Stores start to open in the UK but the Number is significantly Down on Last December

It is known even since the beginning that the Coronavirus pandemic affects some activities like offline transactions. Even when buyers can buy products online, the value to spend must be not as many as before for the decrease in income. 

However, it seems that the situation is getting better. At least, it is by seeing groups of people who go to High Streets and other shopping centers in the UK this weekend. However, the sellers should not expect that the number of buyers will be as numerous as before. In fact, it is still far below the number before the pandemic.

There are many reasons why people are still afraid of buying products offline including in shopping centers like High Street. The warning of virus transmission is still all around. Making the crowd is considered violating the health protocol so that they may not think that it is a good thing to do on the weekend. 

The First Weekend of the Store Opening

While many customers still think twice about buying things in the stores, this weekend is a great expectation for the sellers. Yes, it is the first weekend since the re-opening of many stores in the UK on Wednesday. It is not exaggerating for sure if the sellers and businessmen really wish that it will work before Christmas. Moreover, there are two lockdowns regulated by the government before that.

Only a Quarter of the Number in 2019

It is reasonable if the sellers want their wishes this Christmas will come true. But at the same time, they must be realistic as well since, in fact, the number of customers who come to the store is only around a quarter of the number in 2019. It is based on the survey conducted by a market research company, Springboard. In the UK entirely, the number of customers decreases by around 30% from the same weekend in December last year.

Following the conditions, there are many businesses and retailers in the UK that are considered a loss and even bankrupt. One of them is the retail of Topshop Arcadia and Debenhams. Debenhams even has stated that it will close around 124 of its shops in March after failing to find customers.

Additionally, Central London remains quieter than how it was usually. Yes, there are still some people seen around particularly in the shopping areas in Regent Street on Saturday. A day after that, on Sunday, the number of customers and visitors is only half compared to the same day last year, reported by Springboard.

Reports from Some Sellers

The pandemic indeed causes a loss for so many people. While there are some of them who think that it is a disaster, they are actually not alone. Businessmen, sellers, and retailers, whether small or big tend to experience this bad moment. Some of those businessmen can survive for sure. However, for some others, it is really difficult to wake up.

One of the boutique owners in the city center of London, Rowena Howie stated that the number of customers in her shop is far less how it should be led up to Christmas. She said that her team is not as busy as before in the store. Commonly, it happens on the first weekend of December. However, Howie is still optimistic that her store can still gain profits although they may not be as many as before. The profits come from online transactions. It is not a new thing for her as she has started online features even before the pandemic.

The same positive vibe is also seen in Anna Blackburn. She is the director of the jewel retails, Beaverbrooks. Well, “It is even the worst year”. However, she also said that the condition seems to get better. At least, in High Street, the number of customers has increased up to 10% this weekend. There is a tendency when people reduce their activities outside. But once they are coming out, it looks like they want to spend more money also.

Interestingly, Blackburn also said that there is an increase in the sales of wedding and engagement rings. “It’s been a tough year; people want to treat their loved ones.”

According to the Center of Retail Research, during the pandemic, it is estimated that more than 20,000 shops will close. Meanwhile, the number of people who lose their jobs has also increased up to 235,000. Yes, the cost to run a store is too expensive for many people. Although online stores are good solutions, the income is still decreased even for the customers also.

The Launch of the Dragon Capsule 2 to the Space Station with Science Missions

SpaceX has successfully launched its latest mission to the International Space Station using the Dragon Capsule. The capsule is scheduled to arrive at the station tomorrow at about 1.30 PM ET. Originally, the company plans to launch the cargo batch along with its supply to the station. However, different from the previous launching, it decides to use a different spacecraft. SpaceX prefers using the newest version of the Dragon Capsule, known as the Dragon Capsule 2.

The use of the Dragon Capsule 2 is for some reasons. It is the upgraded version of the first one. Therefore, the spacecraft is considered more capable to load goods to outer space. As information, the Dragon Capsule 2 is the same type of spacecraft used to send astronauts to the space station.

SpaceX’s Contribution to the Space Station Since 2012

The launch of the Dragon Capsule 2 is not the only contribution done by SpaceX in the area of astronomy. The company has supplied the station even since 2021 with a total of 20 missions. In those 20 missions, Elon Musk’s company used the original version of the Dragon Cargo Capsule. In order to load more stuff as well as people, the second version is developed. This version was previously called the Crew Dragon but later it sounds more comfortable to call it the Dragon Capsule 2.

