The Latest Apple’s M1 MacBooks are Just the Same as the Brand’s Previous Products?

iFix confirms that some new series of Apple Macbook, Apple MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air will be on their hands soon. Those series are powered by the M1 processor for a newer and better performance. Yes, the processor tends to be cooler to avoid problems like lags. Besides, the battery is also quite better compared with its predecessors. But how if about other specifications and features? Are there things that make the newest Apple series different and more special?

Some Changes are Indeed Available

The series of Apple Macbook Air and Apple Macbook Pro provide some changes that make them look better than the predecessors. For the MacBook Air series, the biggest change is that the product is available without a fan. To prevent it from overheating, Apple replaces it with an aluminum heat spreader. The feature is indeed more effective to cool down the entire device. But based on the report from iFixit, the spreader needs more treatments to make it work better and durable.

So, how does the spreader work? Still according to the report, there is a thick cool plate right above the M1 processor to pull heat through a conductor that is flatter and cooler. This method is undeniably more effective in cooling down the device and avoiding problems when you use it. However, the process takes more time than using a fan.

For the MacBook Pro, the internal changes are fewer. There are still features including the fan that looks just the same as the previous series. The fan may not work too actively since the processor itself has been working greatly in processing data. This way, you should not be disturbed by the noise caused by it.

Specifications of the M1 Processor

The chip of M1 is equipped with a 5-nanometer processor that enables it to perform better in lower power consumption. For seeing how the performance looks, it is very similar to some other chips given to other Apple products including the chip A14 Bionic in iPhone 12. Furthermore, the processor is also equipped with the integrated memory chip that is also used in other products including iPad Pro 2020.

With the integrated chip, every single part of the M1 processor can access the groups of the same memory without copying or saving data to cache first. It gives the users many other benefits particularly in terms of speed and efficiency.

Other Features in MacBook Air and Macbook Pro

Chip M1 is undeniably great in making the devices have better performances. This is the most important point that makes MacBook Air and MacBook Pro work stunningly. Unfortunately, for other specifications and features, it seems that those Apple’s M1 Macbooks are not so much different from its predecessors.

For MacBook Air, it uses the 8 core GPU as well as a 16-core neural engine. There are 2 types of RAM used; they are 8 and 16GB while the internal and external memories are 512 GB and 2 TB respectively. The capacity is indeed big but some previous series of Apple MacBook uses the same things also. To explore webs with Wi-Fi, MacBook Air is claimed to be long-lasting up to 15 hours. Meanwhile, if you want to play videos offline, you can do it non-stop for 18 hours. Undeniably, the battery performance is quite impressive.

MacBook Pro has a design that is quite similar to MacBook Air. However, this type of MacBook comes with a memory size that is much smaller than MacBook Air. The memory capacities are 256 GB and 512 GB internally and externally. These capacities can still be enlarged with the memory of 2TB if you want. Additionally, the product is supported with 2 ports of Thunderbolt 4 and Jack Audio 3.5 mm. Some other features provided are the cooling fan, Touch Bar, and a fingerprint sensor placed right on the keyboard.


So, are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro great? Sure, they are. But the features and specifications are quite familiar. Yes, some older Macbook products from Apple have the same details also. Indeed, in general, the performances of both Macbooks are better than their predecessors due to the application of the M1 processor. But based on the iFixit report, the lacks of improvement in other details just make the M1 MacBooks less special.

Moreover, there are currently many other laptop products from other brands that provide better specifications and features also. The competition is getting tighter for sure. It is expected that Apple may upgrade its laptop features in their products to launch in the future.

MacBook Air M1 Review

What’s new on Apple’s new MacBook Air? Well, their newest collection of MacBook Air is gorgeously quick. Believe it or not, it starts to work as soon as you open its lid. You can try to browse some webs and be ready to be startled because it can load a lot of sites really fast. If you are a game addict, then you must try some of your favorite games on this device, it will give you a mind blowing gaming experience and most importantly without any fan noise that can disturb your focus. The battery is also really great because it can last for 24 hours. Seriously, MacBook Air M1 really is one of a kind that makes it possible for you to do many things on this very device.

All of those above things can happen because MacBook Air M1 is using an on-a-chip system or you can call it SOC. It is the first time for Macs to install that kind of system. After all this time, Apple is popular for creating its own mobile chip and now Apple has achieved a huge success which can be proven with how Apple’s computer doesn’t need Intel Inside anymore.

