Valve Half-Life Alyx Is a New VR Game

A valve is a big player in the game industry. Finally, it launches a new game from the half-life franchise. However, it is not a half-life 3 game that is mostly waiting. The owner of Valve has informed that half-life: Alyx is a new virtual reality game that will be launched by its half-life franchise. It has been known that its a popular FPS game franchise. This game presents to the second series in which most of the fans expect to get the new series. Some interesting things about this VR game can be revealed. What are they? 

An Interesting Virtual Reality Game from Valve

Virtual Reality game from Valve is not a Sasquatch game that is easy to understand. However, it is an indication that a series of half-life is still existed and breathing among gamers. You need to wait longer to get the explanation of half-life: Alyx. It has been received well at the time and still be regarded to be an example of a recommended game video. It is interestingly to visit it back and play it again. You will see some changes to this new game when you play it. However, the fact is that half-life is a virtual reality game controlling one’s enthusiasm for some fans. The expensive virtual reality devices are not necessary to run it. It is combined with the lack of games making this virtual reality game worst for some gamers. It is not a continuing series of half-life that has been launched and played by the gamers in some decades. Though, every stage is getting back to the nature of Gordon Freeman and surely makes everyone enthusiastic. At least, something special can be got when you are playing it. 

A New Game Play of Valve Half-Life

You can take your jacket if you go to hell because Valve makes a half-life game anymore. Don’t get enthusiastic if it is not half-life 3 again. The valve as a developer announced that it will launch new gameplay in Valve half-life: Alyx game. It is adorable and challenging for the people loving the virtual reality game. It is enthusiastic to reveal that half-life: alyx that it is a new virtual game from Valve. It will be launched soon to share with the gamers. Many fans are enthusiastic to hear it in some more things. It launches debuted in 1998 in which it has kept the big fanbase though it has been released in one last decade. The people trust and get enthusiastic finding the signs that half-life 3 possibly come to the upcoming years. However, you can enjoy the highly satisfied joys through this virtual reality game. 

Continuing the Episodes in Half-Life: Alyx

2 years after half-life 2, the upcoming episode is released. A majority of fans have received the facts that Valve continues the challenging story of Gordon Freeman and let it hang on at all. It is not a half-life game only. It’s gonna be stopping in the number of two and it causes jokes among the gamers. Valve seems to be worried in three numbers. However, this week hears the surprising news related to the series of half-life. The valve is not announcing a half-life 2: episode three. It is a virtual reality game at the premier blockbuster class. The developer doesn’t inform it what kind of game is. The details related to half-life: Alyx is revealed sooner. 

A Short Explanation of Half-Life: Alyx

An interesting thing of a half-life: Alyx is Valve conducting through its social media account that has been verified. The news of this new game launching is making everyone curious. The developer will reveal the information about its new virtual reality later. It is a few explanations about this game with its episodic challenges in the game. It has been released in 2004 to be a sequel of shooter games being a debut in a gamin industry. After the project of half-life 2 ended, Valve is ambitious to continue the protagonist characters in this game, Gordon Freeman. It becomes the main figure in this virtual reality game that can be played later. It is designed in a short duration to play Gordon Freeman in which it is released in the form of an episode. Alyx is a non-playable figure namely Alyx Vance being the most important character in a half-life 2 accompanying Freeman in the journey and getting more praises from international game media because of the non-mainstream characteristics. Despite being a strong character, Alyx is also smart and smartly speaking so that it represents the gamers’ feelings. 

Blackstone Hypertek Electric Motorcycle Steals Everyone’s Heart

Blackstone hypertek electric motorcycle destroys one’s choices to choose it. It is better than Tron Lightcycle and any brands. It is real and obvious in which it has stolen everyone’s heart with its quality and specifications. Some reasons can be explained to select this electric motorcycle. What are they? 

Taking Benefits of Electric Motorcycle

You can enjoy some benefits when you ride this electric motorcycle. Some benefits can be taken when you decided to buy this motorcycle. You will explore the strong electrical powertrain in which it becomes a dream sci-fi that you want. To meet one’s expectation about an electric motorcycle, Blackstone Hypertek launches its new motorcycle product to the market. It is famously known to be BST, Blackstone Tek. It is also popular with carbon fiber motor and auto wheels. When a founder, Gary Turner decided to build an electric motorcycle, he shared with the South African designers of the motorcycle to design a motorcycle like Ducati and Hypermotard. The collaboration result with Terblanche is Hyper Tek. It will be made with a handmade technique, a limited edition, and expensive cost. Of course, you will have an exclusively great electric motorcycle to ride. 