The Dragon Capsule 2 by SpaceX brought its first crew in May. With the success of the Dragon Capsule 2, the company then decided to stop using its previous Dragon version as well as the new one is improved in terms of performance so that it can carry crew and cargo more safely and efficiently. 

Some Improvements on the Dragon Capsule 2

Compared with the previous version of the Dragon Capsule, the Dragon Capsule 2 has some improvements. Based on the statements from SpaceX’s representative, the newest cargo can load more stuff up to 50%. Meanwhile, it can also be more easily anchored to the space station while the crew can use the robotic arms to manage the capsule and replace it to the port. Additionally, the Dragon Capsule 2 can work more automatically and it doesn’t need extra help from humans to dock.

Purposes of the Mission

SpaceX has some purposes to launch the new spacecraft to the space station. Those purposes are considered important as the company is willing to spend many budgets for the mission. The main purpose is to add supplies to the station for astronauts.

Besides, the spacecraft also brings some experiments to the ISS including the experiment of Bioasteroid developed by the European Space Agency. Bioasteroid is an experiment to test Biomining, a process that uses microorganisms to extract rock elements. It is in line with the statement of the Bioasteroid researcher, Charles Cockell. He said that his team wants to see whether the microbe can get elements from the interior and surface of the asteroid. Sure, it means that the research is indeed better to do in outer space.

Interestingly, the mission is also related to the Covid 19 pandemic that currently attacks the earth. The first medication of the virus is tested for the first time in outer space. It is to try to improve the efficiency of Remdesivir antivirus. 

Not the Only Dragon in ISS

It is known that SpaceX has launched other spacecrafts in the past. However, most of them are back home and no longer docked in the station. Meanwhile, there is still another Dragon Capsule that is in space. It is the spacecraft that was launched on November 15 with 4 crews. With the presence of the Dragon Capsule 2 in ISS, it means that there are 2 dragons anchored there. Based on the statement of Sarah Walker, the managing director of Dragon Missions of SpaceX, it is great since for the first time, there are two dragons in the space station. Soon, there will be more dragons to join them.

The Dragon Capsule 2 mission was rescheduled before for the weather problem. After some considerations, it is launched at 11:17 ET from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. To make it work, SpaceX utilizes one of the rockets from Falcon 9. The rocket is second hand but it is guaranteed to work optimally. Yes, the rocket to use is the same rocket that launches the first crews from the company in May.

Furthermore, after the launch of the Dragon Capsule 2, there is a plan that Falcon 9 will try to land on one of the drone ships of the company. The ship will be placed in the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Way Police Department in California Uses Drones

It seems that the US has accepted the use of drones. The government starts to accept drones since this device is getting smarter. A better drone regulation by the Federal Aviation Administration is one of the signs that the government starts to accept drones. 

The Use of Drones 

A drone is not only a gaming device but it is also a supportive device. Nowadays, policies even use drones for 911 calls or emergency calls. One of the incredible usages is when California officers known as Chula Vista run after a suspect using a drone. At that time, the police used a drone to monitor a man with a gun and a bag of heroin. The drone caught everything through its camera. At the same time, the police watched the live video and found the right time to take the man down. 

Drones help the Chula Vista police department a lot. Nowadays, this department accepts up to 15 emergency calls a day and even has a specific program known as Drone as First Responder. The incredible thing is the program achieves over 4.100 flights within two years. The good news came in July in which this department approved to fly Skydio drones in emergencies with conditions. Due to this new regulation, California becomes the first area that adopts this type of program. 

Nowadays, two cities in California and one in Georgia adopt this program to help its police department. California is not the first area that uses a drone to help the police department. Hawaii and New York have done the same thing for years in a simpler way. The officers in Hawaii and New York bring a drone in the trunk of a patrol car. Then, they will fly the drone over the park or inside a building.  

The Rules to Fly Drones 

Indeed, people can’t fly drones freely without rules. The government still gives some rules to fly a drone. The Chula Vista police department in California even can fly their drones with conditions. For example, they can fly this device as long as it is not higher than 50 feet above the nearest obstacles. The drones also have to stay within 1.500 feet and come back as soon as possible. Based on the approval, the police departments can cut their budget. Drones are a more effective option compared to the use of helicopters and pilots. In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, drones follow the social distancing guidelines. 