Truth to be told Macs are great and many people love it. But over a few years, it’s felt like Apple is ignoring Macs and more on iPhone and iPad. It also can be seen from how the Touch Bar is still wholly divisive and it also still equips with a shallow and easily error-free keyboard. Such a thing is really not fine at all. Fortunately, after all this time you can say that it’s about to change for Macs because right now Apple is really putting a good thought to every part of its Macs, specifically for its CPU.

We can’t deny that the biggest selling point of the iPhone and iPad is the harmonious unity of Apple’s hardware and software. Well, it is a well known fact that Android can offer you a lot more in terms of variation and customization, but if you really want to get something exclusive and luxurious, your best bet must be Apple. And finally after such a long agonizing wait, the company has the courage to bring that exact privilege to Macs.

The first thing that came into my mind while I was operating the MacBook Air M1 is iPad Pro. Why? Because it feels way too similar and I was really shocked by it. The fastest app that I can run is the app which is especially created for M1 such as Safari and GarageBand. If you want to have the best web browsing experience ever then you better stick with Safari. When I opened the site, I acknowledged that it loads almost right away and when I want to scroll through some really complicated pages I can also do it effortlessly. Interestingly, this device is also equipped with MacOs Big Surf which will make it easier in doing some mundane tasks like browsing around the system menus and finders as well.

Actually, MacBook Air M1 also experiences major changes on the inside. It has an eight-core chip based on ARM design. This kind of design is usually found in mobile devices only.

As mentioned before, the M1 no longer uses Intel inside, it uses Rosetta 2 emulator which really do an awesome job. Because of the changes, chrome and Slack launch very fast and without any hint of slowdown. It was really different with the previous Macs where I often found slow down when I was launching Chrome or Slack. However, in this version of Mac I find that Google browser is pretty much slower compared to Safari, in terms of loading web pages. To put it simply, Apple really goes all out to tackle almost every app with so much grace and ease.

Moreover, you can easily add your iPhone and iPad apps that you can manage through your Mac. Apart from that, this MacBook Air M1 is also equipped with pretty good gaming performance. Using this device you can play your favorite game all night or all day if you prefer. You can play your game smoothly with this Mac because the Apple’s SOC gives you up to 8 GPU cores. However, the most mind blowing thing ever is that Apple delivers those awesome performances without a fan. It just has a heat sink and passive cooling to help with the heat. This is such a good news for anyone annoyed with how the MacBook sounds, which is like a plane about to take off.

In sum, the MacBook Air M1 is a really great device which can deliver such an excellent performance without any fan to help to cool off the heat. Furthermore, this MacBook is also equipped with pretty good gaming performance as well as long battery life, so you can play your favorite game as much as you want. Apart from that, you can also run your iPad and iPhone apps through this device. Needless to say, Apple really does a great job with this MacBook Air M1.

The Delay of 5G Network Rollout in Malaysia to the End of 2022 for Smart Reasons

Are you a Malaysian? There is a very good tiding for you since the country plans to launch its 5G network for the next two years. The country previously plans to release the 5G network in the third quarter of 2020. However, the government holds it as it seems better to focus on 4G first. While vendors and customers may still use the 4G network up to around next year, the prototype of 5G is developed. This way, when it is launched, the service will be much better with minimum problems.

The delay of the 5G network launching is explained by the Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Saifuddin Abdullah. He said that the 5G network will be available at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. The minister confirmed that there are some reasons behind the delay. Launching a new network when 4G has not been available widely yet is useless. Besides, it may give some problems in terms of adoptions, regulations, and costs.

More importantly, if the 5G network is launched sooner, it can also cause a problem for society itself. Around 70% of the 5G users may come from industries and businesses. Only 30% of them come from the realm of common people. Therefore, rather than fastening the launching process, it is much better to make a better plan. It also gives chances to companies or vendors to provide the 5G network in a better way as well.

The Improvement of 4G Network

Since this year the Malaysian government has focused on the improvement and stabilization of the 4G network more, there are some actions to do. It conducts a set of plans namely JENDELA. The plans included in JENDELA along with the purposes are as follows. First, it is to increase the scope of the 4G network from 91.8% to 96.9% in the first phase. At the same time, the fixed broadband speed has also increased from 25 Mbps to 35 Mbps while improving the gigabyte connectivity of about 7.5 million people.

