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Basic Methods to Improve SEO Quality and Google Ranking

by gratesbb

SEO is an essential element of modern’s business. It doesn’t only act as a system to promote the business. SEO can even be considered the core of today’s business. A company with a good SEO plan and strategy will have a better chance to survive and win the business competition in the modern business world. How to get a better SEO plan? You can use SEO in Toronto or other areas where you operate your business.

Using professional SEO services helps you a lot. They know what to do to improve your business exposure in the specific field of industry. The SEO professional also helps you to promote your business through various platforms, social media, and other places on the internet.

Of course, hiring a professional SEO service will cost you some. However, you can consider it as an early investment for a better company’s future. Yet, if you do have not enough budgets to spend on an SEO professional, there are methods you can use to improve your business, website, or online store Google ranking.

Having a good Google ranking will improve your website exposure. People will find your business much easier, which improve the chance of transaction and getting more customers. What kind of simple methods we can use for this result? Here, we have collected them for you to try.

Create and Publish Good Quality Content

Publishing good quality content is necessary if you want to get the best Google ranking. What is content that can be considered good quality content? In simplest words, good quality content is helpful content. So, when people visit and read that content, they will get the solution to their problem.

How can good quality content promote your business? There are two ways this content does that for you. You can use it to promote your business service or product. It is something like click here and you’ll get the solution. However, we recommend not focusing on the promotion. Just add a small part of the promotion of your product and service as part of the solution.

The other one is you purely create helpful content. This kind of content will attract more people and keep them reading and following the content. It is also the best choice because readers who feel helped by your content won’t be able to take a look at other products or services. They will be a loyal customer because they start it in a good way, which is through your high-quality content.

Competition Research

A professional SEO service will do this method for you. They even can get detailed information and use that to create a strategy that is suitable for your business and can improve your business’s Google ranking. However, this time you don’t use their service. But you do not need to worry about this step. It is because the basic information will help you a lot to create a good promotion for your business.

You can use various tools to learn more about the competition in the field where you run your business. Find more about your competitor’s ranking. You also can find out more about the keywords they are using to promote their service. This will help you to see what kind of keyword you should use to counter that strategy. Choose keywords that are more popular and easier to find or a keyword that will mostly lead to your business. More importantly, the keyword must be different than your competitor for better exposure chance.

Include the Location in the URL

It is well-known that Google uses location as an essential part of its algorithm to provide search results. Therefore, it is necessary to include your business location in your URL. You can use the name of your city or the area where you provide your business service and product. More importantly, it is affordable to create a domain name with your location in it.

However, you should put the location name naturally in your domain name. Do not make it looks forced. Google likes to put the natural location name on the first result page. Moreover, internet users also will hesitate to click and visit your website with that forced location name. It looks like a scam website that people will avoid.


Those are simple methods for improving your Google ranking. They are the basic method that can give you more than just asking the visitor to click here. But, for a much better result, we recommend using a professional SEO service.

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