The Benefits of Applying the Latest Drone Technology 

Drones are smarter than before. You can’t only fly and see objects from the camera. Nowadays, people can use a drone to support the latest car technology, package delivery, inspection, and reconnaissance. Because of that, police departments don’t have to spend millions of dollars on buying large helicopters or pilots. The departments even don’t need a large police force to operate drones. Then, they can collect and store more videos in a certain area to detect any suspicious activities. 

Drones are even more beneficial in the pandemic season. Police or people don’t have to go outside or meet each other too often. They only need to request something and let a drone deliver it. In the case of the police department, the police only monitor the area by flying a drone. They can stay in a place where there are no other people. The police only move when they see any suspicious things from the camera. Indeed, this method limits the exposure to other people. The police department can send a drone without sending an office anytime they receive an emergency or 911 call. A drone can cover about one-third of a specific area. This device also helps police to handle up to 70% of all emergency calls.   

The Biggest Issue of Using Drones for A Law Enforcement 

The use of drones has a lot of advantages to law enforcement. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that there is no problem at all. A policy analyst explains that the use of drones triggers privacy concerns. The analyst says that a drone allows law enforcement to pass through any area they want and see anyone in the area. It means that people seem don’t have privacy when drones fly around their area. The camera on the drones will record the activities in the area live. Due to the issue, the government needs to make a regulation related to privacy protection. 

The strict regulation makes police can’t fly drones as they want to get clear visions. Another issue is that the area can only use drones from two launch sites. It hopes that the government approves a third launch site. This request helps the local police to cover the entire city or about 52 square miles area.     

Oppo Reno 5 Pro+ 5G is About to Feature Snapdragon 865 SoC, Oppo Reno 5 4G May Come With Snapdragon 720G

It cannot be denied that Oppo is today’s one of the most popular smartphone brands. Quite many people use smartphones produced by Oppo. This brand accentuates great camera specifications as its specialty. Recently, it is reported that Oppo’s new smartphones will be equipped with advanced features. According to a leak from a known tipster, Oppo 5 Pro+ will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC. The tipster also leaks information that the launching of the smartphone will take a day on December 10th.

It is also alleged that Oppo Reno 5 5G and Oppo Reno 5 Pro 5G will be launched on the same day. The smartphone will also be equipped with a IMX7 series sensor for the main camera at the back, as mentioned by the tipster. Moreover, another tipster also seems to reveal the specifications. Specifications of Oppo Reno 5 Pro+

A post shared by WHYLAB on Weibo mentions that the Oppo Reno  Pro+ has a design that is similar to the design of the Reno 5 Pro. However, there are differences in the camera capabilities. The shared post also says that Oppo will equip the primary rear camera of this smartphone with the world’s first 50-megapixel IMX 7-series. It also mentions that the smartphone will feature a 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera and a 12-megapixel telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom.

As a comparison, the lists of the Reno 5 series mention a 64-megapixel primary sensor. Oppo Reno 5 Pro+ is also allegedly powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 under the hood. On the other hand, the Oppo Reno 5 is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 765 5G SoC. The 5 Pro is expected to feature MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ SoC. As it is said before, the smartphone is tipped to be launched on December 10th. Tipsters have also revealed the price of the Reno 5 series.

Specifications of Oppo Reno 5 4G

The specifications of the alleged Oppo Reno 5 4G have also been revealed by a different tipster. This smartphone is also included in the Oppo Reno 5 series. As tweeted by TheLeaks, the Oppo Reno 5 4G will feature a 6.43-inch full-HD+ AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. It is also said that the smartphone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC under the hood as well. Such a feature is the same as the Oppo Reno 4 4G that was launched back in July.

As claimed by the leak, the Oppo Reno 5 4G will also come with 4 rear cameras, including two 2-megapixel sensors, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide shooter, and a 64-megapixel primary camera. It is also said that the smartphone will feature a 44-megapixel front sensor for video calls and selfies. When it comes to a battery, the Oppo Reno 5 4G is expected to come with a 4,310mAh battery with 50W fast charging support. It is also reported that the design of the smartphone will feature a plastic frame and a plastic back.