Second, the government also focuses on the establishment of towers in villages particularly in the areas of Sabah and Sarawak. To give more space for the 4G network, they also will close spots of the 3G network completely by the end of 2021.

Vendors Involved in the Establishment of 5G Network

Since the 5G network is the future, the Malaysian government is said to collaborate with some vendors to make sure that the 5G network establishes well in the future. Predictions come to the surface although it is clear whether those companies will be really involved or not. Something which is sure, one of the companies will be Celcom Axiata, the second-biggest network operator in the country. It is even predicted that the operator will conduct the 5G service using 2 network vendors. Recently, Celcom conducted discussions before making a final decision.

Jamaludin Ibrahim, the president and CEO of Axiata Group, the mother company of Celcom stated that his company has provided budgets of around $1 billion to establish the 5G network all over Malaysia in 5 years. Based on the report from Reuters, Huawei becomes the primary wireless provider for Celcom. The Chinese company is known to conduct an agreement with Celcom for the 5G establishment. But so far, the agreement has not yet been finished.

Huawei is not the only partner of Celcom. The company also collaborates with Ericsson. Ericsson is known as the traditional collaborator of the company so that it is highly possible if the project must also involve it. As information, in May 2017, Celcom and Ericsson made a trial of the pre-standard 5G. Previously, both Ericsson and Huawei were the main infrastructure providers for the 4G project of Celcom.

According to Ibrahim, generally, Celcome wants to have 2 vendors as collaborators. Those vendors may refer to Huawei and Ericsson only. However, some reports also stated that some other vendors can possibly be involved; they are Nokia and ZTE.

Despite the delay of the 5G network establishment, the Malaysian telecommunication regulator has confirmed the plan to allocate the 5G spectrum in the country. The spectrum is divided into 4 lines. Interestingly, as the government previously plans that the 5G network can be operated commercially this year, all of the plans have been mostly ready. With the additions of time durations, it is expected that the realization can be much better.

Furthermore, even after the implementation of the 5G network, the 4G spectrum allocation will be maintained. It includes the lines of 2.3GHz and 2.6GHz at least until December 2021. In the same month, those lines are also planned to be evaluated whether they work well or not.

A Special Price of Tesla Model 3 in 2021 Only with $35,000 with Great Specs

There are some upgrades and refreshments of the Tesla Model 3 2021. Interestingly, one thing that is also planned by the company is the winding of the price. It is reported that the newest version of Tesla to launch in the market next year will be approximately $35,000. However, the car may not offer the main EV on the spot. According to Electrek, sure, the company has told the staff that the price reduction is possible to do. It is with a requirement that the local Tesla dealer provides any remaining inventory of the vehicle.

It is not exaggerating to say that Model 3 2021 is special. At the same time, it is also not “understandable” in terms of the design and specifications, if you don’t want to call it unique. The car is great, of course. It also takes more time for the production particularly in producing the variants. Meanwhile, when the cars are finally available, the customers can also buy them online briefly. In fact, in April 2019, the only way to buy Model 2020 of Tesla is by making orders or via phone line. In other words, with all the special things it gives, Tesla still puts effort to ease the customers when purchasing.

Indeed, even the owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, has not yet confirmed whether the information is true or not. If customers can buy the car for only $35,000, it is a good thing. It just gives more options regarding the electric cars the company produces. Yes, there is another plan by Tesla that in the next 2 years, the company will produce other types of the electric car with prices of approximately $25,000. Those cars are powered by the technology of tabless batteries.

Predictions of Details and Specifications of Tesla Model 3 2020

Details and specifications of the latest Tesla Model 3 also have not been announced. There are some improvements to see, for sure. But based on the report, some reductions are also possibly done. But you should not worry, some great features are said to still be available in Tesla Model 3 2021. One of them is the autonomous driving system, more than just for parking. The feature is sophisticated although it is probably quite difficult to activate in a very crowded area with coarse terrains.

The exterior also becomes one of the main points to be proud of. It provides a sense of aerodynamics with the intake air details on the lower parts. Uniquely, the sizes are very small to prevent it from being disturbed the aerodynamic system entirely. The headlights have adopted the LED lights equipped with Auto-Dimming High Beams that can simply turn on automatically in the dark environment.

