Dell U2720Q IPS Monitor, a Big Monitor You Must Have

Nowadays, people prefer to use a laptop over a PC, especially when they use it at home. Mostly, they love how practical a laptop is compared to a big-sized-space-eating PC. It becomes so obvious when you use the big monitor. Practical is also not the only reason here. If they need a big monitor to work on a detailed project, like the design or digital illustration, they can always go to the office where they work. It is also the same as you, right?  

Most of us will only plug the external keyboard and mouse, and use our laptop, like MacBook Air or Pro, as the monitor. And, that’s enough to give us a feeling of using a PC at home. It also doesn’t need a big table to accommodate that set of devices. Moreover, having a big size, like 20+ inch monitor at home, feels like a waste. It is just too expensive and luxurious for home-usage. Unless, if you work at home and your work requires this kind of big size monitor, a 15-inch laptop will be enough for browsing, game, streaming, and such.

The Big Sized Monitor You Can Buy

However, if you plan to buy a big size monitor for a convenience and satisfaction purpose, we have one product that you can consider here. It is Dell’s product, the UltraSharp 4K U2720Q IPS monitor. The size is enough (27-inches) to give you a wide view of any application, program, software, games, or anything that you put on your computer/laptop. Plus, this monitor is a perfect companion for your new bigger working desk, if you just bought a new one. So, what can this monitor do for you?

The Dell U2720Q IPS Monitor Features

First of all, it has 4K HDR compatibility. It means you will have the highest or the best image or video quality on this monitor. You can use it to play various media and video formats, which make it the best feature that a monitor could have. Dell also uses a unique design for its base. This design allows you to rotate it for 90 degrees smoothly.

Another important thing that a monitor should have is connectivity. A monitor with just one type of connectivity feature will give you more problems if you have different devices to use with it. You need a dongle and extra accessories. It is troublesome and costs you more money.

Fortunately, U2720Q has everything that you need. It has an HDMI port for high definition connectivity. One DisplayPort also provides more options to connect to your audio and video device. Then, it has the standard two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports, which make it cover almost all devices you can find today, from Blue Yeti to SD card reader. Furthermore, these ports also produce 90W power, which is enough for charging purposes. So, you can plug the device without worrying about its battery. 

What Kinds of Benefits You Can Get from This Product?

Other than its performance, if we see it from the functionality perspective, we also can find so many advantages from having a Dell U24720Q monitor. For example, it has many connectivity options. It means you don’t need to use a dongle, which saves more money. Plus, it also makes everything easier to organize. No more messy cords on your work desk. You won’t have a problem to unplug and take your device with you after you use the monitor. In short, you won’t deal with the cable clutter problem.

The other benefit is the size. It is so big. You can’t compare the pleasure and fun you get from watching your favorite cooking show or exercise video on this monitor with your tiny old 15-inch laptop monitor. The feeling is different. You can see clearer and detail that you might miss when you watch it on your laptop. 

If you use it to play video games, get ready to get more immersed in it. And, if you use it for your work, you will even feel how your productivity increases multiple folds. Designing or editing an image will be much easier with it. Simply put, it is the best tool you can have.


Having a big monitor might eat more space. But, Dell UltraSharp 4K U2720Q IPS monitor gives you a reason why a big monitor is worth buying. It gives you a different and better experience than your small laptop monitor. Moreover, it is only around $500 on Amazon. So, it is a good deal for a high-quality monitor.

The Latest Apple’s M1 MacBooks are Just the Same as the Brand’s Previous Products?

iFix confirms that some new series of Apple Macbook, Apple MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air will be on their hands soon. Those series are powered by the M1 processor for a newer and better performance. Yes, the processor tends to be cooler to avoid problems like lags. Besides, the battery is also quite better compared with its predecessors. But how if about other specifications and features? Are there things that make the newest Apple series different and more special?

Some Changes are Indeed Available

The series of Apple Macbook Air and Apple Macbook Pro provide some changes that make them look better than the predecessors. For the MacBook Air series, the biggest change is that the product is available without a fan. To prevent it from overheating, Apple replaces it with an aluminum heat spreader. The feature is indeed more effective to cool down the entire device. But based on the report from iFixit, the spreader needs more treatments to make it work better and durable.

So, how does the spreader work? Still according to the report, there is a thick cool plate right above the M1 processor to pull heat through a conductor that is flatter and cooler. This method is undeniably more effective in cooling down the device and avoiding problems when you use it. However, the process takes more time than using a fan.

For the MacBook Pro, the internal changes are fewer. There are still features including the fan that looks just the same as the previous series. The fan may not work too actively since the processor itself has been working greatly in processing data. This way, you should not be disturbed by the noise caused by it.

