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How Can You Send Books, Gadgets, Magazines, and More in a Parcel? Here’s Your Absolute Guide

by gratesbb

There are various ways to send parcels to customers, suppliers, and business partners, as you can choose from several different couriers. But whilst there are general guidelines regarding packaging your parcels, you need to understand specific ways through which you can pack various items. Books, for instance, should ideally be packed in a slim box with some room at the sides, but there are particular tips for sending gadgets, magazines, and various other items. So how can you send books, gadgets, magazines, and more in a proper parcel? Here’s your complete guide.

If you are sending books

If you are sending books, the way you package your item will depend on the book’s size. If you are sending small books, it’s best to use padded envelopes, but if you are sending large books, you can use a strong corrugated box with at least 2.5 centimetres of clearance on every side. One ideal packaging solution is to use specially-designed mailing boxes, especially those with double lining and self-locking tabs. You can also use mailing boxes in varying sizes for other items because they come in different sizes.

If you are sending electronic gadgets/items

For this, it pays to be particular. You need your item duly protected, so leave about a centimetre of space on each side and use cushioning to fill the space. If you are sending larger gadgets like laptops and iPads, leave around 5 centimetres of space on each side and fill the remaining gaps with packaging materials like bubble wrap, polyblocks, or packing foam or peanuts. Electronic gadgets will always have plugs, and some have pins, so cover these with packaging material as well, so they don’t damage the outer container or packaging. Make sure to remove any loose components or parts and wrap these components individually. Use a solid and rigid outer box or container to avoid further movement of the item inside.

If you are sending newspapers or magazines

Newspapers or magazines can benefit from padded bags or envelopes, or you can also use heavy-duty envelopes made from cardboard. Another option would be polythene shrink wrapping, and these are all ideal for items that are only up to 1 centimetre in thickness. If the newspapers or magazines are 5 centimetres thick, use corrugated paper or polythene shrink wrapping and then seal it and make sure the details of the recipient’s address are precise.

If you are sending fragile items

Of course, you already know that fragile items would benefit from a lot of protective packaging. That said, use bubble wrap with a minimum of 5 centimetres in thickness and wrap the item’s extremities (such as the ears and limbs of figurines). After wrapping the extremities, cover the entire item. Once you wrap it, place it in a rigid box or container of the proper size. If the container or box is a bit large, use additional bubble wrap to ensure the item is completely secure. Make it a point to write down ‘fragile’ outside the container or box, so handlers know that the item inside needs to be handled with care.

Remember to use strong tape and label the item correctly with the delivery address and the return address. Happy sending!

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