For the size exterior, it applies the velg with a ring of 18-inch Aero Wheels. The port charger is available in the area also in which it can be easily opened and closed through the app even when you are inside the car. This way, recharging the car is easier to do even without you having to go out of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the rear area applies the stop-lamp rear combined with a futuristic LED design. A reflector can just make the car look more stylish. Furthermore, the feature also functions to improve the aerodynamic and stability of the car.

For the interior, the sense of modern and futuristic is still felt really strongly. It is predicted that the car interior still implements the touch of cleanliness and minimalism with the natural atmosphere with wooden accents. Panel details are made horizontally following the lines. The car has more tools despite conventional ones like AC, the audio system, and more. An LCD touchscreen of 15 inches is placed right in the middle of the dashboard. This way, whether the driver or the passenger next to the driver, they can just operate it way more easily.

While some specifications mentioned above are still predictions only, there are some matters that are sure. The car implements the format of 5 passengers. The car seats use leather materials with an electric setup that has been kept in the profile database. The luggage of the Tesla Model 3 has a total capacity of 424 liters, quite spacious for a sedan car. Do you need a larger luggage area? You should not worry. You can just simply fold the rear seats to provide more space. This way, the car interior space gives you a configuration of 60:40.


It is a great thing that the price reduction of Tesla Model 3 2021 doesn’t really reduce the quality and specifications of the car. But sure, you may wait patiently to really know how it looks like in the end.

Beautiful Flower Plants with The Fragrant

Having a beautiful garden will give a more refreshing view of the house. Imagine you can watch the colorful scenery of flowers in your yard every day, of course it is very pleasant. Flowering plants are the plants that have been chosen to decorate house buildings because of their diverse shapes and colors. Planting more than one flower species is the right idea to give a more attractive color to the garden. Basically, natural flowers have their own distinctive fragrance. Of course, each flower has a different fragrance. Nowadays there are many flower plants that can be developed in various types of house yards. Proper care can make flower plants flourish and develop well.

Having a large or even minimalist garden is not an obstacle to growing flowers. Doing the care every day and tidying flower plants can give good results for flower plants. Seeing the beautiful flower landscape can give enthusiasm to enjoy the day. There are many flowers that are recommended to decorate your home garden with beautiful and fragrant flowers.

1. Gardenia Flowers

Having a clean white color and a soothing fragrance makes this flower suitable to decorate your garden. This beautiful flower comes from tropical regions such as Asia and Hawaii. This plant needs high humidity to be able to flourish. Enough sunlight is also needed to support plant growth. This plant will bloom beautifully in summer.

2. Rose

This flower plant is often found in parks and has a variety of beautiful and enchanting colors ranging from red, pink, yellow, white to black. This flower plant, although thorny, has very beautiful flowers with a delicate fragrance. Planting these flowers in the garden can make your garden fresher even on a sunny day. These flowers will be more interesting to see.

3. Hyacinth

Hyacinth has bright and concentrated flower colors such as synchronous pink and blue. This plant can give color to the garden beautifully. Beautiful flower petals with a shape like a star and elongated give the flower its own charm. This plant will bloom in spring. Hyacinth also has a fragrant fragrant flower.

4. Wisteria

Having a garden atmosphere like the one in Japan can use wisteria flowers or in Japan called fuji flowers. When in bloom this flower will provide a blend of white, blue and finance that is very beautiful and fresh. Besides being beautiful this flower also has a delicate fragrance. This flower blooms during spring and early summer. This flower likes fertile and moist soil.

5. Stock

The color of this plant will be very beautiful when it blooms in pink and purple with a beautiful little white and also a pleasant aroma. Stock flowers will bloom in winter to summer. This beautiful plant grows in cold temperatures and will look beautiful in the sun.

6. Phlox

Phlox when in bloom has a star shape with a variety of flower colors. This flower will be suitable for garden decoration and also it is easy in maintenance. Flowers with a fragrant scent grow yearly in spring.

7. Sweet Alyssum

Growing up with cute and beautiful little white flowers. Sweet Alyssum is suitable to be placed in your garden. The fragrant aroma makes it also suitable to be placed on a hanging vase to beautify the house. These beautiful and fragrant flowers can grow quickly with seeds and easy maintenance.

8. Magnolia

Beautiful flowers that emit a refreshing scent make Magnolia suitable for planting in your garden. Beautifully blooming in spring with a charming pink color. This plant also thrives by getting enough sunlight.

9. Freesia

Famous for its fragrant fragrance and beautiful flower color that makes this flower suitable to be placed in your garden. This flower plant will bloom beautifully in summer.