More About Oppo Reno 5 Series

It is expected that the Oppo Reno 5 will feature a curved screen on each side. For the Oppo Reno 5, the smartphone will come with a 6.43-inch screen. In comparison, the Oppo Reno 5 Pro and Oppo Reno 5 Pro+ will feature a 6.55-inch screen. The Oppo Reno 5 Pro 5G is reported to have a 6.55-inch screen, 4.250 mAh battery, and dimension of 159.7mm x 73.2mm x 7.6mm. And it weighs less than 5 grams. While the dimension of the Oppo Reno 5 is 159.1mm x 73.4mm x 7.9mm and it weighs 180 grams.

In the front part, both Oppo Reno 5 and Oppo Reno 5 Pro use an OLED panel with a 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution. There is also a punch-hole shaped camera selfie with a 32MP resolution placed at the top left corner. It can be ensured that the Oppo Reno 5 series will be launched with Android 11 and powered by a 4.300 mAh battery with Oppo 65W fast charging speed. The Oppo Reno 5 series is said to come with some regular variants, which are Pro and Pro+. Each will come with Snapdragon 765G chipset, Dimensity 1000+, and Snapdragon 865.

For the price, the Oppo Reno 5 variant 12/256GB will be sold at $570.47. While for the Oppo Reno 5 Pro variant 12/256GB will cost $663.17. Are you excited to welcome these smartphones?

The Development of iGenomics, the World’s First DNA Sequencer on iPhone

One of the scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CHSL), Aspyn Palatnick, has successfully developed a tool to analyze the series of cellular genomes. The tool is claimed to be the first in the world and it is currently available on Apple’s app store with the name iGenomics. To operate it, the users only need to install the iPhone with a DNA sequencer cellular device. As a result, you can create your own cellular genetics lab. Yes, it may remind you of the “Tricorder” that appears in Star Trek movies.

iOS devices are chosen for the main media to install and use the app. The main reasons are practicality and mobility. Sure, it is possible to use it on bigger devices like a PC or laptop. However, it sounds less easy. Moreover, the app is intended for those who are in the work fields during pandemics. 

Purposes of the App

The app is developed to complete the device of small DNA sequencing produced by Oxford Nanopore. Palatnick said that because of the sequences that are getting smaller and smaller, there is no technology available to learn about DNA on cellular devices. Currently, there are only some major studies about the DNA. They are the DNA arrangement and analysis that are done in a big server cluster. Those activities also can only be done on a laptop with more complex programs.

Meanwhile, there is still no similar app that can be operated via smaller mobile devices like the iPhone. This is what makes Palatnick become really enthusiastic to create one. Additionally, the users of Smartphones have increased very rapidly in these recent years. The development of the app is expected to ease the users more in learning about and analyzing DNA sequencing.

The same reason is also stated by Schatz. There are many scientists who learn about pandemics and they must fly from one place to another surrounded by high risks for the sake of doing analysis in the remote area. iGenomics is expected to help them by making the genome study more portable, accessible, and affordable.

Functions and Benefits of iGenomics

The users can manage the AirDrop data from one to another. It enables DNA analysis even in a very remote location. You can also do it in an area without any internet access. So, it is not exaggerating if iGenomics later can also be used by astronauts in outer space.

Interestingly, there are indeed so many interests in DNA sequencing in space. Palatnick said that he tries to see whether there is a way so that they can get iGenomics there. So many people have been interested in doing this. it is proof of the impossibility to do the same analysis on a conventional computer. Yes, it is impossible to bring your computer or laptop to outer space or other remote areas on the earth. Your smartphone is more possible to be carried anywhere.

Furthermore, in the Gigascience journal, Palatnick and Schatz report that the algorithm of iGenomics can map DNA sequences faster than some virus pathogens including influenza and Zika viruses. The app can also more easily identify important mutations for diagnosis and treatments. To ease the users in using the app, online guides are available currently.

Although the app has not been used widely yet, Schatz dreams about iGenomics to help workers in fields as well as engineers more in the future. In one of his statements, he said that currently, almost all people have professional cameras in their pockets. it should not be too difficult to imagine that some years later, we can bring our own DNA sequencer in our same pockets also, in our smartphones. There will be more opportunities to measure our environments to look for and find pathogens and even do our own diagnoses.

