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MacBook Air M1 Review

by gratesbb

What’s new on Apple’s new MacBook Air? Well, their newest collection of MacBook Air is gorgeously quick. Believe it or not, it starts to work as soon as you open its lid. You can try to browse some webs and be ready to be startled because it can load a lot of sites really fast. If you are a game addict, then you must try some of your favorite games on this device, it will give you a mind blowing gaming experience and most importantly without any fan noise that can disturb your focus. The battery is also really great because it can last for 24 hours. Seriously, MacBook Air M1 really is one of a kind that makes it possible for you to do many things on this very device.

All of those above things can happen because MacBook Air M1 is using an on-a-chip system or you can call it SOC. It is the first time for Macs to install that kind of system. After all this time, Apple is popular for creating its own mobile chip and now Apple has achieved a huge success which can be proven with how Apple’s computer doesn’t need Intel Inside anymore.

Truth to be told Macs are great and many people love it. But over a few years, it’s felt like Apple is ignoring Macs and more on iPhone and iPad. It also can be seen from how the Touch Bar is still wholly divisive and it also still equips with a shallow and easily error-free keyboard. Such a thing is really not fine at all. Fortunately, after all this time you can say that it’s about to change for Macs because right now Apple is really putting a good thought to every part of its Macs, specifically for its CPU.

We can’t deny that the biggest selling point of the iPhone and iPad is the harmonious unity of Apple’s hardware and software. Well, it is a well known fact that Android can offer you a lot more in terms of variation and customization, but if you really want to get something exclusive and luxurious, your best bet must be Apple. And finally after such a long agonizing wait, the company has the courage to bring that exact privilege to Macs.

The first thing that came into my mind while I was operating the MacBook Air M1 is iPad Pro. Why? Because it feels way too similar and I was really shocked by it. The fastest app that I can run is the app which is especially created for M1 such as Safari and GarageBand. If you want to have the best web browsing experience ever then you better stick with Safari. When I opened the site, I acknowledged that it loads almost right away and when I want to scroll through some really complicated pages I can also do it effortlessly. Interestingly, this device is also equipped with MacOs Big Surf which will make it easier in doing some mundane tasks like browsing around the system menus and finders as well.

Actually, MacBook Air M1 also experiences major changes on the inside. It has an eight-core chip based on ARM design. This kind of design is usually found in mobile devices only.

As mentioned before, the M1 no longer uses Intel inside, it uses Rosetta 2 emulator which really do an awesome job. Because of the changes, chrome and Slack launch very fast and without any hint of slowdown. It was really different with the previous Macs where I often found slow down when I was launching Chrome or Slack. However, in this version of Mac I find that Google browser is pretty much slower compared to Safari, in terms of loading web pages. To put it simply, Apple really goes all out to tackle almost every app with so much grace and ease.

Moreover, you can easily add your iPhone and iPad apps that you can manage through your Mac. Apart from that, this MacBook Air M1 is also equipped with pretty good gaming performance. Using this device you can play your favorite game all night or all day if you prefer. You can play your game smoothly with this Mac because the Apple’s SOC gives you up to 8 GPU cores. However, the most mind blowing thing ever is that Apple delivers those awesome performances without a fan. It just has a heat sink and passive cooling to help with the heat. This is such a good news for anyone annoyed with how the MacBook sounds, which is like a plane about to take off.

In sum, the MacBook Air M1 is a really great device which can deliver such an excellent performance without any fan to help to cool off the heat. Furthermore, this MacBook is also equipped with pretty good gaming performance as well as long battery life, so you can play your favorite game as much as you want. Apart from that, you can also run your iPad and iPhone apps through this device. Needless to say, Apple really does a great job with this MacBook Air M1.

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