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Conquer Social Media with Facebook Advertising

by gratesbb

Facebook’s user base is colossal. Actually, colossal is an understatement. With over 1.85 billion daily active users, it’s hard to find an adjective that appropriately describes just how globally dominant Facebook truly is. But users posting status updates and photos are not the only ones using the world’s most popular social media platform; marketers are using Facebook for advertising and are achieving substantial results.

Facebook has become one of the most influential social media platforms on which to advertise, thanks in part to their large user base and comprehensive Facebook advertising system. Brands large and small are utilizing Facebook advertising to reach new audiences and promote new products with great success. In essence, failure to advertise on Facebook would be a critical misstep for any business.

Join the Largest Advertising Network

Any brand or company can join Facebook and begin to advertise. It is as simple as setting up a business account on Facebook and navigating through the intuitive advertising interface. Facebook makes it simple for anyone to learn and manipulate the different settings to hit their target audience.

Advertisers have a large number of settings they can alter in order to find the right audience and maximize their return on investment. Advertisements can be sent to users based on their age, gender, location, and interests, among other filters. Advertisers can then select how much money they would like to spend on their campaign.

One of the benefits of Facebook’s advertising platform is that the system automatically generates an estimate of how impactful your ads will be based on the settings and filters you choose. This gives you the chance to be flexible with who you target and will give you the best chance to reach more people while spending less money.

Partner with an Agency

Though while Facebook is intuitive to use and advertise on, it is still difficult to perfect. Digital advertising takes practice and experience to find the right mix of targeting and budgeting, and unless you have that experience already, you may find yourself executing a lot of trial and error.

Small companies may not have the budget to try and fail with Facebook advertising before finding the right mix, which is why working with an agency is a preferred option. Agencies have those experienced marketers on hand to manage your advertising account and save you time and money.

By having the experience to know which demographic filters to choose from and how much money to spend, agencies will maximize your business’ ROI for each of your campaigns. The money you save on advertising will exceed the cost of hiring the agency. Today, even large brands hire agencies to operate their account rather than hiring an in-house specialist.

With digital marketing operating in such a fast-paced and dynamic landscape, there is no better way to hit the ground running than with working with a Facebook advertising agency.

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