Who is Palatnick?

iGenomics was programmed by Aspyn Palatnick. It is not a short period of time to see the product is perfectly done. Yes, he needs 8 years to complete it and Palatnick started the development in high school when he was still 14 years old.

Palatnick is indeed interested in the world of software aside from his ability in the area of DNA and genome. His ability has improved well as currently, he is no longer a student but a professional software engineer who works on Facebook. It makes him more experienced in developing apps for the iPhone. With support from Prof. Schatz and his laboratory, it seems reasonable if he can develop something incredible like iGenomics.

Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola’s Attempts to Lobby on the Bill about Forced Labor in Congress

Big companies in the US are reported to consider lobbying congress related to the import of goods that are made with forced labor. Congress has planned to approve the bill only in the near future. Some companies included are not strange names; they are Apple, Coca-Cola, and Nike. 

The issue of forced labor has blown since some time ago. The action is said to be done by the Chinese government in the area of Xinjiang, China. Xinjiang is a home for the minority ethnic of Uyghur that is reported to be tortured by the government. Although the Chinese government has denied the issues several times, some reports said that the condition in Xinjiang is getting worse. It lets many activists press the Chinese government to stop their actions. 

In the US, the bill has been approved by congress in September with votes of 406: 3. Currently, the bill is in the process in the US senates. If it is successfully approved, it means that the US government will officially limit and even prohibit completely imports of the goods dealing with the forced labor in China.

The bill is indeed supported by the US government from both parties; Republican and Democrat. However, it is reasonable if many businesses and companies cannot accept it that easily. Many US businesses depend on the companies along with laborers from China particularly in terms of components and spare parts. Meanwhile, some distribution activities must also pass through China before entering the US.

Additionally, China is one of the big bases of customers for many big companies like Apple, Nike, and Coca Cola. The number of customers in the country is also getting bigger aside from the fact that Chinese people are the biggest population in the world. Based on a report from Apple, the company representative even said that the customers from China have spent around $8 billion to buy its product. It just makes China the third biggest country for Apple’s market after the US and Europe.

Apple Emphasizes It Fights against the Forced Labor

It can be simply concluded that the main reason why those companies attempt to weaken the bill is because of the decrease in their profits. Although they are not denying the claim, Apple emphasizes that there are some points in the bill that are considered disadvantageous for Apple. The representative of the technology company also stated that they surely hate forced labor while mentioning that Apple can support the bill as long as the points are removed.

Apple elaborates evidence that shows their disagreement with the forced labor. In more than a decade, the company has released reports that included data on how they put effort to stop the forced labor. Some types of forced labor they report and stop are related to the long working hours for employees and their fights against the children labor. This year, Apple also describes how they provide protection tools for their employees to support them in the middle of the pandemic.

The attempts of Apple to fight against forced labor are not only for the company itself. Apple claims that it has asked suppliers to bring fair working hours to the employees as well as provide workplaces with high safety and free from discriminations.

The same rebuttal is also said by Nike. The company said to CNBC that it doesn’t lobby for the change of the bill at all. So far, they always prioritize using constructive discussions about human rights in congress. The company also said that it doesn’t take products from the Uighur Autonomy Area in Xinjiang. Even the suppliers of the company also take the materials from other places. The statement is agreed by Coca Cola who said about the same thing.

Criticism from Activists

But no matter how much the effort has been done by Apple to show its empathy toward the forced labor, activists cannot believe it that easily. Badiucao, one of the activists and a well-known Chinese political cartoonist talked to CNBC via phone from Australia. He has used around 74,000 followers on Twitter to launch a series of satire pictures with Nike, Apple, and Coca Cola as the target related to their attempts to weaken the bill.

He said that it is very disappointing to see many big companies try to block the bill about employment fairness. Badiucao also added that what they have done is not right at all. In the end, customers will watch what the companies do and the final decisions are in the customers’ hands, whether they still want to use those big companies’ products or not. 

Among Us and Its Lack of Security System to Cause Hacks and Cheats

Among Us, have you ever played this game? The game is simple where some players enter a room and try to look for the impostor while doing some missions. Of course, it is also possible for you to be the impostor. Whether you are the crew or the impostor, it has been determined before the game is started.

