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Find Creative Cat Hashtags To Use on Social Media – We Tell You What to Use!

by gratesbb

Cat-fans everywhere – we’ve got something you’ll want to sit up and take notice of!  If you’re obsessed with posting photographs of your beloved four-legged feline friend on Instagram (or other social media networking platforms) then you’ll want to make sure your content is accompanied by a special cat hashtag.

Hashtags get your content noticed and with millions of Instagrammers all addicted to cats and kittens, using the right cat hashtag will get your posts the visibility they deserve!  Whether you want to be a cat Influencer (well, maybe not you yourself, but perhaps your cat!), or you run a pet shop, maybe you create your own delicious cat food (your cat loves it!) and you want to grow your business?  You need to use a hashtag next to your cat pictures so it’s easily searchable and don’t forget to highlight your post and dress it up so it has even more impact!  You’ll also need a good name for your cat’s account.

Don’t Just Use One Cat Hashtag!

Instagram allows up to 30 cat hashtags on your cat post – but that often makes a post look really cluttered so we’d recommend sticking to just ten as a maximum.  However, we do advise that you definitely use a cat hashtag (or two – or ten!) to get your post seen and to grow your followers.  If you’ve got an online cat business, you’ll be wanting to gain as much interest as follows.  Talking about growing businesses, here’s a useful piece that could help you come up with new ideas to propel your cat related business, click to find out about social media strategies for black-owned businesses.

Where Else Can You Use Cat Hashtags?

As we said at the beginning of this piece, cat hashtags are great for Instagram (the home of the hashtag!) but they’re also useful for Twitter, and TikTok videos too.  So get crafty with your cat hashtag ideas and use them across all of your social networking platforms.

Check Out Your Cat Competition!

Lots of other Instagrammers are cat-crazy (just like you!) so if you’re constantly searching for cat images or cat videos, check out the hashtags the other accounts use for inspiration.  To see how popular their hashtags are, you can click on them to see how many results you get.  Always use a couple of really BIG cat hashtags on your posts as these will almost be guaranteed visibility in news feeds (as long as you have a public Instagram profile of course).

Let’s press on with the big topic!

List of Popular and Exciting Cat Hashtags for You To Use:

  • #cat.  Don’t laugh – you’d be amazed how many Instagram cat profiles don’t use #cat and it’s so obvious!  Whenever you post a cat image, you have to put #cat on your photograph.  It’s the first thing that cat fans search in the Instagram search bar.
  • #kitten. Yes, pretty much ditto what we’ve said above.  If you’ve got a baby cat or a young cat, don’t forget to use this “obvious” hashtag.  We’d put it next to the #cat hashtag – for extra impact.  Plus, people love kitten pictures so don’t miss out opportunity to get your images viewed.
  • #cutecat.  You obviously think your cat is cute and we’re sure he or she is super-cute.  So tell the world with a #cutecat hashtag.  It’s one of the most popular and best-used cat hashtags of all.
  • #catlovers.  For cat lovers, kitten lovers, feline lovers and pet lovers, the #catlovers hashtag is a big one on Instagram and one of the most searched pet hashtag of all.  Don’t forget to put this one on your cat lovin’ Insta posts for the engagement you crave.
  • #catsofInstagram.  Yes, most things have an #…ofInstagram hashtag.  From #dogsofInstagram to #horsesofInstagram, even #babiesofInstagram.  So you need to use this hashtag to boost your followers and your cat post.
  • #catsagram.  Just like above, this is another hashtag that’s a must when posting cat-like images.  It tells people that your cat is on Instagram and demands to be seen!  Use it as much as you want.
  • #kitty.  Maybe not as big as #cat or #kitten but it’s still popular and therefore can’t be ignored if you want your cat to get noticed.  We’d suggest adding this to your hashtag list and see how many views you get of your cat Story or cat images.
  • #instacat.  Specially created for cat lovers to use, this is yet another hashtag that’s a sure-fire winner when it comes to getting your cat the views you want.  Add this one to your list and note how many people search for it in the search bar.
  • #blackcat. Well, not just black cats, any color cat really (#gingertabby #graycat #whitecat #blackandwhitecat).  Get more detail into your hashtag with your cat’s color especially as some people have a thing for black cats whereas others love a ball of cotton-wool fluffiness in a white cat.

Final Cat Hashtag Words

We hope the above cat hashtags will help you get your cat the recognition you want.  As we said, do a little analysis of your own to see what other Instagram accounts use.  You should add a unique cat hashtag as well and always use it when you post.  That way, when your cat becomes an Instagram star, he or she will have his or her own ready-made famous cat hashtag that others will use to search!

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