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A Unique Wireless Speaker by Transparent

by gratesbb

Having a multifunction device or tool is good because you have one product with several functions. Speaker manufacturers may take the idea of producing multifunction products. Transparent tries to realize this idea by creating an aesthetic light speaker.The model of this product is unique and out of the box. How about its sound quality and other elements of the product? Check the complete detail below. 

A Lantern and A Speaker 

You may see a lantern when you look at a light speaker from a certain distance. But, what you are about to use is a transparent speaker, along with a lantern. This product is wireless, so it looks realistic enough as a lantern. Like the name of the product, it consists of a speaker and a lantern. You can listen to your favorite music or audio as well as turn on the light by using this product. The product is an impressive combination if you want to relax in a room while listening to audio therapy in dim light.

A Manufacturer that Comes Out with the Idea of Light Speaker 

Transparent is one of the manufacturers that come out with the idea of a light speaker. You are not about to see familiar wireless audio speakers available in the market. The model looks like a lantern with a transparent glass to protect the light. The light speaker even has a handle that makes you bring it as a lantern. You can use this device for up to 10 hours when the battery is full. Indeed, people will not only be amazed by the quality of the audio but also the light effect that makes this product look impressive. Transparent creates the light similar to the real flames, including temperature, brightness, and even the movements. You can turn on the lamp while you are listening to audio from the speaker. Designing a glass speaker is not something new for Transparent. The company has done a similar thing a decade ago and wants to try it again to get the same or more attention from people.  

The Specifications of the Light Speaker by Transparent 

Transparent keeps the quality of the audio by using a 2.5 inches driver and 3 inches radiator. The features on this device allow you to stream one or stereo pair. The bass sound on this product is at the bottom of the speaker. It is safe enough there due to the use of a borosilicate glass tube and black aluminum body. The light on the speaker shows splashes in a glass cover. The best part is that this manufacturer finds a way to keep the quality of the sound even if they use glass, and they are successful enough to have a high-quality light speaker for a stereo pair.  

Things that Make Light Speaker Difference Than Other Speakers

One of the significant differences between Transparent Light Speaker and other speakers is the model. The model of this speaker is impressive. Transparent even tries to make this product look the same as a lantern, although it is a speaker. The fascinating part is the light in which it has a real flame effect. All you have to do is imagine that you bring a lantern that can produce sound around the house. Based on the model, it seems that you can also carry it outdoors such as camping. The detail supports the outdoor atmosphere.       

Price and Release Date 

Transparent is not releasing this Light Speaker yet. This manufacturer will launch the product in April 2021. They want to improve the detail of the flame element and overall model before launching it for the public. The cost of this Light Speaker is £290 It is more expensive than AudioPro Addon T3. It seems that the manufacturer wants to compete with the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ in which both of them are at the same price. In terms of battery life, Bose can stand up to 16 hours if the battery is full, and it is longer than Light Speaker. On the other hand, the Addon T3 is a 25W speaker. It means Addon T3 is more compelling than Light Speaker. 

The Bottom Line 

Transparent doesn’t care about market competition. The goal of this company is to create an elegant and out of the box speaker. The sound quality is not bad at all, and even the sound quality is impressive in a glass cover. Indeed, we have to praise the way Transparent creates light that looks like a real flame in a lantern. It seems that Transparent looks for people who not only see the sound quality on a wireless speaker but also the aesthetic element.       

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