Despite the ease of playing the game, Among Us is currently very popular in the realm of Smartphone online gamers. It is widely played by people all around the world and gives extra profits for the developer, Innersloth.

However, the betrayal and sabotage in the game has been on another level. They are even more than what have been intended by the developer. He is James Sebree, a researcher for Tenable, a security firm. Sebree published an article in his blog that explains how the game is really prone to betrayal, even more than the betrayal that really should be in the game. Yes, Among Us is relatively easy to hack. The hacks and cheats he finds may be relatively simple. It doesn’t damage the game program, in general. But sure, it probably makes other players feel not comfortable when playing.

The Unintended Hacks

Some of the cheats even damage the basic mechanism of the game. One of them is when the players collaborate with the space station while trying to identify the impostor who must sabotage and kill the crew. This way, even the crew can kill their fellows while it is not the rule of the game. Other cheats that are possibly done because of the hacks are transforming to other players, teleporting, walking through the wall, increasing the speed, and even controlling the movement of other players.

Another sabotage that is really disadvantageous for the developer is when the player can get paid items for free. Of course, for this matter, it is definitely wrong and it can be categorized as a theft action if you want.

Seeing the Code

Sebree is a big fan of the game. He has played Among Us with his friends since September and he admits that the game is so much fun. By the end of September, he could see the game code. He tried to look at it further to modify the game so that multiplayer for more than 10 people can play in the same room. 

However, Sebree later saw that there are more possibilities to change the rules of the game. There are so many problems that may happen if the code is kept like that. After working in it, some cheats mentioned above are possible to do particularly by those who know the code. Well, hacking the game is really easy if the developer doesn’t make some changes.

The Bug of the Game

Problems in a program are known also as bugs. So, the primary bug in Among Us, according to Sebree, is that the server doesn’t design to validate the information that is sent to the client. The basic security of the program is also weak that enables players to do some hacks and cheats even if those cheats may not be disadvantageous for the developer directly.

This problem is actually really common to happen. Even for big games with complex security systems, possibilities for hacking and cheating still often happen. You can just see that some people even offer tricks to get coins and supporters in a big game. For a smaller game like Among Us, the possibility is getting bigger.

Furthermore, Sebree also stated that he can reverse the code back using some tools, for example, dnSpy and IL2CPP, and create the modified version of the game.

Sure, Sebree is not the only person who successfully hacks the game. Even Among Us has been infiltrated by hackers who support Trump around October and it causes fuss among the players. Other hackers choose to do their actions quietly just for their own fun and victory. Well, if you can get the supporting tools in the game for free, why must you pay for them?

Responses from Innersloth

Fortunately, when contacting Innersloth, the game developer, the team said that they are in the process to investigate the problem. So far, some hacks and problems have been successfully handled. Some hacks to solve are changing the character’s color, identifying impostor, killing other players instantly, and more. Sure, the Trump thing is also no longer found in the game. Hopefully, it can be a good lesson for the team of Among Us and other game developers to improve their systems before launching their products in the market.

The Chromium Project by Google to Let Outsiders Participate in the Web Development

If previously Google is very tight for its policy in establishing Chrome, currently, the giant technology company is getting softened. It even permits outsiders to build the foundation of the browser. This step is by considering helping other companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and Brave to create competitors as well as improve the web browser.

It sounds weird? Of course, it is not. The step is profitable for Google itself. At the same time, other companies who are involved in the project can also get their own benefits. The project enables Chrome to be modified and used by others. The more people who access Chrome, it is just more profitable for Google.

The Chromium Project

The open-source project by Google is known as the Chromium project. It has been developed for the last six months by welcoming new developers from the outside. Those outsiders also have more access to the development system of the software that has been patented by Google. Additionally, other features can be simply added and it is basically very good for the improvement of Chrome itself.

However, it doesn’t mean that those outsiders and developers are easily interested in the project. Based on the report, Google put much effort to attract them. It is seen in the BlinkOn conference that is conducted at the beginning of the month. At the conference, one of the Chrome engineers, Danyao Wang said that it is very interesting to see so many people with different priorities gather and find solutions for web improvement. It is despite the fact that they also have their own agenda.