Designing an Electric Motorcycle With Some Important Components 

You may wonder why the concept is used to design Blackstone hypertek electric motorcycles. The mechanicians of HyperTek hanged on a part of carbon monocoque and billet fibers. The motor of DHX Hawk is producing 105 horsepower torsion and 88.5 torsions empowered by the battery technology of 4.75 kwh. This company claims that the battery can be recharged full up to 30 minutes with the fast charging feature. It means that it is reaching 186 miles when it is recharged fully. It must be a European standard in which it is eco-friendly used. The claimed packaged includes an extra battery, Zero S motorcycle, and a battery package. It seeds this motorcycle to be listed in the top motorcycle list in which you can ride it up to 89 miles. The standard package in this motorcycle is on the metal box in front of the frame. The grey box keeps an extra battery in some hanged photos showing the front cell patterns. 

The tip of the customized electric motorcycle has a bottom tube in a part of carbon fibers. The front suspension was inspired by a unit of Horst Leitner in an ATK motorcycle. The back suspension is a mono-shock feature installed in your swingarm on one side like a concept of Moto Guzzy V12 designed by Terblanche in 2009. The package is available in BST.No cockpit instruments are available. You should find a vital sign transferred on the helm when you are riding it. It also shows backside camera photos. Another new thing is a modulated coupling electronically enabling to turn, avoid boredom, and a wheel of Wheelie and Traction control. A sailing control enables this motorcycle on the road. A hill stop enables to launch and generator is concerning on the urban environment. This electric motorcycle started to produce in Hyper Tek in 18 months. Every design of this motorcycle was produced by a cost of $80.000. The cost is so high and expensive but it is designed with the right technology and supporting features for HyperTek ensuring you to say yes to buy this motorcycle. 

Strong Bodywork and Great Spare Part 

The development of electric motorcycles is rapidly growing. Even, electric motorcycles have been the product to modify. Blackstone Tek is one of the recommended motorcycles to rid. It becomes a good inspiration to ride. Hypertek has been completed with an electric engine from DHX Hawk that is producing 107 DK and 120 Nm torsion. For the bodywork, this motorcycle is completed with some parts by using carbon fibers. This motorcycle only weights 205 kilograms. The part of body frames is modeling mono design using the materials of carbon fibers. 

It will install a single-seat hanging on the back part. It will have a unique appearance. Nex, the front part is paired with the fork with the big size being one unite of a triangle. For the wheel part, this motorcycle will use a carbon chrome from the BST part covered with the Pirelli wheel. Next, it will have a swingarm on the back part using a monogram model giving the great impression of Ducati-alike. It can be an inspiration to modify. The electric motorcycle is given the name of Hypertek fulfilled with the electric engine from DHX Hawk producing the energy up to 107 DK and torsion 120 Nm. It is a unique electric motorcycle brand. 

How Stadia may change the gaming industry

Nowadays, DVDs and Blu-Rays are being increasingly threatened by online copies and streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. The same thing is happening in the video game industry. It’s easier and more convenient to buy games online through platforms such as Steam rather than purchasing their physical copies.

And now Google wants to do away with consoles, too. It has recently launched Stadia, an online game streaming service.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tech giant’s vision of the future of gaming, according to Google’s Vice President, Phil Harrison.

What is Stadia?

Stadia is an online streaming service that allows gamers to instantly access newest releases without consoles.This means that gamers can play anywhere. Only a screen, a Google Chrome browser, and a solid internet connection to Stadia’s cloud-based database of games are needed.

Despite that, the company does not consider Stadia a groundbreaking innovation in any way. Even Harrison says that it is not “particularly revolutionary”. The music, film, and television industries have moved from physical copies to exclusively online streaming before they do the same with gaming.

Google isn’t the first to venture into game streaming, either. One of Stadia’s predecessors is OnLive. It was announced in March 2009, a decade before Stadia, and released a year later. By 2012, OnLive was already needing a bailout from its parent company. Three years later, it was shut down forever.

OnLive is a cautionary tale about the great risks of game streaming. But with recent advancements in tech and internet access, and Google’s multi-billion capacity for better investments in research and development, Stadia seems a more promising endeavor than its forerunner. Harrison is optimistic that it will set a trend of exchanging consoles and physical games for an exclusively online streaming service.

