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BMW X8 Hottest Rumors

by gratesbb

Car lovers seem can’t wait to see BMW X8 on the market. There are a lot of rumors that predict the specifications and performance of this car, and people are excited about it. One of the hottest rumors is about the rounded-roof crossover model along with a powerful M treatment. It looks similar to the X7, X6, and X5. They also call this vehicle with codename Rockstar. Let’s take a look at the other specifications that appear among car lovers.


It seems that BMW want to improve the power of the previous X series generation. Because of that, this brand will boost power by using a hybrid powertrain. The power comes from the twin-turbocharged 4.4 liters V8 engine and an electric motor. This combination produces up to 200 horsepower. If it is similar to the BMW M5, it means that this latest car can produce up to 750 horsepower. The engine also supports the electrification goal in which it becomes a popular improvement in the automobile industry today. Some reports also state that BMW will use a larger engine such as a 6.6-liter V12 engine to reach 750 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, although the maximal power of this engine is 600 horsepower.   


Hybrid technology is not the only interesting offer from BMW X8 but it also offers great performance. A no driver assists car becomes the latest technology, and some automotive brands also release the same car with this technology. Due to the great performance, some experts predict that the engine and power can destroy tires easily. We can’t claim this issue until the X8 launches.    


It is difficult to find the images of BMW X8 M. You also can’t find the camouflaged prototype yet. On the other hand, most car lovers and experts predict that BMW will launch the full version of X8M by the end of 2020. It might be too fast because of the high-end specifications. Based on the rumors, BMW is about to launch a Neo SUV vehicle. The model will be the combination between MBW X6 and  BMW M5 Competition. Due to this prediction, there is a possibility that X8 will have the same grille with its siblings. Another possibility is that this car uses a bigger grille along with a more angular approach. The eye-catching part is also on the rear end. X8 will have a sloping roof rear end. The overall design looks like a Coupe, but it looks fresher and bigger. One of the good sides is on the rear-wheel drive.  At least, BMW needs a couple of years to create a perfect X8 before releasing it on the market. BMW has enough time to improve the design, specifications, and performance of the Rockstar to produce a cool X8M more than what people are expected.


There is no clear information yet about the interior. The big possibility is that BMW will use the same interior just like the BMW X7. The interesting part is on the horizontal lines dashboard. You are about to drive a modern and classic interior at the same time. A digital system and analog elements become the focus of the interior of the car. Since the target is to create a comfortable vehicle, BMW will consider a spacious cabin without the third row. The cargo may a little bit smaller because of the sloping roof, but it still large enough to bring your important items.

Release Date and Price

We still wait for the official release date information. The latest rumors explain that BMW X8 will arrive early or by the end of 2020. Indeed, the BMW team still has a lot of work to do to achieve their goals. How about the price? How much BMW X8 is when you are considering the specifications and performance? Based on the detail above, you may spend around $90.000. It is a reasonable price because you will have a comfortable car along with a high-class and high-tech interior. The model is also cool and stylish. The most important thing, you are about to drive a hybrid car in which it is an environmentally friendly car.  

The Statement from the CEO

Markus Flasch explains that the hybrid system or the use of a battery will not change the ultimate driving experience. BMW focuses on the way to create a precision, agile, and dynamics vehicle despite the car model. Flasch has a high achievement on BMW X8M. The company wants to create a comfortable that represents its driver. We just have to wait for the latest information from BMW. We hope that the representation releases new information about BMW X8 to answer all of the rumors.     

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