Wang’s statement is in line with the strategy by Google related to the Chromium project. Chromium is expected to make people gather and ally in developing the web. It is also to realize Chromium as the first interactive project that has not been really available before. 

It is the opposite of Apple’s vision

While Google looks really ambitious with Chromium, the principle applied in the project is the opposite of one of the competitors, Apple. Apple tends to be more exclusive in developing its devices. It is seen from the products in the market whether the iPhone, MacBook, and others. The sharing principle that wants to be implemented by Google, in Apple’s perspective, will threaten the iOS ecosystem.

Apple is not alone in holding the principle, another technology company, Mozilla also thinks about the same thing. Both worry about many big risks that may happen by letting outsiders access the web or other programs they make. The risks are particularly in terms of safety. This way, the limitation of interactivity will be better particularly for the health of the program in the long term. 

However, although they have their own principles, Apple and Mozilla don’t make any comment at all regarding the Chromium project conducted by Google.

The Development of Chromium

Before the Chromium project has been started, Google spends many resources on Chrome and it is successful. Chrome currently is the biggest web browser in the world despite its pros and cons. Based on many surveys, almost all web users tend to use Chrome for many features it gives. Uniquely, other browsers are actually not really worse than that. It is just people find Chrome more popular to use and it is set in their mind to use Chrome every time they want to access something. 

The popularity of Chrome may be the primary thing that generates the idea of the Chromium project. Google bravely announces that the project will cause very significant differences to Chrome particularly in terms of governance. Before making some changes, most of the Google technicians must make decisions whether Chromium will accept or reject the new features.

For the Google technicians who will still be the decision-maker, the project seems to still look safe. This way, the outsiders can present their products first and then wait for the decisions whether their products will be accepted or not. If they are accepted, it is lucky for them. But if they are not, they can try it again next time.

Following the participation of outsiders in developing Chromium, Google also permits them to use internal software to develop the system, called Goma. Goma is used to utilize the power of Google data center. Previously, Goma is something like a secret that can only be accessed by internal people of Google limited. By opening more access, Goma enables more people to contribute to the development of Chromium. So, are you interested to participate in the Chromium project by Google?

Robotic Arms Technology that Can Pick and Place Items Faster

A warehouse can pack its boxes faster with the help of robotic arms. Goldberg’s Lab develops software to improve the grasping ability of the robotic arms. The developer hopes that this technology can help businesses to pack boxes quicker so they can deliver the orders right away. Check the complete explanation below. 

Robotic Arms with a Neural Network

The robotic arms work well because of neural network technology. It is a sophisticated technology that helps the system to predict the speed of the robot to transport items safely. Goldberg’s Lab improves the way the arms grasping by using computer vision. The system of the computer vision helps to identify the 3D object the arms have to grab. It is not only grabbing the object but the arms can move the item to the other side and put it there. Imagine that these robotic arms can manage packing boxes 350 times faster than manual methods. In the next improvement, this tool can’t only pick and place an item but also learn to identify the safest movement. This improvement is to make sure that the robot is not only working faster but also safer. 

The Reason for Developing Robotic Arms 

COVID-19 pandemic affects almost all industries. Companies even have to reduce the number of their employees to cut the expenses. At the same time, it is impossible to continue the production because employees have to come to the workplace and meet face to face every day. This is the reason why companies need to improve their technology, including applying robotic arms. Let’s say a logistic company can use this technology to pack orders without using too many employees. The companies only need an operator to operate and monitor the way the robotic arms work. As a result, the industry runs even in the COVID-19 epidemic. The developers explain that this technology is practical. It means that companies can apply it right away and in an easy way.

The Issues of Using Robotic Arms 

Robotic arms can be a solution for companies to improve their efficiency. At the same time, this idea brings several issues. Some companies are concerned about safety. They think that this robot may work fast but it is not always safe. The robot may throw the items on the floor if the operators don’t set the system accurately. The developers understand about this issue. Because of that, they still work out to reduce this issue by finding out the right velocity, acceleration, and jerk limits.  

Another issue is the types of objects that the robotic arms can pick. Neural network technology is not only working for identifying the best movement but also objects. The developers make a test to perform the robotic arms to pick thousands of objects for several weeks. It can be a good improvement because it means that this tool can pick a variety of items. As a result, companies from a variety of industries can use this technology to support their tasks.