10. Butterfly Bush

Flowers with beautiful elongated shapes will be very beautiful to be planted in the garden. It has a beautiful color with a cute little flower arrangement. This flower will bloom in spring and summer. Butterfly Bush is also easy to develop.

11. Peonies

Peonies have a beautiful and full arrangement of flower petals. The soft colors of flowers ranging from pink, red, white, yellow and fresh purple also make it have a charming appeal with a sweet fragrance. Flowering in late spring until early summer will make the garden more colorful.

12. Dianthus

Dianthus flowers have a unique shape with flower petals with beautiful color gradations. Bright flower color with a good color composition is also the main characteristic of this flower. This flower has a fragrant aroma which also likes to be placed in a garden with full sun.

13. Korean Viburnum spice

Flowers with aromatic scents are composed of beautiful small flowers. Flowers in white with a hint of pink that look faded look so beautiful. When autumn comes the color of this plant will change from beautiful red to purple. Choose moist soil with enough sunlight to grow beautiful and fragrant flowers.

Is It True That Antivirus Able to Make a Computer Vulnerable?

Antivirus is software that is used to detect and remove viruses on a computer to avoid more serious effects such as data theft. There are many antiviruses used to deal with viruses on computers such as McAfee, Avast and Kaspersky. The virus itself is a program created to attack a file so that the file becomes interrupted to severe damage. Computer antivirus has a role to prevent the antivirus from damaging files on the computer by quarantining it and destroying it. However, some computer antiviruses also have weaknesses when used.

Antivirus protects the computer from harmful viruses, while the antivirus will likely make the computer more vulnerable to viruses. This deficiency should be overcome to provide maximum protection for the computer. Even popular antivirus can make a computer more vulnerable to attack. This discovery has been researched and tested by independent antiviruses such as RACK911 Labs regarding antivirus vulnerability. Several other laboratories are also researching weaknesses that may be possessed by antivirus such as Dennis Technology Labs and Av-Test Institute. Antivirus is important to be the vanguard of computers against computer attacks, while providing protection and minimizing the impact is important to be evaluated by antivirus.

What makes an antivirus program exploitable

When the antivirus identifies a file that is suspected to be dangerous, the antivirus will do its job to quarantine it to other parts and it can also directly destroy it and then prevent the user from operating it. Antivirus is given the privilege to browse into the system and has the authority to make changes to the system. This makes it more susceptible to viruses. Antivirus has access that can enter parts of the computer system. This may make other parties still able to access the system by trying to find weaknesses in the system and try to pin it down. To be able to carry out more optimal protection, it is important to update computer programs, so that the system can make the necessary repairs to protect the PC and the files contained therein.

What about free and paid antivirus?

Free antivirus provides protection for your PC against virus threats to keep it secure. Free antivirus provides basic protection against viruses in general, warns of harmful files and applications and cleans them. Protection is done thoroughly by cleaning the dangerous viruses automatically.

Paid antiviruses provide more optimal protection. Basically free and paid antivirus have in common that can provide protection against PCs from virus threats. Paid antivirus acts by preventing the occurrence of virus attacks so that the incoming virus can be suppressed as much as possible.

Choose a computer antivirus that has good features and suits your needs. You can search for many antivirus references by looking at many reviews on the internet. Of course there are many recommended antivirus for better protection.

How to protect computers more optimally

Always update the software

It is important to continue to improve your computer software. This update can help to improve security on the computer. By updating means adding additional features that are useful for improving computer systems, including for security. The addition of features will provide protection against system vulnerabilities with better ways.

Activate the firewall

To increase security, try to activate the firewall. The firewall’s role is to protect and even block illegal system traffic on computers and the internet. The firewall will carry out its function by protecting important data that is there.

Take advantage of antivirus and do regular updates

Antivirus can be used to prevent virus infections in computer systems and to block the virus from both free antivirus and paid antivirus. By doing regular updates to update the features better and so as to prevent various malware attacks. Thus, antivirus can work more quickly and efficiently. Make sure the antivirus is also anti spyware to prevent various negative effects on the computer.

Using passwords for protection of software

The use of passwords in software is very important especially for security purposes. Perentas might make it possible to steal identities to devices that are not encoded. The use of complex passwords and the different uses in each application will make it difficult for hackers to crack passwords. Don’t use passwords that are too general like birthdays, because users will find it easier to bottle your device.

