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Non-Profit Social Media: an Alternative for the Better Generation

by gratesbb

Social media, the term must be really familiar to all of us nowadays. Yes, in the past, the so-called media refer to public broadcasts like TV and radio. The shows given for audience are interesting for sure. However, they can only be enjoyed one way. So that people can participate more in the media, social media are definitely great answers. On platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, users cannot only post the feeds but also comment with each other.

No matter how good social media work, there are many issues and problems following behind. Even at the beginning of its presence Facebook has been a medium for cyber-bullying. When there are more platforms like Instagram and Twitter, the condition is getting worse. Moreover, you can simply connect to public figures and celebrities. Well, if you don’t like them, you can just bully them.

Not to forget, there is YouTube. Okay, this platform is great since you basically can watch any video you want for free. There are countless good and advantageous videos uploaded everyday starting from music, cooking instructions, tips and tricks, and more. it is reasonable anyway if there are now many social celebrities coming out from various social media, including YouTube.

But does it mean YouTube is completely good? Of course, it is not. There are many other problems coming from this platform. One of them is easy access for underage kids to open inappropriate content. Well, it is although YouTube has provided the feature of Age Restriction Content. In many cases, it doesn’t work. Sure, bullying still happens in the comment session also. Meanwhile, so many types of content are considered not educative but even dangerous for other people.

The main reason why almost all social media platforms work that way is because; it is all about the money. Yes, they allow many kinds of unnecessary content to upload are due to the high demands. Undeniably, products and demands are things that cannot be easily separated.

Based on the facts mentioned above, it seems great for all of us to have a kind of social media that is really educative and necessary for all realms. Well, money is not the main purpose here. People who create, manage, and use the non-profit social media only want to share advantageous information to others. There is no more toxic content, propaganda, and other terrible things you commonly find in conventional social media.

Since it is non-profit, the content should also be non-commercial. There are no ads needed to fund it. Besides, it is much better if there are no brand accounts that are advertised their products all the time. Well, there is nothing there except educating others.

Sure, for other aspects, it can just be the same as for-profit social media. For example, you can create your own accounts, post photos, videos, and quotes there, and more. Besides, it is allowed if the account doesn’t use your real name. Moreover, it is if you just don’t want your identity to be revealed by others.

Even if you are protecting in a fake name, it doesn’t mean you can post anything as you want. Toxic matters are not allowed and you cannot post something dangerous. There are also no unnecessary challenges. As information, there are now so many challenges that are not giving any advantage at all. Well, they are probably fun but at the same time, they can make people die. You can mention some dangerous challenges viral in social media. They are including swimming in the whirlpool, taping your friend’s body, and more. Those are useless, aren’t they?

Of course, there will be a typical question; will people be interested to use it? This type of social media looks not fun at all. Yes, the users are probably not as many as the conventional ones. But it is definitely a really important thing to start. At least, the non-profit social media must be started by us who care about the future of our kids. Let other social media exist in their own ways. But there must be an alternative, the more positive one.

Finally, the internet has given so many benefits for us. But sure, we can get many problems from them also. So, rather than not caring of all of them, it is much better to stand up starting from now. Sure, there are many ways to use the internet more wisely. If many social media owners only think about profits, let them be. There is still a chance to make the non-profit one, which must be better for all of us.

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