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Tips for relocating your business during corona virus outbreak

by gratesbb

There are many reasons why a certain business company has to move – to reach a targeted market, to expand, to lower operating costs, to move away from competitors, etc. But, whatever the reason for your company’s move is, be sure that this will be one complex and stressful task. And, as such, it will require a lot of your time, energy, and money! However, things are getting even more complicated nowadays as the entire world is facing the corona virus outbreak. So, you are probably wondering whether now is a good time to relocate your business. Wonder no more – the answer is YES, you should! But, you must properly plan every aspect of your move in order to stay safe. Do not worry, we are also here to help you. Here are some tips for relocating your business during the coronavirus outbreak. Keep on reading, if you want to know more.

Find the Right Location

As a business owner, you are probably aware of the fact that location is the key! Location is one thing that can either make or break your business. So, before anything else, be sure that you are relocating your business to the right place – that is the only way to ensure that u are one of the companies that are actually thriving during the global pandemic.

Research the market of the place you are planning to move to. It should be somewhere easily accessible so that all your customers, clients, and business partners can find you. Moreover, it should be somewhere where there is enough foot traffic and where there is no competition. Finding a place like this may seem hard, so give yourself time. However, if this seems like a mission impossible even after the research, consider finding a real estate agent. A professional of this kind will surely be able to find you a location that will make your business thrive.

Make Plans Ahead of Time

Now that you found your next location, it is time to start planning your move. Try to start with your plans as early as possible. A business relocation may not seem complicated in the beginning, but trust us, once you realize how complicated everything is, it will be too late. Thus, give yourself enough time to properly plan and organize every aspect of your move.

Start by setting your budget and your moving date. The former is important as it will dictate your move. And the latter is important as it will help you stay on track and, of course, stay safe. And, speaking of safety, try to make your moving plans in accordance with safety regulations. That is the only way to have a smooth move and avoid problems, either safety or moving-related ones.

Have a Staff Meeting

Your employees are a big part of your business, so be sure to let them know what is going on. Have a staff meeting as soon as you decide to move, that is, as soon as you decide on your moving date. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, some of your employees may not be able to move with you. And, if that is the case, you need to give them time to find new jobs as well as give yourself enough time to find their replacements. Secondly, those employees who will be able to move with you, will need time to prepare. Moving is not easy for anyone.

Try to have a staff meeting just when necessary! Now is not the time for gathering too much. So, only when you feel the need to share something important and crucial for the move, call your employees. If possible, divide your employees into several groups and have the same meeting with each group individually. Or, have a virtual meeting – over the new video call feature by Amazon, or Skype, for example. 

Hire a Relocation Company

Of course, there is a way to move by yourself – if you have enough time and energy for it. But, since we are all faced with a global pandemic and since the entire state is in lockdown, hiring professionals like Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas may be the right thing to do. Professional movers are trained and experienced people who will be able to organize and carry out your business relocation. They can handle all the moving-related tasks so you and your employees can stay safe.

However, when choosing a relocation company, it is important to choose wisely! Keep in mind that there are many fraudulent companies out there. So, before you hire one, double-check everything! Moreover, you should also know that the company you need to hire is the one specialized in business or commercial relocations – moving a family is different from moving a company! Do your research ahead of time, ask for recommendations, do background checks, etc., if you want to have a smooth relocation.

Advertise Your Move

Many business owners think that they should advertise their move once they have relocated.  But, they are wrong. Doing this will only harm your business -you will lose your current customers and have a lot of difficulties finding new ones. So, be smart! Advertise your move before you actually move. Start by letting all your loyal customers and clients what is going on. Post information on your website, social media accounts, and even on your company’s doors. Remember to notify where exactly you are moving, that is, write down your new address and instructions.

Moreover, do your best to prepare your new market for your company’s arrival. Advertise your company in the best possible way even months before you ‘open’. This will get people interested and intrigued – the word will spread. If you do not have time for this, you can also hire a marketing agency to do it for you. With their help, your new clientele will be waiting in line even before you open your doors for business.

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