Don’t give passwords carelessly

The important thing to watch out for is not giving passwords to anyone and any site. Make sure you keep the password for yourself. To log in to a website, make sure the website is safe and legal. If a malicious site is usually a computer antivirus will give a warning.

The New Video Call Feature by Amazon to Verify Its Merchants

To avoid actions of fraud happening to the customers, Amazon is reported to test its new feature, the video call to verify the merchant’s identity who wants to sell products on the site. This plan is known as a new strategy to fight against unexpected actions like online fraud that is getting increased in the middle of Coronavirus pandemics.

According to Reuters, Amazon stated that the plan for having the new feature has been started at the beginning of the year. It is due to some customers’ complaints that merchandise they want is not likely what is in the picture. With the feature also, it is possible for both merchants and customers to schedule for meeting up. 

Video call is not the only safety feature provided by this big e-commerce platform. It has applied a monitoring system for so long to make sure all products offered are safe and original. Undeniably, fraud is not only frustrating customers but also big brands like Apple and Nike. The situation also makes people want to go back to the past; doing transactions offline or directly since it is considered safer for all of them.

The plan of the platform to launch the new feature is also “supported” by the spread of Coronavirus in many countries. The pandemic has forced many governments to issue new regulations; mostly about social or physical distancing which means offline transaction activities should be limited. With the availability of the video call feature, it is expected that people can do transactions more safely even if they don’t need to meet up with each other directly.

Amazon itself changes the release date of the Video Call feature to make it one of the solutions of transactions in the pandemic. Currently, the feature can be enjoyed starting in February. The platform uses this feature also to conduct interviews with more than 1,000 prospective traders from the US, the UK, China, and Japan.

Unfortunately, the tight monitoring system seems to make many Chinese merchants find it more difficult. Despite the fact that Coronavirus was started from China, many traders from this country are also found to use many fake accounts. Meanwhile, many Chinese traders are registered in Amazon. Their number is even around 40% of the total merchants in the platform mainly for the European market.

It is not really surprising since Chinese merchants have been well known in other countries for so many years even before the era of online shopping. Additionally, many products from the country have similar names and look with many famous brands. For some reasons, those products are called only imitations.

Slightly, the video call feature from Amazon is just the same as the same video call from other platforms. However, Amazon claims that their feature is more focused on business purposes. It is reasonable by remembering that Amazon itself is a platform for selling and buying. 

In this one new feature, some other features are offered to make it work better. First of all, it lets you meet, chat, and place business calls in a single and more secure application. There is no need to switch the app if the users want to make or receive a call. Different from conventional video call apps that are mainly intended for personal communication, the feature from Amazon is recommended for teleconference also. Presenting products to customers is also getting easier with it.

Second, although it still needs upgrades, the quality of the service is relatively good. The picture is clear and it supports multiple calls at once. In these social-distancing days, people still have a problem in video calling and conferencing for the unclear video and audio provided by the platform. From the perspective of business, it is quite disturbing. Therefore, based on the statement of Amazon’s representative, they make sure that the quality is good to avoid problems in business dealing.

Third, it also lets all merchants be extra careful before deciding to join the platform. Only trusted merchants are currently allowed to join with some requirements; their merchandise must be original and they must pass through a set of interviews.

But once the merchant has fulfilled the requirement, it is very good for them as well as a chance to improve their business. Amazon itself is known as the biggest shopping platforms in the world currently. It is accessed by people in many countries around the world. Some countries indeed have not yet accessed the platform well for some conditions. However, it seems that the app founded by Jeff Bezos tries its best to enlarge its influence on them. 

Hallmark Channel Cancels the Production of Home & Family TV Show and Original Movies during Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of Coronavirus is getting worse and it causes some production houses to stop their programs. One of them is the popular lifestyle program by Hallmark Channel, Home & Family that joins other daytime programs to cancel their productions. Even the channel, Crown Media Family Networks also temporarily stops their original films. Undeniably, the decision is quite disappointing since those programs are undeniably some favorite programs of the channel. Even the films have shot their scenes in various spots inside and outside the US. Some of them have done their shooting process. However, the editing process and others must be delayed to avoid worse things happening following the pandemic.

The decision made by some TV channels and production houses to stop their programs is very reasonable. They have considered many aspects after the US president; Donald Trump announced the national emergency situation. It also led Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garceti to call for the cancelation of any gathering in the city.

