Launch of Bronco SUV has delayed due to Covid issue and Supply Chain

The latest news about the newest Ford’s SUV series, Bronco SUV has been delayed from spring into summer of 2021 due to a problem in the supply chain because of the Covid issue. Ford’s customer needs to wait again after the ordering process is expected to order on Monday 7/12/2020. Recently, the launch was delayed into mid January 2021.

Ford spokesman Jiyan Cadiz in his interview with CNBC said that their company commits to building Bronco with the best quality as their customers expect and deserve. The supply chain, he said, is just only a specific problem to handle.

Ford’s shares have fallen at 1% in Monday morning trading related to the problem of Bronco.

Last spring, automakers decided to delay their several products as the virus has spread rapidly across North America. The delay is done for months and even in a year, due to the conserve capital or supplier issue problem. The domestic factories also have been shut down for two months due to the condition.

Bronco Ford 2021 is one of the most wanted vehicles from Ford company for years. Bronco is the first SUV from Ford offered to the general public. It was manufactured in 1965 and continued till June 1966.  

From Credit Suisse, they expected that Bronco would contribute nearly $1 billion to Ford’s pretax earnings sales if the car sales achieved 125.000 units. The original Bronco was built from 1966 to 1977 and became the hottest item among automobile collectors. The classic bronco price has increased by 76% over the last three years. The increasing price could be due to the reintroduction of the brand that leads to attraction to the old model. However, long before it becomes a general public matter, the classic Bronco has become the leader in collectible SUVs.

The company itself claims that there are more than 150.000 people who have made their reservation to buy the vehicle. Finally, the customer will need to wait for more. The order is previously set for December 7 and delayed into January. The reservation will be held on March 19 to finalize the dealer and builder selection, price agreement, and place the order. The other most wanted is the “sasquatch package” that featured with manual transmission has been introduced as the 2022 model year. The two and four models will arrive at least at the end of summer. 

However, Bronco Sport, the other vehicle from Ford that has arrived in the dealership currently has not been impacted by supplier problems. As a cousin of the Bronco series, it is another alternative for Ford’s consumers. Bronco is a truck-based vehicle platform and the Bronco sport is a smaller one with a less powerful 4 cylinder engine. The smaller car is based on a car or crossover that presents a smoother ride. Bronco Sports come with 181 horsepower, 1.5-liter turbo 3 that standard on all trim. For top trim, it is available 2.0-liter turbo 4. All trims standard come with all-wheel drive and the twin-clutch version available to the top 2 turbo litter 4. The seat comes with 5 passengers.

Both of the SUV share many common designs, inside and outside. Both take the inspiration from the early generation of 1966’s boxy Broncos. Both have a round headlight, straight body sides, and blunt front grille that stretch in the bumper and tip of the hood. The bumper was designed as similar as originally featured with a trapezoidal shape. The design is quietly vintage. How much bronco 2021 and Bronco Original differences?

Bronco 2021 goes further with the specification but still gets inspiration from the classic one. The original ford Bronco 1966 was compact with modern standards. How much is the modification to the 2021 model? The Bronco 2021 will be longer than the classic. It will be compact more from the Big Broncos generation that reigns from 1978 into 1996. The key is, while the 2021 Bronco Ford looks alike as redesigned from 1966’s model, but in terms of dimension, it is similar to the roomy full-size Broncos that reign in 1978-1996. The 2021 Broncos generation is a genius tribute to the original generation. The base engine comes with 270 horsepower and a 2.3-liter turbo 4. It comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission or 7-speed manual transmission. Passenger capacity capable of 4 or 5 depends on the door number. The rear end in the 2021 Bronco is familiar as the area under the windows changes into a little bit wider. The shape comes originally with a rectangular but modern aspect added by increased size and chrome in the area.

Approximately 150 U.S. Cadillac Dealers decide to Exit Brand Than Swift to Electric Cars

There are around 150 General Motors Co dealers that have decided to split with Cadillac. It is taken due to the higher cost for upgrading the car into electricity. It indicates that the skeptical views about replacing them to be battery-powered vehicles.

Then, GM gives an option to Cadillac dealers. They have to take a buyout offer so that they can be out of the brand. Otherwise, they should spend approximately $200,000 for upgrades.

The upgrades include the charging stations as well as the repair tools. Those things are necessary to prepare their stores in selling electric vehicles.

The buyout offer ranges are varied, starting from $300,000 to over than $1 million. Because of that, around 17% of Cadillac U.S. dealerships accept the offer. They stop the franchise agreements for Cadillac as the luxury brand.