The Stadia experience

Stadia’s streaming system differs from the likes of Netflix and Spotify. A subscription does not give gamers access to all the games it provides. They pay for certain games which they stream through a consolidated online system, just without expensive hardware.

And Stadia still requires a game controller. The Premiere Edition package includes Google’s custom made joypad in addition to a Chromecast Ultra.

To use Stadia, gamers have to set up an account through its mobile app. The only available scheme now is Stadia Pro. If you buy the Premier package, you get three months of free access, followed by a monthly subscription of £8.99. Another bundle, Stadia Base, will be released in 2020. It promises higher quality graphics and sound.

After registering, you have to sync your account and controller to the Chromecast Ultra on your Wi-Fi network. You can now access your account and game collection from anywhere you are online.

As of the release, 22 titles are available to access within the service, with more planned to come. Harrison enjoys playing Destiny 2 the most on the platform. But he says that gamers have to try AAA games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 to see the full extent of what Stadia is capable of. Even when playing the game on the phone, its graphics are excellent.


The ultimate goal of Stadia is changing the gaming experience “from being about a box in plastic underneath your TV”, in Harrison’s words. Google claims that it will be a simpler and cheaper way to play the newest games without having to purchase or update any complicated or pricey hardware.

It’s challenging the domination of the three gaming giants: Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo. Having been key players in the industry, each has hordes of devoted, seasoned fans.

But Google is far from an unworthy contender. Being the second largest internet company, it has millions of users and a wealth of experience and knowledge in technology. Harrison adds that Stadia was carefully planned by his team upon almost 20 years’ worth of expertise gained from Google’s data center and innovations.

Will Stadia work?

Of course Stadia is not without its doubters. Not everyone is optimistic that the switch to online streaming will happen in the near future, particularly the other players in the industry.

“We’re early in this technology and we feel it will take many years before this technology becomes mainstream,” says the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, in an interview. He believes that people will continue playing on consoles for a long time.

Stadia is launched on Tuesday, November 19, in 14 regions including the US, the UK, Canada. Whether it will really change the gaming industry or not, we’ll have plenty of time to see.

Indian WhatsApp users advised to update app over security concerns

With 400 billion users, India has WhatsApp’s largest user base. But the online messenger app has recently come under scrutiny in the country, as well in several other regions, after two recent serious security breaches.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), the nation’s main cybersecurity agency, has asked Indian WhatsApp users to update the application to the newest version. The notice was issued after Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, revealed that a major potential problem has been found on older versions of the widely used app. CERT classified this as a “High Severity” threat.

What the problem is

If an unknown number has sent you an MP4 file via WhatsApp, watch out. You could have been a victim of the latest hacking scheme.

CERT has released an official statement on its website. The statement reveals that there is a vulnerability in WhatsApp’s system. It means that an unknown remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to install malicious spyware on a user’s phone just by using an MP4 video file.

The spyware is encoded into a specifically made MP4 file. It could be triggered even without user authentication. Once the receiver of the message opens the video, the spyware is automatically installed on the phone.

After the spyware is installed, the attacker could make changes to the phone system. According to CERT, the spyware causes a condition called Remote Code Execution (RCE) of Denial of Service (DoS). In other words, the remote attacker could launch commands to compromise any device that uses Android, Apple, or Windows operating systems. This problem has serious far-reaching implications because no matter where the users are located, their phones can still be targeted.

The problem can be found in both individual and business versions of WhatsApp until the newest updates were launched in October this year.

Similarity to the Pegasus Breach

This security problem is discovered just after the Pegasus Breach controversy. Earlier this year, WhatsApp came under fire after it was made known that its software has been abused by hackers. The hackers utilize the loophole in the system to install spyware on phones. The name of the malware is Pegasus. It is said to have targeted journalists, activists, and human rights lawyers, jeopardizing their activities and privacy.

Similar to the MP4 video method, Pegasus is also spyware that installs itself on the target’s phone. However, it exploits a weakness in the messaging app’s video call function. It is also more advanced than the other method. Even if the user does not answer the suspicious call, the spyware can still breach the phone.

An Israel-based corporation, NSO Group, has undergone public scrutiny because it was accused of providing the Pegasus spyware. WhatsApp has sued the tech firm in a US court, alleging that NSO Group has violated the app’s terms and conditions and holds responsibility for the attacks. But the NSO Group claims that it only cooperates with government agencies.