Home & Family is one of the entertaining programs hosted by Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison. It was previously filmed in the area of Universal City, Los Angeles. The program was stopped starting from Monday, March 16 for around 2 weeks for the first time. Because the condition was not getting better, the producer decided to lengthen the filming cancelation in a period that cannot be determined. But for the fans of Home & Family, they should not worry since there is a possibility to film it separately at homes in the future. As information, the last episode of the program was aired in March featuring Kevin McGarry & Chris McNall and starring the stars of Hallmark When Calls the Heart.

As a daytime talk show program, Home & Family is not alone. Some other hosts also have announced the cancelation of their programs including Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Carkson, Mell Robbins, Tamron Hall, and Wendy Williams. At the same time, they also said that they can still enjoy their programs whether the old programs or the new ones that have not been aired on TV yet via streaming services.

On its official social media account, the representatives of Crown Media Family Networks have made its own statement regarding the cancellation of Home & Family productions. The statement is also about the same trouble happening to the original movies of the channel. 

On the statement, they said that their primary priority is the health and safety of all hosts, players, crews, stars, and guests of the program. It is the main concern since they are parts of the production of all programs in Crown Media Family Network. Furthermore, they also added that when the new information is made related to Covid-19 Pandemics, they have decided to delay the production of the daytime lifestyle program, Home & Family that is always filmed every day in Universal Studio, CA.

The earliest video that can be recorded is the video of March 30. Although there is still no decision about when the production will be continued, the team is planning to re-air the episode currently while always monitoring the situation with CDC and the officials to determine the best time to be back for the new episode of Home & Family.

Additionally, for the same reason, the team also cancels the production of original movies of Crown Media Family Networks that have been shot in many locations in the US and all around the world. They promise to always monitor the global situation with assistance from officials.

The statement may be quite disappointing but also relieving at the same time. It is disappointing since people no longer are able to watch their favorite TV shows at least in some weeks or even months later. But it is also relieving since it proves that the team concerns people’s health more. The main problem of the pandemics is the virus transfer. It is done very quickly when you and others contact each other. So far, social distancing and avoiding people to be grouped and gathered is the best solution to press the spread aside from doing other efforts like wearing masks, quarantine, and so on.

What has been done by the team of Crown Media Family Networks can be a good example for others of how to keep people distant during pandemics? Sure, it is hoped also that the situation is getting better soon and we can watch our favorite TV shows only in the near future including the new episode of Home & Family.

BMW X8 Hottest Rumors

Car lovers seem can’t wait to see BMW X8 on the market. There are a lot of rumors that predict the specifications and performance of this car, and people are excited about it. One of the hottest rumors is about the rounded-roof crossover model along with a powerful M treatment. It looks similar to the X7, X6, and X5. They also call this vehicle with codename Rockstar. Let’s take a look at the other specifications that appear among car lovers.


It seems that BMW want to improve the power of the previous X series generation. Because of that, this brand will boost power by using a hybrid powertrain. The power comes from the twin-turbocharged 4.4 liters V8 engine and an electric motor. This combination produces up to 200 horsepower. If it is similar to the BMW M5, it means that this latest car can produce up to 750 horsepower. The engine also supports the electrification goal in which it becomes a popular improvement in the automobile industry today. Some reports also state that BMW will use a larger engine such as a 6.6-liter V12 engine to reach 750 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque, although the maximal power of this engine is 600 horsepower.   


Hybrid technology is not the only interesting offer from BMW X8 but it also offers great performance. A no driver assists car becomes the latest technology, and some automotive brands also release the same car with this technology. Due to the great performance, some experts predict that the engine and power can destroy tires easily. We can’t claim this issue until the X8 launches.    


It is difficult to find the images of BMW X8 M. You also can’t find the camouflaged prototype yet. On the other hand, most car lovers and experts predict that BMW will launch the full version of X8M by the end of 2020. It might be too fast because of the high-end specifications. Based on the rumors, BMW is about to launch a Neo SUV vehicle. The model will be the combination between MBW X6 and  BMW M5 Competition. Due to this prediction, there is a possibility that X8 will have the same grille with its siblings. Another possibility is that this car uses a bigger grille along with a more angular approach. The eye-catching part is also on the rear end. X8 will have a sloping roof rear end. The overall design looks like a Coupe, but it looks fresher and bigger. One of the good sides is on the rear-wheel drive.  At least, BMW needs a couple of years to create a perfect X8 before releasing it on the market. BMW has enough time to improve the design, specifications, and performance of the Rockstar to produce a cool X8M more than what people are expected.


