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The Essential Factors You Should Consider when Selecting Air Conditioning for Your Commercial Space

by gratesbb

If you want your workers to be more productive, you will put measures in place to ensure their productivity. This includes giving them the proper working equipment, providing them with suitable facilities, and ensuring that you meet all their requirements so they can perform their tasks with ease. But one of the most critical factors that can ensure your workers’ productivity is making sure they are comfortable in their working environment, which includes providing them with an ideal indoor temperature. Many a workplace has suffered just because the indoor environment was way too hot or cold, and you don’t want the same thing happening to your workplace, of course! However, if you have decided to invest in an air conditioning system, it pays to choose wisely. Following are the essential factors you should consider when selecting air conditioning for your commercial space.

Where will you install it?

The first rule is to know your actual space. This means understanding what you require based on where you will install your air conditioning system. It can be a real challenge trying to figure out the kind of air conditioning system you need if you don’t perform a good assessment of the area.

For instance, if you have an open-plan office, it isn’t advisable to settle for just one unit. If you only have a single unit, it could affect the temperature’s distribution throughout the space. Staff who work near the system may feel too cold, whilst those who work farther may be too warm. If you have an office with a high ceiling, the system can also work doubly hard because the space is too large and high. A high ceiling can also result in air pockets that may be too warm compared to the rest of the room, so you would need a more robust and powerful system to properly circulate comfortable, cool air throughout the area.

Decide on the type

 You should also consider the kind of air conditioning technology that would most benefit your space, as Sub Cool FM specialists recommend. The choice you make will ultimately determine the amount of energy you end up using and the running cost of your system as well as your initial cost investment. Aside from this, your choice will also affect your system’s performance level.

There are several types of systems you can choose, and this includes water-cooled systems, a ducted system, a ductless system, a central AC system, a split-type system, a VRF or variable refrigerant flow system, or a rooftop unit or RTU.

Determine the capacity

Along with the above, you have to determine the capacity of the system you choose. Your system or unit should meet your cooling requirements, and your installer or vendor should also correctly calculate your space and the operating condition of your workplace so they can decide on the proper capacity for your air conditioner. It is particularly crucial to decide on this correctly from the beginning because if the system you choose doesn’t have adequate capacity, it can cost you more in the future.

It’s essential to choose an energy-efficient system because if it isn’t, you can deal with higher utility bills and greater consumption of energy in the end.

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