WhatsApp had informed users whose devices are potentially breached by the spyware. In India, at least 17 individuals’ devices were infected by Pegasus. These included activists and lawyers who champion human rights, as well as journalists. The government has denied having any part in the hacking.

Security improvements by WhatsApp

Facebook and WhatsApp had announced that they have come up with a solution for the vulnerability a few days ago. WhatsApp’s statement says that the app is “constantly working to improve the security” of their service.

Both Facebook and WhatsApp have claimed that the most recent security patch from the application has resolved the vulnerability issue. And WhatsApp has no reason to believe that its users were affected, its spokesperson said. However, no further details about the counteracting measures have been disclosed.

The messenger boasts that its end-to-end encryption makes it a secure means of communication. The encryption means that the messages can only be read on the sender and the recipient’s devices. But the claim is debatable. The two recent scandals are not even the first time the application has been criticized for endangering the security and privacy of its users.

Currently, WhatsApp is the messaging app with the largest number of users. But some are migrating to other applications such as Telegram in search of a safer option. The developers of WhatsApp must look into potential vulnerabilities and reinforce their defenses so as to prevent losing current and potential users.

In the meantime, do not forget to update the application on your device. You should take this precaution so that you can avoid any potential security breach. Otherwise, your device might be compromised.

8BitDo SN30 Pro+: An Almost Perfect Switch Controller for PC

8BitDo SN30 Pro+ is going to be your favorite control when it comes to reminiscing the Nintendo nostalgia bone. As we have mentioned earlier, it takes the design of the classic dog bone of SNES along with dual analog sticks. The appearance looks like 16-bit but it functions well for modern games too.

Other than the comfortable design, the controls are extensively customizable. It makes one of the most superior all-around wireless PC game control but on the other hand, works well with the Nintendo Switch. Do not get us wrong, the stick can also be used for Android and Macs as well. Even though the appearance is not too classic, this one is one of the best ones among the modern controllers on the market.

Half DualShock, Half SNES

8BitDo SN30 Pro+ is an SN30 Pro controller featuring big grips as you see in the Xbox slapped on each side of the stick. The front controller represents the dog bone like the SNES classic gamepad. However, the edges now have become rounded far from the classic look. Improvements are anything offered by this gamepad but you will lose the nostalgic feeling. On the other hand, this new gamepad allows your pinky and ring fingers to comfortably grip the stick.

The gamepad is available in several styles. The Sn Edition, G Classic Edition, and Black Edition. Each edition has different colors and if you want something more powerful, the Super Famicom-style edition is available too.

SN30 Pro+ also applies the identical control layout as the SN30 Pro. The analog dual setup allows users to play all modern console games. It features a Bluetooth pairing button located on top of the controller along with a charging port. The connection status of the controller is shown by four LED lights at the bottom edge.

The only significant design might be on the grips and the ZL/L2 and ZR/R2 buttons. Those buttons are narrower and longer considering it adopts the DualShock 4. Its analog feature allows users to send various inputs to the PC, much more advanced than the SN30 Pro.

Software and Connectivity

This controller can be connected to various device types along with various connection modes according to which face button your hold. The new updated software also features a huge upgrade on this gamepad. It allows you to customize the behavior while you connect the stick to the PC and Nintendo Switch. Every control can be remapped as well as the sensitivity of each trigger.

The remapping process is also simple. However, the adjustment of the granular analog input is not common though. It typically is available on other high-end controllers which could cost three times more expensive than this gamepad. The remapping setting can be saved so you can simply save it and load it later.

Playing Games

The gamepad works nearly perfect on various games of Nintendo Switch. The responsive controls perform exactly like it was advertised and our expectations. The notable upgrade might be noticeable through the direction buttons while the analogs feel springy and firm. You will enjoy playing Mario Kart 8 at its best by using this game control.

However, it showed a few minor weaknesses. The rumble is not as we expected. Since the gamepad is equipped with the dual vibration motors, it should have shown a more powerful HD Rumble when you play the Joy-Cons. The rumble, however, did not get through when it was connected to the Switch. When we play another game like Super Mario Odyssey, the rumble is so subtle.

The gamepad works perfectly with a PC both over Bluetooth connection and USB connection. The analog triggers allow users to control the acceleration easily and precisely. On the other hand, the analog stick gives the same steering level as the Wireless Controller of Xbox. The rumble is also great when you play games on PC.


