The Best New Games to Play in Xbox Series X and PS5 This November

Undeniably, playing video games have been a part of our life for a long time. Moreover, there are currently so many media you can use to do this hobby. Yes, you can play the game simply on your Smartphone or PC. But for doing it on another level, a console game is still a great choice.

Buying a new console is not a bad thing for sure. Moreover, November is well-known as the month of blockbuster video games also. Some products have been available in the market and there are 2 of them with so many enthusiasts all around the world; Xbox Series X and PS5. Both are great for sure as it is seen from the impressive visuals and the collections of exclusive games. So, here are further descriptions of both.

Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the design. So, is the design really important since many players also consider this matter when buying a console product? If you prefer a console with a more compact design, it is PS5 that wins. However, Xbox series X is actually physically smaller than its competitor. It is just the body that is fatter. For specifications, there are not any significant differences between both consoles. They apply the AMD system along with the same RAM and Optical Drive.

The differences are seen if you are watching the details, particularly, they are about the number. One of them is that the capacity of Xbox Series X is bigger than PS5. On the other hand, PS5 is better in terms of speed and the GPU clockspeed.

The Best Game in PlayStation 5

Sony has announced numerous games to add to its newest console. Besides, some new exclusive games are also added. For the best game in PS5, it depends on the players’ perspectives for sure. However, you must be tempted by some following collections. They are God of War 2, Spider-Man 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Call of Duty, Uncharted, and many more.

For you who love cute game series, Astro’s Playroom is a great game to play also. The game enables the players to guide cute robots to face and solve many obstacles. The technology-themed game is unique and stunning enough for its colorful setting. Sure, there are so many challenges that may make you want to play it more and more. With DualSense Technology, it feels like you are really in the game. It feels so slippery when the robot is walking on the sand. Besides, you can also find it so heavy when your robot is walking in the water.

Another recommended new game from PS5 is Demon’s Souls Remastered. The game is the remake version from the game with the same name available on PS3. Slightly, it is just a conventional game to control characters inside. However, almost all parts of Demon’s Souls Remastered are challenging. The difficulty level is very high but you may just not want to leave it behind before solving the problems there.

The Best Games in Xbox Series X

So, how about the games in Xbox Series X? Are they as interesting as the games in PS5? Sure, you can enjoy some names like Red Dead Redemption 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 4, NBA 2K21, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Watch Dogs Legion, and many more. Of course, it depends on what type of game you want to play before saying that it is the best. Those games are made by famous development companies in which the quality should not be questioned anymore.

Interestingly, the best thing about Xbox Series X is not only about the game collection but also the subscribing service. The feature of Xbox Game Pass is available only at $10 per month for this console. It gives you access to more than 250 games including all offers published by Microsoft. Aside from some big games, Game Pass also provides other mini games you may have played before.

One of the mini games in Game Pass is Mudrunner 2017. The game sounds easy and simple but it is basically a very serious simulation game. In this game, you play a character that drives a big truck and passes through deep mudholes. You must do some tricks to reach the finish line well without problems. Another option is Carto. It is a kind of adventure game that slightly looks lighter and easier than other adventure games. However, it is still very challenging for sure. Above all, the mini game from the Game Pass Xbox series is also interesting to play by anyone.

Valve Half-Life Alyx Is a New VR Game

A valve is a big player in the game industry. Finally, it launches a new game from the half-life franchise. However, it is not a half-life 3 game that is mostly waiting. The owner of Valve has informed that half-life: Alyx is a new virtual reality game that will be launched by its half-life franchise. It has been known that its a popular FPS game franchise. This game presents to the second series in which most of the fans expect to get the new series. Some interesting things about this VR game can be revealed. What are they? 

An Interesting Virtual Reality Game from Valve

Virtual Reality game from Valve is not a Sasquatch game that is easy to understand. However, it is an indication that a series of half-life is still existed and breathing among gamers. You need to wait longer to get the explanation of half-life: Alyx. It has been received well at the time and still be regarded to be an example of a recommended game video. It is interestingly to visit it back and play it again. You will see some changes to this new game when you play it. However, the fact is that half-life is a virtual reality game controlling one’s enthusiasm for some fans. The expensive virtual reality devices are not necessary to run it. It is combined with the lack of games making this virtual reality game worst for some gamers. It is not a continuing series of half-life that has been launched and played by the gamers in some decades. Though, every stage is getting back to the nature of Gordon Freeman and surely makes everyone enthusiastic. At least, something special can be got when you are playing it. 

A New Game Play of Valve Half-Life

You can take your jacket if you go to hell because Valve makes a half-life game anymore. Don’t get enthusiastic if it is not half-life 3 again. The valve as a developer announced that it will launch new gameplay in Valve half-life: Alyx game. It is adorable and challenging for the people loving the virtual reality game. It is enthusiastic to reveal that half-life: alyx that it is a new virtual game from Valve. It will be launched soon to share with the gamers. Many fans are enthusiastic to hear it in some more things. It launches debuted in 1998 in which it has kept the big fanbase though it has been released in one last decade. The people trust and get enthusiastic finding the signs that half-life 3 possibly come to the upcoming years. However, you can enjoy the highly satisfied joys through this virtual reality game. 

