New Stay-at-Home Order Triggered by San Joaquin Valley and Southern California

The authority has taken the new stay-at-home order considering the ICU capacity drops by 15 percent, as reported by the California Department of Public Health. The report also suggested that two regions, Southern California and San Joaquin Valley, have triggered the new order in the first place.

The new mandate will last for as short as three weeks, starting from late Sunday. It comes as the state got a new record that the virus cases reach over 25,000.

On Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom stated that the state will be divided into five regions, such as Southern California, San Joaquin Valley, Northern California, Greater Sacramento, and the Bay Area. If the capacity of the ICU in one of them drops below 15 percent, a new order of stay-at-home will be released. Newsom also predicted that every area capacity will drop below 15 percent in December.

For instance, this Saturday the ICU of San Joaquin Valley dropped in capacity up to 8.6 percent. Meanwhile, Southern California’s that includes San Diego and Los Angeles counties fell to 12,5 percent, based on the statement of CDPH.

The new order of stay-at-home may instruct wineries, bars, hair salons, barbershops, and personal services to close temporarily. Personal services include body waxing, tattoo parlors, and nail salons – the information is available on the state’s official website.

Other than that, schools that meet the health requirement issued by the state along with essential infrastructure would be approved to continue open. Retail stores are allowed to open with 20 percent capacity while restaurants should only provide takeaway and delivery, no dine-in option.

The new order is supposed to prevent Californians from mingling with others who have no life in their neighborhood. Also, it keeps gathering outsides instead of inside buildings, regardless of the gathering type. 

The official of Sans Francisco Bay Area health announced that they wouldn’t watch until the ICU capacity drops below the 15 percent threshold. They would remain at home as early as possible.

Mayor London Breed of San Francisco stated that their hospitalization rates rocket locally, especially in the ICU for now. Other than that, the hospitalization around the state is also increasing regardless of the location. Thus, if the beds are running out, there would be no other country that can help them. This is why staying at home takes place as soon as possible, as stated by the Mayor on Friday.

To summarize, two regions in California had become the trigger of the new stay-at-home order, according to the statement of the California Department of Public Health. The ICU capacity in both regions has fallen below the 15 percent threshold, which is not a good sign. The order may last for three weeks, but it is not impossible if the order would be applied longer. Restrictions on some places are applied, which includes restaurants, retail stores, barbershops, hair salons, personal services, wineries, and bars.

New cases in California are surging from day to day over the last even days. The state admitted more than 28,500 cases per day, which means that it increases by 126.9 percent compared to two weeks ago. Also, 10 percent of tests have come back positive for this past week.

As the cases skyrocketed in the state, hospitalizations have reached their highest number. Today, there are more than 11,400 patients with confirmed cases in the entire state. Compared to two weeks ago, the number is higher by 78 percent.

Even though no one would not admit this, more deaths are expected. There are 149.4 daily deaths on average over the past week. As the case counts get higher, the death toll also rises not long after that.

Another fact that we know about this condition is that disparities in age and race recur. 74 percent of the dead were elderly, 65 or older. Meanwhile, after this time, Latinos have 2.8 times higher risk than whites to come back positive.

As has been mentioned earlier, the United States has admitted over 15 million coronavirus cases along with over 180,000 deaths each day. California, as the most populous state in America – is on top of the rank board with the highest case counts. This state is also on top of the rank board when it comes to death cases due to the virus pandemic.

Coronavirus and the pandemic cannot be separated from economic growth. The communities that get devastated by this pandemic may also experience the same thing in the economic crisis. Staying under the restrictions for longer may prolong the economic recoveries, simultaneously.

False Information Sensation over the Coronavirus Origin by Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon

The global pandemic of Covid-19 is a problem that a lot of people are dealing with it at the moment. In the middle of the global struggle of the world’s citizens, some people bring their plans to the scene. That is the case of the popular sensation of false information that includes two names of Steven Bannon and Guo Wengui. Both of them come to the scene to hit the Chinese in general over the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The scheme involves some more names from the beginning of it all back in January of 2020. Those two names are the ones responsible for creating this so-called whistleblower scheme of Covid-19. They target the people of the US using the plan. The endgame is to build a kind of negative sentiment to the Chinese on its global scale. Among the names within this scheme are Dr. Li-Meng Yan and Wang Dinggang. According to Dr. Yan, the underlining matter here is, to tell the truth of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, it has only been a ride to deliver false information in a beautiful wrap of Christmas gifts that people are eager to open. It starts with the claim of Dr. Yan concerning the rumors of a new virus being played by the government in mainland China. She decided to contact Wang Dinggang, a popular YouTube host in the scope of delivering criticism towards the Chinese government. The blow-up on the channel leads to much wider exposure of the claim.

The first time Dr. Yan decided to contact Wang Dinggang about this matter, she did not want to be mention to the public. About eight months after that, her name is all over the news after she made appearances in the US. The evolution of being anonymous to a high-profile character is the outcome of a great collaboration of Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon. They are doing the so-called marketing campaign for Dr. Yan in the US to bring their plans out regardless of the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Guo Wengui is a Chinese billionaire who is very active in a small corner of the Chinese diaspora. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon is a former adviser to Donald Trump among the highly influential far-right group in the US. The purpose of the group under those names is similar. They intend to deliver some negative impacts to the Chinese in general. That is the start of the so-called carefully engineered spread of a fast-growing echo chamber for misinformation over many platforms and channels.

The two of them bring Dr. Yan to the United States and intensively train her to act accordingly in from of the public. That includes the way she should handle her media appearances as well as the way she talks about the information under her claim about the Covid-19 spread. They even arrange some interviews on TV channels that will hit a lot of people in the US. That brings Dr. Yan to interviews with Tucker Carlson and also Lou Dobbs on Fox, a popular channel in the US.

The interview of Dr. Yan with Tucker Carlson on Fox racked up to almost 9 million views online. That is a tremendous result to boost the purpose of bringing down the Chinese government and raising the sentiment of anti-Chinese in the US. The second thing has another aim to distract people from focusing on the terrible ways of the Trump administration in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak in the US. The origin of Dr. Yan as a researcher from Hong Kong is strong support to this kind of thing.

Unfortunately, about two weeks after the show, even Tucker Carlson said that he could not endorse the claim of Dr. Yan on the show. Yet, she is welcome to explain further about the statement. The interview follows the release of a 26-page research paper from Dr. Yan. Many professionals in the field have declined to support in many ways. The research is only a jumble of scientific terms to make it looks interesting. Unfortunately, there is no real essence on it to take seriously.

Popular platforms of social media that include Instagram and Facebook flagged this specific information released by Dr. Yan as false information. Even the claim that China has deliberately released the disease as told by Dr. Yan is among the fallacious information on the spread. The absence of a transparent investigation and sample sharing from the Chinese side is there as well within this tailored information that led a lot of people to massive disinformation.