8BitDo adopts the solid build and analog triggers. The trigger sensitivity is well-remapped and adjusted by the new software. You can use the joystick for PCs, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Macs.

However, it does not fully represent the classic look of the SNES. Other than that, the vibration is poor when you pair it with the Switch.

Long story short, 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ joystick is suitable for PCs and Nintendo Switch. It may give up some nostalgic look and feel from the predecessor. However, the design is more comfortable when you use it. Also, it gets tons of customization that you did not realize you need it.

2020 Audi R8 Coupe

2020 Audi R8 is deemed as one of the modest facelift cars in 2020. Its new visual appearance is inspired by the GT3 car that includes oval tailpipes, the griller that adapts less chrome, and a new splitter. Comes with a 5.3-liter V10 machine combined with a rear-biased AWD system along with seven-speed dual-clutch auto, this car could deliver 428 lb-ft of torque and 612 hp in the V10 performance. The top speed also reached 206 mph. Even though the price is not being announced yet, this car is expected to be around USD 170,000 for the standard type and USD 200,000 for the Performance type.

More Power and Sharper Suit

The Audi R8 is not a supercar that can be easily beaten by the competitors. It is a combination of old school V1- engine and hi-tech infotainment, which is quite paradoxical. Other than that, this car is expected to be a relatively affordable car in its class. The cars are available in Coupe and Spyder models. Both models are AWD, equipped with V10 along with a gearbox of S-Tronic dual-clutch.


The changes applied to the R8 is not major after all. However, when it was parked in a distance, it looks quite different. The front part is wider and lower like it wears a mouthguard. The jawline is effective enough that it leaves the impression of a purposeful appearance. If we look closer, we see a nice front grille with three little slits at the hood. It recalls the Ur Quattro. Other than that, its new front splitter is wider. Meanwhile, the rear changes are not so obvious unless you notice the upswept diffuser at the back.

Interior and Features

The new R8 is available in two colors: Ascari Blue and Kemora Gray. The standard models feature some gloss-black detailing and new 19-inch alloys. Meanwhile, the performance models replace those all with matte titanium.

In general, nothing has changed in its interior part but you will see a better driving position. The driver position is solidly built with flair flashes while the virtual cockpit features a slick yet modern feel. Just keep in mind that the Spyder model has a tighter cockpit for its roof mechanism. It will cause an issue on the legroom if you are over 6 feet tall.

Engine and Performance

The standard car morel could produce up to 533 hp at 8,250 RPM. All of them are purely due to changes in its software calibration. It helps the heavier Spyder to reach up to 200 mph.

The Performance mode could produce up to 612 hp and 428 lb-ft. The number shows a stronger performance than before. This car is also a little beyond the Lamborghini Huracan. The V10 Performance could accelerate to 62 mph in 3 seconds.

At the Wheels

The car was tested in Ascari, which is a fast track. It features turns that seem rolled forever, some corners, and walls that may make your heart beats faster. Riding this car on the Ascari track brings the nuance of riding McLaren 720S but with visceral acceleration that needs a certain point of acclimatization.

The carbon-ceramic brakes in the standard models also fit the Performance models’ in the first. However, the downhill braking zone was too much compared to the weight of the V10. This thing, on the other hand, makes the car becomes more reactive and more nimble but it should be anticipated considering this a potential pendulum effect that needs to be nursed carefully.

The AWD driving system helps the stability control Sport setting. When the nose hooks up and the car is pulled out, the balance will be automatically switched to a neutral feeling.


Even though the makeover might look too mild, the Audi R8 is still a compelling choice. McLaren 570S might offer a lighter, more tactile feeling, and nimble car. However, R8 is cheaper in every aspect. The R8 is also easier to climb into, offers better technology and refinement, and has better security with its AWD driving system. Relatively speaking, this car is safe for those who want to explore the racetrack in an invigorating way.

The most interesting part is that this car combines its technology with the Lamborghini V10. It practically yelps and sears and turns the 570S nothing to compare. You should appreciate this car while this is still available though. The price is yet to be announced but expects to pay for USD 170,000 for the standard model and USD 200,000 for the top-spec car.

Native Opera Mini Review

Native Opera Mini is not a new app for those who love to surf the web. It is a more streamlined browser than Opera browser but with some other additional settings. As a native app, there are some pros and cons you should know.

