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Robotic Arms Technology that Can Pick and Place Items Faster

by gratesbb

A warehouse can pack its boxes faster with the help of robotic arms. Goldberg’s Lab develops software to improve the grasping ability of the robotic arms. The developer hopes that this technology can help businesses to pack boxes quicker so they can deliver the orders right away. Check the complete explanation below. 

Robotic Arms with a Neural Network

The robotic arms work well because of neural network technology. It is a sophisticated technology that helps the system to predict the speed of the robot to transport items safely. Goldberg’s Lab improves the way the arms grasping by using computer vision. The system of the computer vision helps to identify the 3D object the arms have to grab. It is not only grabbing the object but the arms can move the item to the other side and put it there. Imagine that these robotic arms can manage packing boxes 350 times faster than manual methods. In the next improvement, this tool can’t only pick and place an item but also learn to identify the safest movement. This improvement is to make sure that the robot is not only working faster but also safer. 

The Reason for Developing Robotic Arms 

COVID-19 pandemic affects almost all industries. Companies even have to reduce the number of their employees to cut the expenses. At the same time, it is impossible to continue the production because employees have to come to the workplace and meet face to face every day. This is the reason why companies need to improve their technology, including applying robotic arms. Let’s say a logistic company can use this technology to pack orders without using too many employees. The companies only need an operator to operate and monitor the way the robotic arms work. As a result, the industry runs even in the COVID-19 epidemic. The developers explain that this technology is practical. It means that companies can apply it right away and in an easy way.

The Issues of Using Robotic Arms 

Robotic arms can be a solution for companies to improve their efficiency. At the same time, this idea brings several issues. Some companies are concerned about safety. They think that this robot may work fast but it is not always safe. The robot may throw the items on the floor if the operators don’t set the system accurately. The developers understand about this issue. Because of that, they still work out to reduce this issue by finding out the right velocity, acceleration, and jerk limits.  

Another issue is the types of objects that the robotic arms can pick. Neural network technology is not only working for identifying the best movement but also objects. The developers make a test to perform the robotic arms to pick thousands of objects for several weeks. It can be a good improvement because it means that this tool can pick a variety of items. As a result, companies from a variety of industries can use this technology to support their tasks.

The way to install and set the robot can also be an issue. Companies have to make sure that the robotic arms are easy to install and set. The more crucial thing is that the maintenance and repair cost has to be affordable enough. Indeed, the developers work hard to create an ideal robot that can help companies like what they want and limit the risks. 

Things to Expects in the Future 

The robot will be more popular in the future. Experts predict that the logistic robots market, including the robotic arms will rise significantly by 2026. In the future, this technology is not only for the logistics industry but also e-commerce, healthcare, retail, food and beverages, automotive, transportation, and many more. Robotic arms are also a solution to finish the job faster and safer. As a result, they can deliver the orders right away. Companies can save money and use it for other crucial things. Operators only have to set the robot based on the setting they need. Then, they can start the operation and let the robot work to package all the items. The use of a robot in the future helps companies to map their delivery timelines. They can calculate the speed of the robot to package items and the items they can pick per day. Then, companies can set the right speed to make sure that the robot works based on the deadline to deliver the packages on time. The robot is much smarter than today, along with several better features. It makes using robots more effective and efficient as well as reducing a variety of risks.     

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