Specifications of the M1 Processor

The chip of M1 is equipped with a 5-nanometer processor that enables it to perform better in lower power consumption. For seeing how the performance looks, it is very similar to some other chips given to other Apple products including the chip A14 Bionic in iPhone 12. Furthermore, the processor is also equipped with the integrated memory chip that is also used in other products including iPad Pro 2020.

With the integrated chip, every single part of the M1 processor can access the groups of the same memory without copying or saving data to cache first. It gives the users many other benefits particularly in terms of speed and efficiency.

Other Features in MacBook Air and Macbook Pro

Chip M1 is undeniably great in making the devices have better performances. This is the most important point that makes MacBook Air and MacBook Pro work stunningly. Unfortunately, for other specifications and features, it seems that those Apple’s M1 Macbooks are not so much different from its predecessors.

For MacBook Air, it uses the 8 core GPU as well as a 16-core neural engine. There are 2 types of RAM used; they are 8 and 16GB while the internal and external memories are 512 GB and 2 TB respectively. The capacity is indeed big but some previous series of Apple MacBook uses the same things also. To explore webs with Wi-Fi, MacBook Air is claimed to be long-lasting up to 15 hours. Meanwhile, if you want to play videos offline, you can do it non-stop for 18 hours. Undeniably, the battery performance is quite impressive.

MacBook Pro has a design that is quite similar to MacBook Air. However, this type of MacBook comes with a memory size that is much smaller than MacBook Air. The memory capacities are 256 GB and 512 GB internally and externally. These capacities can still be enlarged with the memory of 2TB if you want. Additionally, the product is supported with 2 ports of Thunderbolt 4 and Jack Audio 3.5 mm. Some other features provided are the cooling fan, Touch Bar, and a fingerprint sensor placed right on the keyboard.


So, are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro great? Sure, they are. But the features and specifications are quite familiar. Yes, some older Macbook products from Apple have the same details also. Indeed, in general, the performances of both Macbooks are better than their predecessors due to the application of the M1 processor. But based on the iFixit report, the lacks of improvement in other details just make the M1 MacBooks less special.

Moreover, there are currently many other laptop products from other brands that provide better specifications and features also. The competition is getting tighter for sure. It is expected that Apple may upgrade its laptop features in their products to launch in the future.

MacBook Air M1 Review

What’s new on Apple’s new MacBook Air? Well, their newest collection of MacBook Air is gorgeously quick. Believe it or not, it starts to work as soon as you open its lid. You can try to browse some webs and be ready to be startled because it can load a lot of sites really fast. If you are a game addict, then you must try some of your favorite games on this device, it will give you a mind blowing gaming experience and most importantly without any fan noise that can disturb your focus. The battery is also really great because it can last for 24 hours. Seriously, MacBook Air M1 really is one of a kind that makes it possible for you to do many things on this very device.

All of those above things can happen because MacBook Air M1 is using an on-a-chip system or you can call it SOC. It is the first time for Macs to install that kind of system. After all this time, Apple is popular for creating its own mobile chip and now Apple has achieved a huge success which can be proven with how Apple’s computer doesn’t need Intel Inside anymore.

Truth to be told Macs are great and many people love it. But over a few years, it’s felt like Apple is ignoring Macs and more on iPhone and iPad. It also can be seen from how the Touch Bar is still wholly divisive and it also still equips with a shallow and easily error-free keyboard. Such a thing is really not fine at all. Fortunately, after all this time you can say that it’s about to change for Macs because right now Apple is really putting a good thought to every part of its Macs, specifically for its CPU.

We can’t deny that the biggest selling point of the iPhone and iPad is the harmonious unity of Apple’s hardware and software. Well, it is a well known fact that Android can offer you a lot more in terms of variation and customization, but if you really want to get something exclusive and luxurious, your best bet must be Apple. And finally after such a long agonizing wait, the company has the courage to bring that exact privilege to Macs.

The first thing that came into my mind while I was operating the MacBook Air M1 is iPad Pro. Why? Because it feels way too similar and I was really shocked by it. The fastest app that I can run is the app which is especially created for M1 such as Safari and GarageBand. If you want to have the best web browsing experience ever then you better stick with Safari. When I opened the site, I acknowledged that it loads almost right away and when I want to scroll through some really complicated pages I can also do it effortlessly. Interestingly, this device is also equipped with MacOs Big Surf which will make it easier in doing some mundane tasks like browsing around the system menus and finders as well.

Actually, MacBook Air M1 also experiences major changes on the inside. It has an eight-core chip based on ARM design. This kind of design is usually found in mobile devices only.