Continuing the Episodes in Half-Life: Alyx

2 years after half-life 2, the upcoming episode is released. A majority of fans have received the facts that Valve continues the challenging story of Gordon Freeman and let it hang on at all. It is not a half-life game only. It’s gonna be stopping in the number of two and it causes jokes among the gamers. Valve seems to be worried in three numbers. However, this week hears the surprising news related to the series of half-life. The valve is not announcing a half-life 2: episode three. It is a virtual reality game at the premier blockbuster class. The developer doesn’t inform it what kind of game is. The details related to half-life: Alyx is revealed sooner. 

A Short Explanation of Half-Life: Alyx

An interesting thing of a half-life: Alyx is Valve conducting through its social media account that has been verified. The news of this new game launching is making everyone curious. The developer will reveal the information about its new virtual reality later. It is a few explanations about this game with its episodic challenges in the game. It has been released in 2004 to be a sequel of shooter games being a debut in a gamin industry. After the project of half-life 2 ended, Valve is ambitious to continue the protagonist characters in this game, Gordon Freeman. It becomes the main figure in this virtual reality game that can be played later. It is designed in a short duration to play Gordon Freeman in which it is released in the form of an episode. Alyx is a non-playable figure namely Alyx Vance being the most important character in a half-life 2 accompanying Freeman in the journey and getting more praises from international game media because of the non-mainstream characteristics. Despite being a strong character, Alyx is also smart and smartly speaking so that it represents the gamers’ feelings. 

How Stadia may change the gaming industry

Nowadays, DVDs and Blu-Rays are being increasingly threatened by online copies and streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. The same thing is happening in the video game industry. It’s easier and more convenient to buy games online through platforms such as Steam rather than purchasing their physical copies.

And now Google wants to do away with consoles, too. It has recently launched Stadia, an online game streaming service.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tech giant’s vision of the future of gaming, according to Google’s Vice President, Phil Harrison.

What is Stadia?

Stadia is an online streaming service that allows gamers to instantly access newest releases without consoles.This means that gamers can play anywhere. Only a screen, a Google Chrome browser, and a solid internet connection to Stadia’s cloud-based database of games are needed.

Despite that, the company does not consider Stadia a groundbreaking innovation in any way. Even Harrison says that it is not “particularly revolutionary”. The music, film, and television industries have moved from physical copies to exclusively online streaming before they do the same with gaming.

Google isn’t the first to venture into game streaming, either. One of Stadia’s predecessors is OnLive. It was announced in March 2009, a decade before Stadia, and released a year later. By 2012, OnLive was already needing a bailout from its parent company. Three years later, it was shut down forever.

OnLive is a cautionary tale about the great risks of game streaming. But with recent advancements in tech and internet access, and Google’s multi-billion capacity for better investments in research and development, Stadia seems a more promising endeavor than its forerunner. Harrison is optimistic that it will set a trend of exchanging consoles and physical games for an exclusively online streaming service.

The Stadia experience

Stadia’s streaming system differs from the likes of Netflix and Spotify. A subscription does not give gamers access to all the games it provides. They pay for certain games which they stream through a consolidated online system, just without expensive hardware.

And Stadia still requires a game controller. The Premiere Edition package includes Google’s custom made joypad in addition to a Chromecast Ultra.

To use Stadia, gamers have to set up an account through its mobile app. The only available scheme now is Stadia Pro. If you buy the Premier package, you get three months of free access, followed by a monthly subscription of £8.99. Another bundle, Stadia Base, will be released in 2020. It promises higher quality graphics and sound.

After registering, you have to sync your account and controller to the Chromecast Ultra on your Wi-Fi network. You can now access your account and game collection from anywhere you are online.

As of the release, 22 titles are available to access within the service, with more planned to come. Harrison enjoys playing Destiny 2 the most on the platform. But he says that gamers have to try AAA games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 to see the full extent of what Stadia is capable of. Even when playing the game on the phone, its graphics are excellent.


The ultimate goal of Stadia is changing the gaming experience “from being about a box in plastic underneath your TV”, in Harrison’s words. Google claims that it will be a simpler and cheaper way to play the newest games without having to purchase or update any complicated or pricey hardware.

It’s challenging the domination of the three gaming giants: Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo. Having been key players in the industry, each has hordes of devoted, seasoned fans.

But Google is far from an unworthy contender. Being the second largest internet company, it has millions of users and a wealth of experience and knowledge in technology. Harrison adds that Stadia was carefully planned by his team upon almost 20 years’ worth of expertise gained from Google’s data center and innovations.

Will Stadia work?

Of course Stadia is not without its doubters. Not everyone is optimistic that the switch to online streaming will happen in the near future, particularly the other players in the industry.

“We’re early in this technology and we feel it will take many years before this technology becomes mainstream,” says the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, in an interview. He believes that people will continue playing on consoles for a long time.

Stadia is launched on Tuesday, November 19, in 14 regions including the US, the UK, Canada. Whether it will really change the gaming industry or not, we’ll have plenty of time to see.