According to the survey, most dealers who accept it have other brands. They own more than one brand, such as Buick and GMC, or Chevrolet. Besides, they only sell a few Cadillacs in a month. 

Although some Cadillac dealers have skepticism due to investors valuing the electric vehicles, it may bear interest from the consumers. Yet, it can endure questions from the retailers who assist the customers as well.

Tesla Inc. becomes the leading electric-vehicle as they can sell it directly to customers. They require no franchise dealers. This method should be a sample model that has to be followed by several startups.

Meanwhile, many traditional auto producers are forced to cover their electric-car projects on dealer networks. So, they can make their money by selling vehicles with gasoline-powered cars.

Many dealers say that they are considering the expensive facility investment. They will require electrical-system upgrades and make them compare with the needs in the market. It is approximately 2% of vehicle sales in the U.S. 

This small amount makes the retailers worry about selling. They suspend the electric vehicle model orders because they don’t want to keep it too long in their shop.

Furthermore, the pandemic causes more decrease in vehicle selling demand. This issue can be seen from the popular area with electric vehicles like San Francisco. 

The Cadillac buyout offers to the dealers are confirmed by Rory Harvey. He is the chief of Cadillac global brand. However, he denied mentioning how many they have valued the offer to dealers. 

He added that future dealers require the same vision as them. They have to be logical and able to follow a similar path toward electrification. For those who are not able to commit, they can exit the brand and receive compensation from Cadillac.

A plug-in car will need more space in the showrooms. They would like to re-establish the economics of operating a dealership as the electric vehicle has simpler components. 

Aside from its fewer components, it also needs less regular maintenance. This reason may cause a slight threat to the dealers’ components parts. 

The dealer will sell an electric one differently if you compare it with the vehicles having combustion engines. Thus, it becomes a great opportunity. The automakers can rethink the franchise models. 

Cadillac becomes the central role in pushing the electric vehicle. It happens because it becomes the most energetic company in producing legacy automakers. 

It can boost electric vehicle sales, including the development of driverless-car. The plan is bigger than the previous one as it takes up to  $27 billion in sales by mid-decade.

The above amount signifies the majority of GM’s planned. From that, we know that it is only 2% of electric car global sales recently. 

Cadillac prepares electric designs that will be available in showrooms for the coming years. Mr. Havey adds that Cadillac will be able to broaden its network and become competitive in the market. 

This statement is supported by one of Minnesota Cadillac dealers, Todd Snell. He sees electric cars as a future investment due to the costs, although he can not be sure how fast the market will respond, especially for those who live in the farming area. 

An electric car may not be 100% effective in the automaker industry. However, it will be an essential part of the vehicle business. They are looking forward to growing it bigger and wider. 

The dealers do not have many options for this change. Moreover, the state’s government supports the development of electric cars. Take, for example, California will ban the sales of gas-powered vehicles in 2035. 

Thus, this regulation forces the dealership to accept the offer. The dealerships have to electrify those vehicles and shops by not considering the dealership owners’ feelings.

A Special Price of Tesla Model 3 in 2021 Only with $35,000 with Great Specs

There are some upgrades and refreshments of the Tesla Model 3 2021. Interestingly, one thing that is also planned by the company is the winding of the price. It is reported that the newest version of Tesla to launch in the market next year will be approximately $35,000. However, the car may not offer the main EV on the spot. According to Electrek, sure, the company has told the staff that the price reduction is possible to do. It is with a requirement that the local Tesla dealer provides any remaining inventory of the vehicle.

It is not exaggerating to say that Model 3 2021 is special. At the same time, it is also not “understandable” in terms of the design and specifications, if you don’t want to call it unique. The car is great, of course. It also takes more time for the production particularly in producing the variants. Meanwhile, when the cars are finally available, the customers can also buy them online briefly. In fact, in April 2019, the only way to buy Model 2020 of Tesla is by making orders or via phone line. In other words, with all the special things it gives, Tesla still puts effort to ease the customers when purchasing.

Indeed, even the owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, has not yet confirmed whether the information is true or not. If customers can buy the car for only $35,000, it is a good thing. It just gives more options regarding the electric cars the company produces. Yes, there is another plan by Tesla that in the next 2 years, the company will produce other types of the electric car with prices of approximately $25,000. Those cars are powered by the technology of tabless batteries.