About Opera Mini

Opera browser has been one of the best browsers you might get. It has been developed for several versions and it has the same root after all. When it comes to the Opera browser, we might know several good things offered by this ap.

It has a built-in ad blocker that makes your surfing experience much better. The VPN is also equipped in this browser that will allow you to access all websites and videos even if those are banned in your country. Its battery saver is suitable for those who use it for the mobile phone.

Essentially, Opera offers faster performance compared to other web browsers and its Speed Dial start page boosts the browsing experience. To speed up slow connections, you can turn on the Turbo mode while it also cuts your data usage. For easy navigation, you can use gestures though. Its configuration options allow you to open RSS feeds.

However, this app might cause some sites to balk at considering they do not recognize the browser. Also, there is no reading list or reading mode. There is no social sharing tool available. There is no AJAX, Flash, or JavaScript support provided by Opera Mini. You cannot even choose to get a mobile or desktop version.

However, all of them are improved through its native version. The next section is where we will tell you anything about the native apps. Native apps allow the browser to be more useful, up-to-date and secured.

About Native Apps

In general, native apps can be more specialized compared to the web app. Native Opera Mini emphasizes the performance so it could do much better compared to web apps and cross-platform apps in general. Other than that, the native app can do anything cross-platform and web apps could do. Other than that, this browser provides the greatest strength compared to those two. The biggest weakness might be on its cost.

This version of Opera Mini also uses the system-level keyboard which is a different one. It might be the cons for those who what to use a finger-only keyboard without installing a third-party keyboard. However, this app is worth a try especially if you want to get a better browsing experiment as a militant fan of Opera browsers.

The development of native app costs more expensive than the development in the web or cross-platform apps. However, it is not the dead-end and it would not be wise if you make a decision based on the cost alone. Some other points like market potential make Opera invests on this app in the first place.

The Pros of Native Opera Mini

It has more varied options on marketing and strategic development points. The optimization is ranked better as well. Other than that, it has a better UI/UX design that will enhance multimedia and graphic content. Native Opera Mini gives the highest speed performance and much-improved functionality compared to the Opera Mini alone. It has better developer support as well. Compared to the Java version, this version is easier to install and operate.

The Cons of Native Opera Mini

As we have mentioned earlier, it is an expensive option that may affect your browsing experience by using the Opera Mini browser. Opera Mini is not the best web browser on the market today unless you upgrade it or purchase certain aspects if asked to. It requires users to sign up before using the browser which is not a convenient thing for some users.

Its initial Opera Link sync made an exception but it might sync your bookmarks just fine. You cannot change the size of the character and the smallest setting is still too big for VGA devices. However, since everyone uses a smartphone right now than it is not an issue anymore.

Generally, a native app can be invoked through the extension. However, Opera Mini by default will not allow users to set this up explicitly. It also does not support Italic character style.

More than anything, the Native Opera Mini has a lot of new things to offer for users. Considering there are tons of browsers that compete for the best browser in the world, Opera browsers also improve their service and performance from time to time.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR 42 mm with AMOLED DISPLAY and 64-Days Battery Life

Huami Amazfit GTR 42mm with AMOLED Display is one of the new Smartwatch products from Xiaomi. Well, the design itself has been leaked several days ago and generated some questions from the audience. One of them is; when will the product release? Well, it is reasonable if the Smartwatch is awaited by many customers. The stylish design, great features, and friendly price are the main reasons why people just wish to buy it.

Aside from being hype in China, the series from Xiomi commonly is also widely talked about in India. Sure, it is followed in other countries around the world even in the US and South Korea where its competitors are lived in. So, what are the specifications of the product along with the pros and cons? Check them out.

Huami Amazfit GTR Specifications

If many products of Smartwatch require you to recharge them too often even within a day, Amazfit GTR seems to be more special. The Smartwatch can be used in 74 days only with a charge. However, this feature can only work well in the basic watch. On the other hand, if you want to activate all the features, you can set it up into the normal mode. You need to recharge it once in 24 days.

The next feature is probably not really special. It is water resistant up to 5ATM. So, you can wear it while swimming or even diving but not in a too deep area. There are GPS and GLONASS that enable you to track positions of 12 types of exercise. Sure, common functions of smartwatch can be enjoyed here. They are receiving messages and calls, display notifications, reminders, weather information, music, and more.

