New Stay-at-Home Order Triggered by San Joaquin Valley and Southern California

The authority has taken the new stay-at-home order considering the ICU capacity drops by 15 percent, as reported by the California Department of Public Health. The report also suggested that two regions, Southern California and San Joaquin Valley, have triggered the new order in the first place.

The new mandate will last for as short as three weeks, starting from late Sunday. It comes as the state got a new record that the virus cases reach over 25,000.

On Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom stated that the state will be divided into five regions, such as Southern California, San Joaquin Valley, Northern California, Greater Sacramento, and the Bay Area. If the capacity of the ICU in one of them drops below 15 percent, a new order of stay-at-home will be released. Newsom also predicted that every area capacity will drop below 15 percent in December.

For instance, this Saturday the ICU of San Joaquin Valley dropped in capacity up to 8.6 percent. Meanwhile, Southern California’s that includes San Diego and Los Angeles counties fell to 12,5 percent, based on the statement of CDPH.

The new order of stay-at-home may instruct wineries, bars, hair salons, barbershops, and personal services to close temporarily. Personal services include body waxing, tattoo parlors, and nail salons – the information is available on the state’s official website.

Other than that, schools that meet the health requirement issued by the state along with essential infrastructure would be approved to continue open. Retail stores are allowed to open with 20 percent capacity while restaurants should only provide takeaway and delivery, no dine-in option.

The new order is supposed to prevent Californians from mingling with others who have no life in their neighborhood. Also, it keeps gathering outsides instead of inside buildings, regardless of the gathering type. 

The official of Sans Francisco Bay Area health announced that they wouldn’t watch until the ICU capacity drops below the 15 percent threshold. They would remain at home as early as possible.

Mayor London Breed of San Francisco stated that their hospitalization rates rocket locally, especially in the ICU for now. Other than that, the hospitalization around the state is also increasing regardless of the location. Thus, if the beds are running out, there would be no other country that can help them. This is why staying at home takes place as soon as possible, as stated by the Mayor on Friday.

To summarize, two regions in California had become the trigger of the new stay-at-home order, according to the statement of the California Department of Public Health. The ICU capacity in both regions has fallen below the 15 percent threshold, which is not a good sign. The order may last for three weeks, but it is not impossible if the order would be applied longer. Restrictions on some places are applied, which includes restaurants, retail stores, barbershops, hair salons, personal services, wineries, and bars.

New cases in California are surging from day to day over the last even days. The state admitted more than 28,500 cases per day, which means that it increases by 126.9 percent compared to two weeks ago. Also, 10 percent of tests have come back positive for this past week.

As the cases skyrocketed in the state, hospitalizations have reached their highest number. Today, there are more than 11,400 patients with confirmed cases in the entire state. Compared to two weeks ago, the number is higher by 78 percent.

Even though no one would not admit this, more deaths are expected. There are 149.4 daily deaths on average over the past week. As the case counts get higher, the death toll also rises not long after that.

Another fact that we know about this condition is that disparities in age and race recur. 74 percent of the dead were elderly, 65 or older. Meanwhile, after this time, Latinos have 2.8 times higher risk than whites to come back positive.

As has been mentioned earlier, the United States has admitted over 15 million coronavirus cases along with over 180,000 deaths each day. California, as the most populous state in America – is on top of the rank board with the highest case counts. This state is also on top of the rank board when it comes to death cases due to the virus pandemic.

Coronavirus and the pandemic cannot be separated from economic growth. The communities that get devastated by this pandemic may also experience the same thing in the economic crisis. Staying under the restrictions for longer may prolong the economic recoveries, simultaneously.

Advanced Calorie Counting Technology That Analyzes the Image of the Meal

Some people may worry about calories when they eat at restaurants, cafes, or street food stands. You may have the same problem, especially if you are in a diet program. The good news is that now you can know the total of the calories on your meal from the photo of it. Thanks to Robin Ruede and his colleagues at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany that developed DenseNet. So, what this technology can do for people who love to eat and have to maintain their calories at the same time.

The role of the Neural Network  

A neural network is tiny robots that transport neurons and connect them to the active neural circuits on the brain. This robot is 300 micrometers long and 95 micrometers wide. The developers choose polymer coated with nickel and titanium as the primary materials. They use this technology to create a technology or calorie counting tool. The unique thing about the tool is that users only have to take a picture of the meal they want to eat. This device will automatically analyze the total calories on the food. Then, users can decide whether they have to eat a meal or not. 

