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8BitDo SN30 Pro+: An Almost Perfect Switch Controller for PC

by gratesbb

8BitDo SN30 Pro+ is going to be your favorite control when it comes to reminiscing the Nintendo nostalgia bone. As we have mentioned earlier, it takes the design of the classic dog bone of SNES along with dual analog sticks. The appearance looks like 16-bit but it functions well for modern games too.

Other than the comfortable design, the controls are extensively customizable. It makes one of the most superior all-around wireless PC game control but on the other hand, works well with the Nintendo Switch. Do not get us wrong, the stick can also be used for Android and Macs as well. Even though the appearance is not too classic, this one is one of the best ones among the modern controllers on the market.

Half DualShock, Half SNES

8BitDo SN30 Pro+ is an SN30 Pro controller featuring big grips as you see in the Xbox slapped on each side of the stick. The front controller represents the dog bone like the SNES classic gamepad. However, the edges now have become rounded far from the classic look. Improvements are anything offered by this gamepad but you will lose the nostalgic feeling. On the other hand, this new gamepad allows your pinky and ring fingers to comfortably grip the stick.

The gamepad is available in several styles. The Sn Edition, G Classic Edition, and Black Edition. Each edition has different colors and if you want something more powerful, the Super Famicom-style edition is available too.

SN30 Pro+ also applies the identical control layout as the SN30 Pro. The analog dual setup allows users to play all modern console games. It features a Bluetooth pairing button located on top of the controller along with a charging port. The connection status of the controller is shown by four LED lights at the bottom edge.

The only significant design might be on the grips and the ZL/L2 and ZR/R2 buttons. Those buttons are narrower and longer considering it adopts the DualShock 4. Its analog feature allows users to send various inputs to the PC, much more advanced than the SN30 Pro.

Software and Connectivity

This controller can be connected to various device types along with various connection modes according to which face button your hold. The new updated software also features a huge upgrade on this gamepad. It allows you to customize the behavior while you connect the stick to the PC and Nintendo Switch. Every control can be remapped as well as the sensitivity of each trigger.

The remapping process is also simple. However, the adjustment of the granular analog input is not common though. It typically is available on other high-end controllers which could cost three times more expensive than this gamepad. The remapping setting can be saved so you can simply save it and load it later.

Playing Games

The gamepad works nearly perfect on various games of Nintendo Switch. The responsive controls perform exactly like it was advertised and our expectations. The notable upgrade might be noticeable through the direction buttons while the analogs feel springy and firm. You will enjoy playing Mario Kart 8 at its best by using this game control.

However, it showed a few minor weaknesses. The rumble is not as we expected. Since the gamepad is equipped with the dual vibration motors, it should have shown a more powerful HD Rumble when you play the Joy-Cons. The rumble, however, did not get through when it was connected to the Switch. When we play another game like Super Mario Odyssey, the rumble is so subtle.

The gamepad works perfectly with a PC both over Bluetooth connection and USB connection. The analog triggers allow users to control the acceleration easily and precisely. On the other hand, the analog stick gives the same steering level as the Wireless Controller of Xbox. The rumble is also great when you play games on PC.


8BitDo adopts the solid build and analog triggers. The trigger sensitivity is well-remapped and adjusted by the new software. You can use the joystick for PCs, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Macs.

However, it does not fully represent the classic look of the SNES. Other than that, the vibration is poor when you pair it with the Switch.

Long story short, 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ joystick is suitable for PCs and Nintendo Switch. It may give up some nostalgic look and feel from the predecessor. However, the design is more comfortable when you use it. Also, it gets tons of customization that you did not realize you need it.

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