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Dell U2720Q IPS Monitor, a Big Monitor You Must Have

by gratesbb

Nowadays, people prefer to use a laptop over a PC, especially when they use it at home. Mostly, they love how practical a laptop is compared to a big-sized-space-eating PC. It becomes so obvious when you use the big monitor. Practical is also not the only reason here. If they need a big monitor to work on a detailed project, like the design or digital illustration, they can always go to the office where they work. It is also the same as you, right?  

Most of us will only plug the external keyboard and mouse, and use our laptop, like MacBook Air or Pro, as the monitor. And, that’s enough to give us a feeling of using a PC at home. It also doesn’t need a big table to accommodate that set of devices. Moreover, having a big size, like 20+ inch monitor at home, feels like a waste. It is just too expensive and luxurious for home-usage. Unless, if you work at home and your work requires this kind of big size monitor, a 15-inch laptop will be enough for browsing, game, streaming, and such.

The Big Sized Monitor You Can Buy

However, if you plan to buy a big size monitor for a convenience and satisfaction purpose, we have one product that you can consider here. It is Dell’s product, the UltraSharp 4K U2720Q IPS monitor. The size is enough (27-inches) to give you a wide view of any application, program, software, games, or anything that you put on your computer/laptop. Plus, this monitor is a perfect companion for your new bigger working desk, if you just bought a new one. So, what can this monitor do for you?

The Dell U2720Q IPS Monitor Features

First of all, it has 4K HDR compatibility. It means you will have the highest or the best image or video quality on this monitor. You can use it to play various media and video formats, which make it the best feature that a monitor could have. Dell also uses a unique design for its base. This design allows you to rotate it for 90 degrees smoothly.

Another important thing that a monitor should have is connectivity. A monitor with just one type of connectivity feature will give you more problems if you have different devices to use with it. You need a dongle and extra accessories. It is troublesome and costs you more money.

Fortunately, U2720Q has everything that you need. It has an HDMI port for high definition connectivity. One DisplayPort also provides more options to connect to your audio and video device. Then, it has the standard two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports, which make it cover almost all devices you can find today, from Blue Yeti to SD card reader. Furthermore, these ports also produce 90W power, which is enough for charging purposes. So, you can plug the device without worrying about its battery. 

What Kinds of Benefits You Can Get from This Product?

Other than its performance, if we see it from the functionality perspective, we also can find so many advantages from having a Dell U24720Q monitor. For example, it has many connectivity options. It means you don’t need to use a dongle, which saves more money. Plus, it also makes everything easier to organize. No more messy cords on your work desk. You won’t have a problem to unplug and take your device with you after you use the monitor. In short, you won’t deal with the cable clutter problem.

The other benefit is the size. It is so big. You can’t compare the pleasure and fun you get from watching your favorite cooking show or exercise video on this monitor with your tiny old 15-inch laptop monitor. The feeling is different. You can see clearer and detail that you might miss when you watch it on your laptop. 

If you use it to play video games, get ready to get more immersed in it. And, if you use it for your work, you will even feel how your productivity increases multiple folds. Designing or editing an image will be much easier with it. Simply put, it is the best tool you can have.


Having a big monitor might eat more space. But, Dell UltraSharp 4K U2720Q IPS monitor gives you a reason why a big monitor is worth buying. It gives you a different and better experience than your small laptop monitor. Moreover, it is only around $500 on Amazon. So, it is a good deal for a high-quality monitor.

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