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The Chromium Project by Google to Let Outsiders Participate in the Web Development

by gratesbb

If previously Google is very tight for its policy in establishing Chrome, currently, the giant technology company is getting softened. It even permits outsiders to build the foundation of the browser. This step is by considering helping other companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and Brave to create competitors as well as improve the web browser.

It sounds weird? Of course, it is not. The step is profitable for Google itself. At the same time, other companies who are involved in the project can also get their own benefits. The project enables Chrome to be modified and used by others. The more people who access Chrome, it is just more profitable for Google.

The Chromium Project

The open-source project by Google is known as the Chromium project. It has been developed for the last six months by welcoming new developers from the outside. Those outsiders also have more access to the development system of the software that has been patented by Google. Additionally, other features can be simply added and it is basically very good for the improvement of Chrome itself.

However, it doesn’t mean that those outsiders and developers are easily interested in the project. Based on the report, Google put much effort to attract them. It is seen in the BlinkOn conference that is conducted at the beginning of the month. At the conference, one of the Chrome engineers, Danyao Wang said that it is very interesting to see so many people with different priorities gather and find solutions for web improvement. It is despite the fact that they also have their own agenda.

Wang’s statement is in line with the strategy by Google related to the Chromium project. Chromium is expected to make people gather and ally in developing the web. It is also to realize Chromium as the first interactive project that has not been really available before. 

It is the opposite of Apple’s vision

While Google looks really ambitious with Chromium, the principle applied in the project is the opposite of one of the competitors, Apple. Apple tends to be more exclusive in developing its devices. It is seen from the products in the market whether the iPhone, MacBook, and others. The sharing principle that wants to be implemented by Google, in Apple’s perspective, will threaten the iOS ecosystem.

Apple is not alone in holding the principle, another technology company, Mozilla also thinks about the same thing. Both worry about many big risks that may happen by letting outsiders access the web or other programs they make. The risks are particularly in terms of safety. This way, the limitation of interactivity will be better particularly for the health of the program in the long term. 

However, although they have their own principles, Apple and Mozilla don’t make any comment at all regarding the Chromium project conducted by Google.

The Development of Chromium

Before the Chromium project has been started, Google spends many resources on Chrome and it is successful. Chrome currently is the biggest web browser in the world despite its pros and cons. Based on many surveys, almost all web users tend to use Chrome for many features it gives. Uniquely, other browsers are actually not really worse than that. It is just people find Chrome more popular to use and it is set in their mind to use Chrome every time they want to access something. 

The popularity of Chrome may be the primary thing that generates the idea of the Chromium project. Google bravely announces that the project will cause very significant differences to Chrome particularly in terms of governance. Before making some changes, most of the Google technicians must make decisions whether Chromium will accept or reject the new features.

For the Google technicians who will still be the decision-maker, the project seems to still look safe. This way, the outsiders can present their products first and then wait for the decisions whether their products will be accepted or not. If they are accepted, it is lucky for them. But if they are not, they can try it again next time.

Following the participation of outsiders in developing Chromium, Google also permits them to use internal software to develop the system, called Goma. Goma is used to utilize the power of Google data center. Previously, Goma is something like a secret that can only be accessed by internal people of Google limited. By opening more access, Goma enables more people to contribute to the development of Chromium. So, are you interested to participate in the Chromium project by Google?

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