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The Latest Apple’s M1 MacBooks are Just the Same as the Brand’s Previous Products?

by gratesbb

iFix confirms that some new series of Apple Macbook, Apple MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air will be on their hands soon. Those series are powered by the M1 processor for a newer and better performance. Yes, the processor tends to be cooler to avoid problems like lags. Besides, the battery is also quite better compared with its predecessors. But how if about other specifications and features? Are there things that make the newest Apple series different and more special?

Some Changes are Indeed Available

The series of Apple Macbook Air and Apple Macbook Pro provide some changes that make them look better than the predecessors. For the MacBook Air series, the biggest change is that the product is available without a fan. To prevent it from overheating, Apple replaces it with an aluminum heat spreader. The feature is indeed more effective to cool down the entire device. But based on the report from iFixit, the spreader needs more treatments to make it work better and durable.

So, how does the spreader work? Still according to the report, there is a thick cool plate right above the M1 processor to pull heat through a conductor that is flatter and cooler. This method is undeniably more effective in cooling down the device and avoiding problems when you use it. However, the process takes more time than using a fan.

For the MacBook Pro, the internal changes are fewer. There are still features including the fan that looks just the same as the previous series. The fan may not work too actively since the processor itself has been working greatly in processing data. This way, you should not be disturbed by the noise caused by it.

Specifications of the M1 Processor

The chip of M1 is equipped with a 5-nanometer processor that enables it to perform better in lower power consumption. For seeing how the performance looks, it is very similar to some other chips given to other Apple products including the chip A14 Bionic in iPhone 12. Furthermore, the processor is also equipped with the integrated memory chip that is also used in other products including iPad Pro 2020.

With the integrated chip, every single part of the M1 processor can access the groups of the same memory without copying or saving data to cache first. It gives the users many other benefits particularly in terms of speed and efficiency.

Other Features in MacBook Air and Macbook Pro

Chip M1 is undeniably great in making the devices have better performances. This is the most important point that makes MacBook Air and MacBook Pro work stunningly. Unfortunately, for other specifications and features, it seems that those Apple’s M1 Macbooks are not so much different from its predecessors.

For MacBook Air, it uses the 8 core GPU as well as a 16-core neural engine. There are 2 types of RAM used; they are 8 and 16GB while the internal and external memories are 512 GB and 2 TB respectively. The capacity is indeed big but some previous series of Apple MacBook uses the same things also. To explore webs with Wi-Fi, MacBook Air is claimed to be long-lasting up to 15 hours. Meanwhile, if you want to play videos offline, you can do it non-stop for 18 hours. Undeniably, the battery performance is quite impressive.

MacBook Pro has a design that is quite similar to MacBook Air. However, this type of MacBook comes with a memory size that is much smaller than MacBook Air. The memory capacities are 256 GB and 512 GB internally and externally. These capacities can still be enlarged with the memory of 2TB if you want. Additionally, the product is supported with 2 ports of Thunderbolt 4 and Jack Audio 3.5 mm. Some other features provided are the cooling fan, Touch Bar, and a fingerprint sensor placed right on the keyboard.


So, are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro great? Sure, they are. But the features and specifications are quite familiar. Yes, some older Macbook products from Apple have the same details also. Indeed, in general, the performances of both Macbooks are better than their predecessors due to the application of the M1 processor. But based on the iFixit report, the lacks of improvement in other details just make the M1 MacBooks less special.

Moreover, there are currently many other laptop products from other brands that provide better specifications and features also. The competition is getting tighter for sure. It is expected that Apple may upgrade its laptop features in their products to launch in the future.

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