Two Sizes Available

As you may have known, Amazfit GTR smartwatch comes out with 2 main sizes; they are 42 mm and 47 mm. The differences are placed on the resolution and, of course, size. the 47 mm version has a resolution of 454×454 pixels. Meanwhile, the 42 mm version comes out with a resolution of 390×390 pixels. Both versions use the AMOLED screen anyway.

The Iron Man Edition

Uniquely, the series also releases a special edition of Iron Man. In general, specifications are just the same as general versions. It is only about the design that is different. The Iron Man Amazfit GTR has a red belt while the screen is dominated by the black color. For the numbering and buttons, they are in red also. So, do you want to make your appearance look more stylish? Grab this version fast since the series is limited.


Xiaomi is known for its affordable products but still with high qualities. So, is Amazfit GTR one of them? Fortunately, yes, it is. The price starts at 1,000 Yuan, it is for the stainless steel and aluminum versions. Meanwhile, 1,400 Yuan is for the titanium variant. For the Iron Man series, it is priced at 1,400 Yuan as it is in the category of titanium version. If you are converting the number, it means that the products are priced starting from $133 to $233 or around Rs. 9,999 in India. Well, they are quite affordable, aren’t they? At least, it is if you compare them with other products from Apple or Samsung.

Pros and Cons

Since the product has not been released globally, it is still difficult to know the pros and cons. Yes, not many people who can have it unless if they are living in China. But although the pros and cons are still unknown, there are some predictions revealed. What are they?

There are many pros to this product for sure. First of all, it is about stylish design. You can choose some color variants including white, black, and even pink. Not to forget, there is also the Iron Man version that is dominated by the black and red. This smartwatch is recommended for you who prefer simple design. There are not too many accents on it, making it look more elegant.

Second, it is definitely about the cheap price. With many great features, the money of around $133 is just worth it. Okay, many other products may have higher features. But the prices are commonly much more expensive.

Third, the features are more than enough for smartwatches below $400. Well, with a small amount of money, you can get benefits from the more expensive ones.

How about the cons? In general, it has not been tested yet whether the smartwatch is really durable or not. Besides, there is no extra protection to avoid damages or scratches from hit or blow.

Why You Should Stop Using Internet Explorer Now

How many are you still using Internet Explorer as the default browser? For Windows users, it must always be a struggle in using Internet explorer securely. The most recent issue about Internet explorer is addressed by Microsoft. This Monday Microsoft gave warning to the Internet Explorer users of two major flaws which affect version 9 to 11 of Internet Explorer. One of the flaws is known to be zero-day and it is facing a real attack being exploited by the hijackers. This means that Internet Explorer now is having a critical vulnerability that allows malicious actors to hijack the users running the program, especially the outdated one. When you hear this, if you are using Internet Explorer, you probably should stop right now.

What is zero-day vulnerability?

In cybersecurity, vulnerabilities mean unintentional flaws in a software program or an operating system. These flaws could be a result of errors in programming or configuring security. If nothing has been done to fix them, these vulnerabilities can allow cyber hijackers to exploit the program.

what is zero-day vulnerability? Zero-day means that the vulnerability in the software has just been found or it means that the software developer has just known the existence of the flaw. This causes the patch to fix the vulnerability that has not been made or released yet. To simplify, zero-day means that the developers have zero days in fixing the issue and the problem has a probability to be exploited by malicious actors. Now, what about the zero-day attack? This may happen if the software developer has not fixed the flaw or make the patch but hackers have abled to exploit the vulnerability.

The security risks of software vulnerabilities

This is how it works, hackers will create code with the target is a security flaw and they will make a malware named zero-day exploit. The malware will use the vulnerability and disturb the system resulting in unintentional behavior. When the system in your computer is affected by malware, it will steal your data and take control of your computer.

In their Warning, Microsoft explained that the vulnerability is corrupting memory to some extent that enable a hacker to perform arbitrary code in the context of the computer user. This means that if a hacker can exploit the existing vulnerability, the actor is possessing the same rights as the current computer user.

Microsoft then explains further that if the current system user is logged on as an administrative user, then the hacker who succeeds in exploiting the vulnerability will be able to take control of the systems that are affected by the malware. This will result in the ability of the attacker to install programs, view or change or even delete data, and create a new account with user rights.

It is stated in Microsoft’s warning that in the web-based attack, a hacker can host a website that has been specially crafted to exploit the vulnerability through Internet Explorer. The malware will try to persuade users to view the web. This can also be done by sending an email to the users.