As mentioned before, the M1 no longer uses Intel inside, it uses Rosetta 2 emulator which really do an awesome job. Because of the changes, chrome and Slack launch very fast and without any hint of slowdown. It was really different with the previous Macs where I often found slow down when I was launching Chrome or Slack. However, in this version of Mac I find that Google browser is pretty much slower compared to Safari, in terms of loading web pages. To put it simply, Apple really goes all out to tackle almost every app with so much grace and ease.

Moreover, you can easily add your iPhone and iPad apps that you can manage through your Mac. Apart from that, this MacBook Air M1 is also equipped with pretty good gaming performance. Using this device you can play your favorite game all night or all day if you prefer. You can play your game smoothly with this Mac because the Apple’s SOC gives you up to 8 GPU cores. However, the most mind blowing thing ever is that Apple delivers those awesome performances without a fan. It just has a heat sink and passive cooling to help with the heat. This is such a good news for anyone annoyed with how the MacBook sounds, which is like a plane about to take off.

In sum, the MacBook Air M1 is a really great device which can deliver such an excellent performance without any fan to help to cool off the heat. Furthermore, this MacBook is also equipped with pretty good gaming performance as well as long battery life, so you can play your favorite game as much as you want. Apart from that, you can also run your iPad and iPhone apps through this device. Needless to say, Apple really does a great job with this MacBook Air M1.

Get To Know DELL VOSTRO 3470 Small Desktop Computer

Having a small business with limited space for work? Then you will be needing some compact devices to support and maximize your business without taking too much space in your workplace.

Introducing Dell Vostro 3470 small desktop computer, with enhanced performance from the advanced processor, you will be able to work and open multiple tasks in an ultra-compact design.


Whether you have a small business in a limited space of work, or you are a student, or even if you are someone who works from home, Dell Vostro 3470 will be suitable for you. You can work fast and comfortably through the day thanks to the latest Intel processors, Intel Core i5 8400 that will give you a powerful performance during the use of the computer.

With up to 8GB high-speed RAM the device will give you the power and such a reliable performance.

Built-in WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet connection makes you stay connected to the web and it will help you to transmit any important data related to your business at an outstanding speed.

Imagine that your client sets a deadline and you need to use the time as precise as possible, you will not let anything slow you down. So the combination of the latest processor and the built-in WiFi will never make you disappoint your client. So why not complete the job on time and build the trust foundation from your business clients?

the existence of hardware TPM 2.0 will provide the best security to ensure the business keeps on going safely.

Who does not like multitasking? This will make your work faster and it is even easier for you to work on multiple things at the same time, so we are talking about time-saving here. With up to 2GB of optional discrete graphics, you can run multiple tasks and apps while enjoying a high-quality display on everything you are working on, whether it is powerpoint presentations to editing video.

About storage? No need to worry, there is plenty of room here, you can same and access documents, presentations, and even lots of media file without having to worry about the space. with up to 2TB HDD it is a huge space in such a compact design. You can even still enhance the performance by adding up to 512GB M.2 SATA SSD or you can choose the dual drive for optimum space room.


Stop worrying about having to provide extra space in your working table. This compact design is built for your desk space. You can save space now or even having extra space on your desk for other things that are important for your work. And you do not have to sacrifice anything just to have more space for papers perhaps?

The unique design also allows additional vents in the front part and the presence of ultrafine filters will keep the airflow in a good condition so you do not have to worry about overheating. The filters will keep away the dust and keep the system cool at the same time.

If you ever need more, you can always upgrade it with expansion slot.This will allow you to make your business keep on growing. VGA and HDMI ports are there to support multiple displays to keep your high productivity going.

Dell Mobile Connect

This app is made toes up your life, you can access multiple devices without having a distraction, just connect your android or io with your desktop, and you can practically work from anywhere. Dell Mobile Connect helps you to communicate better, make calls, send texts, get notified, and you can even make a duplicate of your smartphone to your P. This will allow you to use all applications with no limit.

By connecting your phone with your dell computer through point-to-point make sure that your data is protected and not exposed by the use of insecure internet connections. this surely eases your mind since you do not worry about your data being taken by some malware form, not a secure internet line. Dell mobile connect helps you to transfer videos, photos, music, and documents from Pc to smartphones and vice versa and it can be done quickly. Without complex cloud storage services or cables, you will be able to get the transfer done in a blink of an eye.

This Dell Vostro 3470 Small Desktop is for you who needs to work while having small space, its compact design and connected to a mobile app will allow you to work from anywhere you are. Whether you are working or students with lots of presentations, this sure is for will have a desktop computer that can be placed in your bedroom.