The Benefits of Calorie Counting Tool 

DenseNet is an advanced calorie counting tool. The function is to make sure that users can control the calories they eat. Managing the calorie level means that you can maintain your weight. The way this tool works is simpler than other traditional calorie counting tools. Instead of entering all the nutritional information of the meals or products, you only have to take a picture of them. Input the image to the app, and the system will analyze the number of calories on the meals. As a result, you can still eat your favorite meals without worrying about the calories in the body. You can choose another meal or reduce the portion when you know the calorie level is too high for you. Indeed, this advanced calorie counting tool helps to make the process simpler, faster, and more accurate. 

This tool also follows the trend in which people often take a picture of meals with a smartphone camera before eating it. They often post photos of the meal on their social media accounts. The good thing is that you can’t only take a picture of your meal for posting it on your social media accounts but also to check whether you are eating healthy food or not. At least, you know that you eat meals with the right amount of calories that you need.

The Relationship Between Using Calorie Counting Tool and Health 

Why do people care about the number of calories they eat a day? Does calorie affect health significantly? Indeed, you have to count the calories in your body a day. Make sure that the body doesn’t absorb too many calories. At the same time, having a low-calorie level is also unhealthy for you. The lack of calories means that you also lack nutrients. As a result, your metabolism can’t work normally. It is the reason why you have to make sure that your body absorbs enough calories a day. 

This advanced calorie counting technology helps you to make better choices. You can decide the best meal to consume by only capturing it on a Smartphone camera. The more you get used to it, the better option you choose every time you eat. Knowing the number of calories on your meal doesn’t mean that you can’t eat them after knowing that it contains a high level of calories. This tool helps to know the number of calories. You can decide how many you can consume the meal once you know the information. 

At the same time, you will also understand the right portion of your meal if you want to consume high-calorie meals. You can reduce the portion and take a picture of it to know the number of calories. When the calories meet your needs, you can consume the meals happily without anything to worry about. The more you get used to this tool, you know that some meals and drinks may be good for your health and some others may be unhealthy. 

Indeed, this tool is valuable for its users, especially for those who want to maintain and keep their ideal weight. The final achievement is that people can keep their health by monitoring the meals they eat. One of them is by controlling the calories. The best thing is that users can count the calories on their food in a few seconds. They even do the calculation happily because they only have to take a picture of the meals.       

False Information Sensation over the Coronavirus Origin by Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon

The global pandemic of Covid-19 is a problem that a lot of people are dealing with it at the moment. In the middle of the global struggle of the world’s citizens, some people bring their plans to the scene. That is the case of the popular sensation of false information that includes two names of Steven Bannon and Guo Wengui. Both of them come to the scene to hit the Chinese in general over the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The scheme involves some more names from the beginning of it all back in January of 2020. Those two names are the ones responsible for creating this so-called whistleblower scheme of Covid-19. They target the people of the US using the plan. The endgame is to build a kind of negative sentiment to the Chinese on its global scale. Among the names within this scheme are Dr. Li-Meng Yan and Wang Dinggang. According to Dr. Yan, the underlining matter here is, to tell the truth of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, it has only been a ride to deliver false information in a beautiful wrap of Christmas gifts that people are eager to open. It starts with the claim of Dr. Yan concerning the rumors of a new virus being played by the government in mainland China. She decided to contact Wang Dinggang, a popular YouTube host in the scope of delivering criticism towards the Chinese government. The blow-up on the channel leads to much wider exposure of the claim.

The first time Dr. Yan decided to contact Wang Dinggang about this matter, she did not want to be mention to the public. About eight months after that, her name is all over the news after she made appearances in the US. The evolution of being anonymous to a high-profile character is the outcome of a great collaboration of Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon. They are doing the so-called marketing campaign for Dr. Yan in the US to bring their plans out regardless of the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Guo Wengui is a Chinese billionaire who is very active in a small corner of the Chinese diaspora. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon is a former adviser to Donald Trump among the highly influential far-right group in the US. The purpose of the group under those names is similar. They intend to deliver some negative impacts to the Chinese in general. That is the start of the so-called carefully engineered spread of a fast-growing echo chamber for misinformation over many platforms and channels.