Stop using Internet explorer

Discontinuity of Internet Explorer as a web browser is not only this time being stated by people from Microsoft. Early this year, in February, a cybersecurity expert from Microsoft wrote a post on the official Windows IT pro Blog that it is now time to stop the use of this old web browser. This product itself was discontinued in 2015. He stated that Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution, better not using it as a default browser. In his opinion, the use of Internet Explorer only when necessary such for searching certain enterprise solutions but he wants us as web users to not using it to avoid missing out on the larger portion of the web.

Next in April this year the warning came from one of the security researchers from Microsoft, who warned us that it is not enough to stop using it, you should also delete it from your computer. You do not have to use it, even simply by having it on your computer opens the possibility of having your data stolen by hackers.

The most recent warning reminds us that there is no need to keep Internet Explorer with you as all you have to do is open a crafted website containing, malware and it is over for you and your computer. Thanks to Clément Lecigne from Google’s Threat Analysis Group for the achievement in finding the vulnerability. The fix for the vulnerability is available, but it is manually done, so it is time now to move on and use Firefox as your browser instead.

Non-Profit Social Media: an Alternative for the Better Generation

Social media, the term must be really familiar to all of us nowadays. Yes, in the past, the so-called media refer to public broadcasts like TV and radio. The shows given for audience are interesting for sure. However, they can only be enjoyed one way. So that people can participate more in the media, social media are definitely great answers. On platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, users cannot only post the feeds but also comment with each other.

No matter how good social media work, there are many issues and problems following behind. Even at the beginning of its presence Facebook has been a medium for cyber-bullying. When there are more platforms like Instagram and Twitter, the condition is getting worse. Moreover, you can simply connect to public figures and celebrities. Well, if you don’t like them, you can just bully them.

Not to forget, there is YouTube. Okay, this platform is great since you basically can watch any video you want for free. There are countless good and advantageous videos uploaded everyday starting from music, cooking instructions, tips and tricks, and more. it is reasonable anyway if there are now many social celebrities coming out from various social media, including YouTube.

But does it mean YouTube is completely good? Of course, it is not. There are many other problems coming from this platform. One of them is easy access for underage kids to open inappropriate content. Well, it is although YouTube has provided the feature of Age Restriction Content. In many cases, it doesn’t work. Sure, bullying still happens in the comment session also. Meanwhile, so many types of content are considered not educative but even dangerous for other people.

The main reason why almost all social media platforms work that way is because; it is all about the money. Yes, they allow many kinds of unnecessary content to upload are due to the high demands. Undeniably, products and demands are things that cannot be easily separated.

Based on the facts mentioned above, it seems great for all of us to have a kind of social media that is really educative and necessary for all realms. Well, money is not the main purpose here. People who create, manage, and use the non-profit social media only want to share advantageous information to others. There is no more toxic content, propaganda, and other terrible things you commonly find in conventional social media.

Since it is non-profit, the content should also be non-commercial. There are no ads needed to fund it. Besides, it is much better if there are no brand accounts that are advertised their products all the time. Well, there is nothing there except educating others.

Sure, for other aspects, it can just be the same as for-profit social media. For example, you can create your own accounts, post photos, videos, and quotes there, and more. Besides, it is allowed if the account doesn’t use your real name. Moreover, it is if you just don’t want your identity to be revealed by others.

Even if you are protecting in a fake name, it doesn’t mean you can post anything as you want. Toxic matters are not allowed and you cannot post something dangerous. There are also no unnecessary challenges. As information, there are now so many challenges that are not giving any advantage at all. Well, they are probably fun but at the same time, they can make people die. You can mention some dangerous challenges viral in social media. They are including swimming in the whirlpool, taping your friend’s body, and more. Those are useless, aren’t they?

Of course, there will be a typical question; will people be interested to use it? This type of social media looks not fun at all. Yes, the users are probably not as many as the conventional ones. But it is definitely a really important thing to start. At least, the non-profit social media must be started by us who care about the future of our kids. Let other social media exist in their own ways. But there must be an alternative, the more positive one.

Finally, the internet has given so many benefits for us. But sure, we can get many problems from them also. So, rather than not caring of all of them, it is much better to stand up starting from now. Sure, there are many ways to use the internet more wisely. If many social media owners only think about profits, let them be. There is still a chance to make the non-profit one, which must be better for all of us.