Predictions of Details and Specifications of Tesla Model 3 2020

Details and specifications of the latest Tesla Model 3 also have not been announced. There are some improvements to see, for sure. But based on the report, some reductions are also possibly done. But you should not worry, some great features are said to still be available in Tesla Model 3 2021. One of them is the autonomous driving system, more than just for parking. The feature is sophisticated although it is probably quite difficult to activate in a very crowded area with coarse terrains.

The exterior also becomes one of the main points to be proud of. It provides a sense of aerodynamics with the intake air details on the lower parts. Uniquely, the sizes are very small to prevent it from being disturbed the aerodynamic system entirely. The headlights have adopted the LED lights equipped with Auto-Dimming High Beams that can simply turn on automatically in the dark environment.

For the size exterior, it applies the velg with a ring of 18-inch Aero Wheels. The port charger is available in the area also in which it can be easily opened and closed through the app even when you are inside the car. This way, recharging the car is easier to do even without you having to go out of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the rear area applies the stop-lamp rear combined with a futuristic LED design. A reflector can just make the car look more stylish. Furthermore, the feature also functions to improve the aerodynamic and stability of the car.

For the interior, the sense of modern and futuristic is still felt really strongly. It is predicted that the car interior still implements the touch of cleanliness and minimalism with the natural atmosphere with wooden accents. Panel details are made horizontally following the lines. The car has more tools despite conventional ones like AC, the audio system, and more. An LCD touchscreen of 15 inches is placed right in the middle of the dashboard. This way, whether the driver or the passenger next to the driver, they can just operate it way more easily.

While some specifications mentioned above are still predictions only, there are some matters that are sure. The car implements the format of 5 passengers. The car seats use leather materials with an electric setup that has been kept in the profile database. The luggage of the Tesla Model 3 has a total capacity of 424 liters, quite spacious for a sedan car. Do you need a larger luggage area? You should not worry. You can just simply fold the rear seats to provide more space. This way, the car interior space gives you a configuration of 60:40.


It is a great thing that the price reduction of Tesla Model 3 2021 doesn’t really reduce the quality and specifications of the car. But sure, you may wait patiently to really know how it looks like in the end.

BMW X8 Hottest Rumors

Car lovers seem can’t wait to see BMW X8 on the market. There are a lot of rumors that predict the specifications and performance of this car, and people are excited about it. One of the hottest rumors is about the rounded-roof crossover model along with a powerful M treatment. It looks similar to the X7, X6, and X5. They also call this vehicle with codename Rockstar. Let’s take a look at the other specifications that appear among car lovers.


It seems that BMW want to improve the power of the previous X series generation. Because of that, this brand will boost power by using a hybrid powertrain. The power comes from the twin-turbocharged 4.4 liters V8 engine and an electric motor. This combination produces up to 200 horsepower. If it is similar to the BMW M5, it means that this latest car can produce up to 750 horsepower. The engine also supports the electrification goal in which it becomes a popular improvement in the automobile industry today. Some reports also state that BMW will use a larger engine such as a 6.6-liter V12 engine to reach 750 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, although the maximal power of this engine is 600 horsepower.   


Hybrid technology is not the only interesting offer from BMW X8 but it also offers great performance. A no driver assists car becomes the latest technology, and some automotive brands also release the same car with this technology. Due to the great performance, some experts predict that the engine and power can destroy tires easily. We can’t claim this issue until the X8 launches.    


It is difficult to find the images of BMW X8 M. You also can’t find the camouflaged prototype yet. On the other hand, most car lovers and experts predict that BMW will launch the full version of X8M by the end of 2020. It might be too fast because of the high-end specifications. Based on the rumors, BMW is about to launch a Neo SUV vehicle. The model will be the combination between MBW X6 and  BMW M5 Competition. Due to this prediction, there is a possibility that X8 will have the same grille with its siblings. Another possibility is that this car uses a bigger grille along with a more angular approach. The eye-catching part is also on the rear end. X8 will have a sloping roof rear end. The overall design looks like a Coupe, but it looks fresher and bigger. One of the good sides is on the rear-wheel drive.  At least, BMW needs a couple of years to create a perfect X8 before releasing it on the market. BMW has enough time to improve the design, specifications, and performance of the Rockstar to produce a cool X8M more than what people are expected.


There is no clear information yet about the interior. The big possibility is that BMW will use the same interior just like the BMW X7. The interesting part is on the horizontal lines dashboard. You are about to drive a modern and classic interior at the same time. A digital system and analog elements become the focus of the interior of the car. Since the target is to create a comfortable vehicle, BMW will consider a spacious cabin without the third row. The cargo may a little bit smaller because of the sloping roof, but it still large enough to bring your important items.