The two of them bring Dr. Yan to the United States and intensively train her to act accordingly in from of the public. That includes the way she should handle her media appearances as well as the way she talks about the information under her claim about the Covid-19 spread. They even arrange some interviews on TV channels that will hit a lot of people in the US. That brings Dr. Yan to interviews with Tucker Carlson and also Lou Dobbs on Fox, a popular channel in the US.

The interview of Dr. Yan with Tucker Carlson on Fox racked up to almost 9 million views online. That is a tremendous result to boost the purpose of bringing down the Chinese government and raising the sentiment of anti-Chinese in the US. The second thing has another aim to distract people from focusing on the terrible ways of the Trump administration in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak in the US. The origin of Dr. Yan as a researcher from Hong Kong is strong support to this kind of thing.

Unfortunately, about two weeks after the show, even Tucker Carlson said that he could not endorse the claim of Dr. Yan on the show. Yet, she is welcome to explain further about the statement. The interview follows the release of a 26-page research paper from Dr. Yan. Many professionals in the field have declined to support in many ways. The research is only a jumble of scientific terms to make it looks interesting. Unfortunately, there is no real essence on it to take seriously.

Popular platforms of social media that include Instagram and Facebook flagged this specific information released by Dr. Yan as false information. Even the claim that China has deliberately released the disease as told by Dr. Yan is among the fallacious information on the spread. The absence of a transparent investigation and sample sharing from the Chinese side is there as well within this tailored information that led a lot of people to massive disinformation.

Beautiful Flower Plants with The Fragrant

Having a beautiful garden will give a more refreshing view of the house. Imagine you can watch the colorful scenery of flowers in your yard every day, of course it is very pleasant. Flowering plants are the plants that have been chosen to decorate house buildings because of their diverse shapes and colors. Planting more than one flower species is the right idea to give a more attractive color to the garden. Basically, natural flowers have their own distinctive fragrance. Of course, each flower has a different fragrance. Nowadays there are many flower plants that can be developed in various types of house yards. Proper care can make flower plants flourish and develop well.

Having a large or even minimalist garden is not an obstacle to growing flowers. Doing the care every day and tidying flower plants can give good results for flower plants. Seeing the beautiful flower landscape can give enthusiasm to enjoy the day. There are many flowers that are recommended to decorate your home garden with beautiful and fragrant flowers.

1. Gardenia Flowers

Having a clean white color and a soothing fragrance makes this flower suitable to decorate your garden. This beautiful flower comes from tropical regions such as Asia and Hawaii. This plant needs high humidity to be able to flourish. Enough sunlight is also needed to support plant growth. This plant will bloom beautifully in summer.

2. Rose

This flower plant is often found in parks and has a variety of beautiful and enchanting colors ranging from red, pink, yellow, white to black. This flower plant, although thorny, has very beautiful flowers with a delicate fragrance. Planting these flowers in the garden can make your garden fresher even on a sunny day. These flowers will be more interesting to see.

3. Hyacinth

Hyacinth has bright and concentrated flower colors such as synchronous pink and blue. This plant can give color to the garden beautifully. Beautiful flower petals with a shape like a star and elongated give the flower its own charm. This plant will bloom in spring. Hyacinth also has a fragrant fragrant flower.

4. Wisteria

Having a garden atmosphere like the one in Japan can use wisteria flowers or in Japan called fuji flowers. When in bloom this flower will provide a blend of white, blue and finance that is very beautiful and fresh. Besides being beautiful this flower also has a delicate fragrance. This flower blooms during spring and early summer. This flower likes fertile and moist soil.

5. Stock

The color of this plant will be very beautiful when it blooms in pink and purple with a beautiful little white and also a pleasant aroma. Stock flowers will bloom in winter to summer. This beautiful plant grows in cold temperatures and will look beautiful in the sun.

6. Phlox

Phlox when in bloom has a star shape with a variety of flower colors. This flower will be suitable for garden decoration and also it is easy in maintenance. Flowers with a fragrant scent grow yearly in spring.

7. Sweet Alyssum

Growing up with cute and beautiful little white flowers. Sweet Alyssum is suitable to be placed in your garden. The fragrant aroma makes it also suitable to be placed on a hanging vase to beautify the house. These beautiful and fragrant flowers can grow quickly with seeds and easy maintenance.

8. Magnolia

Beautiful flowers that emit a refreshing scent make Magnolia suitable for planting in your garden. Beautifully blooming in spring with a charming pink color. This plant also thrives by getting enough sunlight.