The way to install and set the robot can also be an issue. Companies have to make sure that the robotic arms are easy to install and set. The more crucial thing is that the maintenance and repair cost has to be affordable enough. Indeed, the developers work hard to create an ideal robot that can help companies like what they want and limit the risks. 

Things to Expects in the Future 

The robot will be more popular in the future. Experts predict that the logistic robots market, including the robotic arms will rise significantly by 2026. In the future, this technology is not only for the logistics industry but also e-commerce, healthcare, retail, food and beverages, automotive, transportation, and many more. Robotic arms are also a solution to finish the job faster and safer. As a result, they can deliver the orders right away. Companies can save money and use it for other crucial things. Operators only have to set the robot based on the setting they need. Then, they can start the operation and let the robot work to package all the items. The use of a robot in the future helps companies to map their delivery timelines. They can calculate the speed of the robot to package items and the items they can pick per day. Then, companies can set the right speed to make sure that the robot works based on the deadline to deliver the packages on time. The robot is much smarter than today, along with several better features. It makes using robots more effective and efficient as well as reducing a variety of risks.     

Advanced Calorie Counting Technology That Analyzes the Image of the Meal

Some people may worry about calories when they eat at restaurants, cafes, or street food stands. You may have the same problem, especially if you are in a diet program. The good news is that now you can know the total of the calories on your meal from the photo of it. Thanks to Robin Ruede and his colleagues at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany that developed DenseNet. So, what this technology can do for people who love to eat and have to maintain their calories at the same time.

The role of the Neural Network  

A neural network is tiny robots that transport neurons and connect them to the active neural circuits on the brain. This robot is 300 micrometers long and 95 micrometers wide. The developers choose polymer coated with nickel and titanium as the primary materials. They use this technology to create a technology or calorie counting tool. The unique thing about the tool is that users only have to take a picture of the meal they want to eat. This device will automatically analyze the total calories on the food. Then, users can decide whether they have to eat a meal or not. 

The Benefits of Calorie Counting Tool 

DenseNet is an advanced calorie counting tool. The function is to make sure that users can control the calories they eat. Managing the calorie level means that you can maintain your weight. The way this tool works is simpler than other traditional calorie counting tools. Instead of entering all the nutritional information of the meals or products, you only have to take a picture of them. Input the image to the app, and the system will analyze the number of calories on the meals. As a result, you can still eat your favorite meals without worrying about the calories in the body. You can choose another meal or reduce the portion when you know the calorie level is too high for you. Indeed, this advanced calorie counting tool helps to make the process simpler, faster, and more accurate. 

This tool also follows the trend in which people often take a picture of meals with a smartphone camera before eating it. They often post photos of the meal on their social media accounts. The good thing is that you can’t only take a picture of your meal for posting it on your social media accounts but also to check whether you are eating healthy food or not. At least, you know that you eat meals with the right amount of calories that you need.

The Relationship Between Using Calorie Counting Tool and Health 

Why do people care about the number of calories they eat a day? Does calorie affect health significantly? Indeed, you have to count the calories in your body a day. Make sure that the body doesn’t absorb too many calories. At the same time, having a low-calorie level is also unhealthy for you. The lack of calories means that you also lack nutrients. As a result, your metabolism can’t work normally. It is the reason why you have to make sure that your body absorbs enough calories a day. 

This advanced calorie counting technology helps you to make better choices. You can decide the best meal to consume by only capturing it on a Smartphone camera. The more you get used to it, the better option you choose every time you eat. Knowing the number of calories on your meal doesn’t mean that you can’t eat them after knowing that it contains a high level of calories. This tool helps to know the number of calories. You can decide how many you can consume the meal once you know the information. 

At the same time, you will also understand the right portion of your meal if you want to consume high-calorie meals. You can reduce the portion and take a picture of it to know the number of calories. When the calories meet your needs, you can consume the meals happily without anything to worry about. The more you get used to this tool, you know that some meals and drinks may be good for your health and some others may be unhealthy. 

Indeed, this tool is valuable for its users, especially for those who want to maintain and keep their ideal weight. The final achievement is that people can keep their health by monitoring the meals they eat. One of them is by controlling the calories. The best thing is that users can count the calories on their food in a few seconds. They even do the calculation happily because they only have to take a picture of the meals.