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Realme 5s India will be released: know the Prices, Specifications, and Everything related to this smartphone

by gratesbb

For those of you who can’t wait for the presence of a Realme product, this is good news. The Realme 5s smartphone is rumored to be ready to be released in India, the launch process will take place tomorrow. In addition to Realme 5s, there is another smartphone that was released along with it, the Realme X2 Pro smartphone. Before the event took place, the official company Realme had notified leaks related to the advanced features of the smartphone to revive the sensation of the next budget offer. In particular, the advanced features of the Realme 5s smartphones are equipped with a super clear rear camera that uses a 48-megapixel camera. Also, another advanced feature in Realme 5s is the large battery capacity that has been implanted in the mobile phone and can make it last for hours during use. Battery capacity is 5,000mAh. For the processor, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. Continue reading to find out more information.

Date and price list of Realme 5s when it will be launched in India

The Realme 5s smartphone will launch on November 20 in India. The launch time will be exactly at 12:30 pm Indian time. Also, their other mainstay products will be released, namely Realme X2 Pro. If you attend the cellphone launch event directly you will likely get an announcement that will surprise you. So far, the leaks regarding the price of this cell phone can not be ascertained. However, most likely what will happen is the price of this phone will be not far from the price of competitors’ phones that have almost the same specifications. Namely Redmi Note 8.

The presence of Realme 5s has been awaited by many people and often among them expect this type to be an inexpensive smartphone. You can watch this launch event live through the official Youtube Channel of Realme and various other official social media platforms that they have. The smartphone company based in China will also announce the exact price of Realme 5s phones during the launch event.

Realme makes it easy for customers who want to order by phone in advance, they call it the “Blind Offer” on their official website. “Blind Offer” has been available since November 18 and it coincides on Monday. The offer continues until the launch event. You can pre-order the phone with a predetermined minimum deposit. When you place an order, the mobile will begin shipping to your home starting on November 20.


For you lovers of Realme products, many might already know that Realm 5s is the result of an increase from the previous product, namely Realme 5. When viewed from its form, at a glance it might look the same. At the beginning of last month, they officially announced the specifications of the screen to be installed on their new cell phones. The 5s Realme screen is quite wide and very good, the HD screen is 6.15 inches wide with a water drop pattern.

If you have checked directly on the official website of the company Realme, of course, you already know the information about the camera settings features in Realme 5s. The feature is almost the same as that of the previous cell phone, namely Realme 5, the striking difference is the quality of the camera used in Reals 5s is 48 megapixels and the quality of the camera that is on Realme 5 (its predecessor) is 12 megapixels. With the sophistication of camera technology that has been provided on this new mobile phone, it allows you to take pictures and take pictures with very clear and bright images.

For other rear camera sensor features available on this phone, it is reportedly still the same as the Realme 5 cell phone, namely a 2-megapixel macro camera, an 8-megapixel angle shooter, and a 2-megapixel portrait camera. As for the front camera on this phone, it is rumored to be supported by a 13-megapixel quality camera. According to observations that we have made so far, the drawback is that this phone is a color that can be chosen is very limited. This is the news that has been eagerly awaited by Realme fans, namely the presence of different color choices in Realme 5s which will be released tomorrow.

In addition to this information, the Realme company has also reported that the Realme 5s that will be launched will pack a 5,000mAh battery. Most likely the battery is not yet supported by the fast charging feature as in other sophisticated mobile phones. But do not worry, all that can be covered with the Snapdragon 665 processor. RAM capacity on this phone is also quite large at 4GB. Additional features such as fingerprint sensor detection are also available on this phone and placed on the back of this smartphone. For more details, we should wait for news about the certainty of the price tomorrow after this phone is officially launched.


  • Display            : 6.50
  • Processor        : Snapdragon 665
  • Front Camera        : 13 mega pixel
  • Rear Camera        : 48 + 8 + 2 megapixel
  • RAM            : 4GB
  • Storage        : 64GB
  • Battery Capacity    : 5000mAh
  • OS            : Android 9 pie
  • Resolution        : 720 x 1600 pixels

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