9. Freesia

Famous for its fragrant fragrance and beautiful flower color that makes this flower suitable to be placed in your garden. This flower plant will bloom beautifully in summer.

10. Butterfly Bush

Flowers with beautiful elongated shapes will be very beautiful to be planted in the garden. It has a beautiful color with a cute little flower arrangement. This flower will bloom in spring and summer. Butterfly Bush is also easy to develop.

11. Peonies

Peonies have a beautiful and full arrangement of flower petals. The soft colors of flowers ranging from pink, red, white, yellow and fresh purple also make it have a charming appeal with a sweet fragrance. Flowering in late spring until early summer will make the garden more colorful.

12. Dianthus

Dianthus flowers have a unique shape with flower petals with beautiful color gradations. Bright flower color with a good color composition is also the main characteristic of this flower. This flower has a fragrant aroma which also likes to be placed in a garden with full sun.

13. Korean Viburnum spice

Flowers with aromatic scents are composed of beautiful small flowers. Flowers in white with a hint of pink that look faded look so beautiful. When autumn comes the color of this plant will change from beautiful red to purple. Choose moist soil with enough sunlight to grow beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Hallmark Channel Cancels the Production of Home & Family TV Show and Original Movies during Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of Coronavirus is getting worse and it causes some production houses to stop their programs. One of them is the popular lifestyle program by Hallmark Channel, Home & Family that joins other daytime programs to cancel their productions. Even the channel, Crown Media Family Networks also temporarily stops their original films. Undeniably, the decision is quite disappointing since those programs are undeniably some favorite programs of the channel. Even the films have shot their scenes in various spots inside and outside the US. Some of them have done their shooting process. However, the editing process and others must be delayed to avoid worse things happening following the pandemic.

The decision made by some TV channels and production houses to stop their programs is very reasonable. They have considered many aspects after the US president; Donald Trump announced the national emergency situation. It also led Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garceti to call for the cancelation of any gathering in the city.

Home & Family is one of the entertaining programs hosted by Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison. It was previously filmed in the area of Universal City, Los Angeles. The program was stopped starting from Monday, March 16 for around 2 weeks for the first time. Because the condition was not getting better, the producer decided to lengthen the filming cancelation in a period that cannot be determined. But for the fans of Home & Family, they should not worry since there is a possibility to film it separately at homes in the future. As information, the last episode of the program was aired in March featuring Kevin McGarry & Chris McNall and starring the stars of Hallmark When Calls the Heart.

As a daytime talk show program, Home & Family is not alone. Some other hosts also have announced the cancelation of their programs including Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Carkson, Mell Robbins, Tamron Hall, and Wendy Williams. At the same time, they also said that they can still enjoy their programs whether the old programs or the new ones that have not been aired on TV yet via streaming services.

On its official social media account, the representatives of Crown Media Family Networks have made its own statement regarding the cancellation of Home & Family productions. The statement is also about the same trouble happening to the original movies of the channel. 

On the statement, they said that their primary priority is the health and safety of all hosts, players, crews, stars, and guests of the program. It is the main concern since they are parts of the production of all programs in Crown Media Family Network. Furthermore, they also added that when the new information is made related to Covid-19 Pandemics, they have decided to delay the production of the daytime lifestyle program, Home & Family that is always filmed every day in Universal Studio, CA.

The earliest video that can be recorded is the video of March 30. Although there is still no decision about when the production will be continued, the team is planning to re-air the episode currently while always monitoring the situation with CDC and the officials to determine the best time to be back for the new episode of Home & Family.

Additionally, for the same reason, the team also cancels the production of original movies of Crown Media Family Networks that have been shot in many locations in the US and all around the world. They promise to always monitor the global situation with assistance from officials.

The statement may be quite disappointing but also relieving at the same time. It is disappointing since people no longer are able to watch their favorite TV shows at least in some weeks or even months later. But it is also relieving since it proves that the team concerns people’s health more. The main problem of the pandemics is the virus transfer. It is done very quickly when you and others contact each other. So far, social distancing and avoiding people to be grouped and gathered is the best solution to press the spread aside from doing other efforts like wearing masks, quarantine, and so on.

What has been done by the team of Crown Media Family Networks can be a good example for others of how to keep people distant during pandemics? Sure, it is hoped also that the situation is getting better soon and we can watch our favorite TV shows only in the near future including the new episode of Home & Family.