Release Date and Price

We still wait for the official release date information. The latest rumors explain that BMW X8 will arrive early or by the end of 2020. Indeed, the BMW team still has a lot of work to do to achieve their goals. How about the price? How much BMW X8 is when you are considering the specifications and performance? Based on the detail above, you may spend around $90.000. It is a reasonable price because you will have a comfortable car along with a high-class and high-tech interior. The model is also cool and stylish. The most important thing, you are about to drive a hybrid car in which it is an environmentally friendly car.  

The Statement from the CEO

Markus Flasch explains that the hybrid system or the use of a battery will not change the ultimate driving experience. BMW focuses on the way to create a precision, agile, and dynamics vehicle despite the car model. Flasch has a high achievement on BMW X8M. The company wants to create a comfortable that represents its driver. We just have to wait for the latest information from BMW. We hope that the representation releases new information about BMW X8 to answer all of the rumors.     

2020 Audi R8 Coupe

2020 Audi R8 is deemed as one of the modest facelift cars in 2020. Its new visual appearance is inspired by the GT3 car that includes oval tailpipes, the griller that adapts less chrome, and a new splitter. Comes with a 5.3-liter V10 machine combined with a rear-biased AWD system along with seven-speed dual-clutch auto, this car could deliver 428 lb-ft of torque and 612 hp in the V10 performance. The top speed also reached 206 mph. Even though the price is not being announced yet, this car is expected to be around USD 170,000 for the standard type and USD 200,000 for the Performance type.

More Power and Sharper Suit

The Audi R8 is not a supercar that can be easily beaten by the competitors. It is a combination of old school V1- engine and hi-tech infotainment, which is quite paradoxical. Other than that, this car is expected to be a relatively affordable car in its class. The cars are available in Coupe and Spyder models. Both models are AWD, equipped with V10 along with a gearbox of S-Tronic dual-clutch.


The changes applied to the R8 is not major after all. However, when it was parked in a distance, it looks quite different. The front part is wider and lower like it wears a mouthguard. The jawline is effective enough that it leaves the impression of a purposeful appearance. If we look closer, we see a nice front grille with three little slits at the hood. It recalls the Ur Quattro. Other than that, its new front splitter is wider. Meanwhile, the rear changes are not so obvious unless you notice the upswept diffuser at the back.

Interior and Features

The new R8 is available in two colors: Ascari Blue and Kemora Gray. The standard models feature some gloss-black detailing and new 19-inch alloys. Meanwhile, the performance models replace those all with matte titanium.

In general, nothing has changed in its interior part but you will see a better driving position. The driver position is solidly built with flair flashes while the virtual cockpit features a slick yet modern feel. Just keep in mind that the Spyder model has a tighter cockpit for its roof mechanism. It will cause an issue on the legroom if you are over 6 feet tall.

Engine and Performance

The standard car morel could produce up to 533 hp at 8,250 RPM. All of them are purely due to changes in its software calibration. It helps the heavier Spyder to reach up to 200 mph.

The Performance mode could produce up to 612 hp and 428 lb-ft. The number shows a stronger performance than before. This car is also a little beyond the Lamborghini Huracan. The V10 Performance could accelerate to 62 mph in 3 seconds.

At the Wheels

The car was tested in Ascari, which is a fast track. It features turns that seem rolled forever, some corners, and walls that may make your heart beats faster. Riding this car on the Ascari track brings the nuance of riding McLaren 720S but with visceral acceleration that needs a certain point of acclimatization.

The carbon-ceramic brakes in the standard models also fit the Performance models’ in the first. However, the downhill braking zone was too much compared to the weight of the V10. This thing, on the other hand, makes the car becomes more reactive and more nimble but it should be anticipated considering this a potential pendulum effect that needs to be nursed carefully.

The AWD driving system helps the stability control Sport setting. When the nose hooks up and the car is pulled out, the balance will be automatically switched to a neutral feeling.


Even though the makeover might look too mild, the Audi R8 is still a compelling choice. McLaren 570S might offer a lighter, more tactile feeling, and nimble car. However, R8 is cheaper in every aspect. The R8 is also easier to climb into, offers better technology and refinement, and has better security with its AWD driving system. Relatively speaking, this car is safe for those who want to explore the racetrack in an invigorating way.

The most interesting part is that this car combines its technology with the Lamborghini V10. It practically yelps and sears and turns the 570S nothing to compare. You should appreciate this car while this is still available though. The price is yet to be announced but expects to pay for USD 170,000 for the standard model and USD 200,000 for the top-spec car.