their programs including Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Carkson, Mell Robbins, Tamron Hall, and Wendy Williams. At the same time, they also said that they can still enjoy their programs whether the old programs or the new ones that have not been aired on TV yet via streaming services.

On its official social media account, the representatives of Crown Media Family Networks have made its own statement regarding the cancellation of Home & Family productions. The statement is also about the same trouble happening to the original movies of the channel. 

On the statement, they said that their primary priority is the health and safety of all hosts, players, crews, stars, and guests of the program. It is the main concern since they are parts of the production of all programs in Crown Media Family Network. Furthermore, they also added that when the new information is made related to Covid-19 Pandemics, they have decided to delay the production of the daytime lifestyle program, Home & Family that is always filmed every day in Universal Studio, CA.

The earliest video that can be recorded is the video of March 30. Although there is still no decision about when the production will be continued, the team is planning to re-air the episode currently while always monitoring the situation with CDC and the officials to determine the best time to be back for the new episode of Home & Family.

Additionally, for the same reason, the team also cancels the production of original movies of Crown Media Family Networks that have been shot in many locations in the US and all around the world. They promise to always monitor the global situation with assistance from officials.

The statement may be quite disappointing but also relieving at the same time. It is disappointing since people no longer are able to watch their favorite TV shows at least in some weeks or even months later. But it is also relieving since it proves that the team concerns people’s health more. The main problem of the pandemics is the virus transfer. It is done very quickly when you and others contact each other. So far, social distancing and avoiding people to be grouped and gathered is the best solution to press the spread aside from doing other efforts like wearing masks, quarantine, and so on.

What has been done by the team of Crown Media Family Networks can be a good example for others of how to keep people distant during pandemics? Sure, it is hoped also that the situation is getting better soon and we can watch our favorite TV shows only in the near future including the new episode of Home & Family.

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