There is no clear information yet about the interior. The big possibility is that BMW will use the same interior just like the BMW X7. The interesting part is on the horizontal lines dashboard. You are about to drive a modern and classic interior at the same time. A digital system and analog elements become the focus of the interior of the car. Since the target is to create a comfortable vehicle, BMW will consider a spacious cabin without the third row. The cargo may a little bit smaller because of the sloping roof, but it still large enough to bring your important items.

Release Date and Price

We still wait for the official release date information. The latest rumors explain that BMW X8 will arrive early or by the end of 2020. Indeed, the BMW team still has a lot of work to do to achieve their goals. How about the price? How much BMW X8 is when you are considering the specifications and performance? Based on the detail above, you may spend around $90.000. It is a reasonable price because you will have a comfortable car along with a high-class and high-tech interior. The model is also cool and stylish. The most important thing, you are about to drive a hybrid car in which it is an environmentally friendly car.  

The Statement from the CEO

Markus Flasch explains that the hybrid system or the use of a battery will not change the ultimate driving experience. BMW focuses on the way to create a precision, agile, and dynamics vehicle despite the car model. Flasch has a high achievement on BMW X8M. The company wants to create a comfortable that represents its driver. We just have to wait for the latest information from BMW. We hope that the representation releases new information about BMW X8 to answer all of the rumors.     

The Effect of COVID-19: Plane-Maker Airbus to Furlough 3,200 Staff

As we all know, the Earth has been affected by Coronavirus or also known as COVID-19 for several months now. The dangerous virus has been affecting more than 150 countries in all over the world since early 2020. People are forced to stay at home for social distancing so that the spread of the virus can be stopped. Hugs and kisses become a dangerous action for beloved ones. While keeping distances represents love for beloved ones.

It is not only our daily activities that are affected by Coronavirus. Most businesses and industries are going down due to the pandemic. From shipping industries, culinary industries, and even aviation industry. The aviation industry is also affected since some countries in the world apply the lockdown policy in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19. So, people cannot travel as freely as before. Aerospace giant Airbus also feels the effect.

Aerospace giant Airbus is to furlough 3,200 staff at its site located in North Wales. The company has already announced the sad news. The news was delivered hours after Guillaume Faury, the Chief Executive, gave a warning that the company was ‘bleeding cash at an unprecedented speed’. Airbus stated that around half of the staff at its site located in Broughton would be placed on the scheme of the UK government’s job retention, which pays 80% of salaries. The aviation company is expected to add salaries by a further 5% to 10%.

It is said that the furlough periods of support staff and production will be shaking for the next 3 weeks. The remaining staff will keep staying on the site. The remaining staff includes 500 employees who are recently working at the AMRC Cymru facility. They work to build parts for ventilators as a part of the Ventilator Challenge UK consortium. It is announced that the company was already cutting airplane production by a third this month. This condition happens as the aviation industry is estimated to shrink due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Chief Executive also told Airbus’ 135,000 staff to be ready for the possibility of deep job cuts. He also warned that the company’s survival is at a bet without any immediate action. The Welsh Government mentioned that it was working with the company. The government also supports high-skilled and professional employees. While the UK government stated that the furlough scheme would be helpful for companies ‘to bounce back and get the economy up and running once the coronavirus emergency is over’.

This week, Airbus will give financial results for the first quarter of 2020. Those numbers will be overshadowed by the virus that makes global airlines struggle so hard to survive and almost totally stop plane deliveries since the lockdown policy started in March. In response to the pandemic, Airbus had already started to apply the furlough scheme that is assisted by the government. It started with 3,000 employees in France and stated it would lower output of its narrow-body jets to 40 a month. Airbus employs about 13,500 workers in the United Kingdom. Most of the workers work by making wings at its 2 main sites that are located in Broughton, in Flintshire, and Filton, Bristol.

Greg Waldron, from the aviation industry news website FlightGlobal, said that Airbus will not be able to survive the crisis if there are no significant layoffs. Even though there will be an extreme pain to go through, Europe will need to help Airbus to survive since it is an essential industry for Europe. Mr. Waldron also stated that we are going to see a big number of layoffs if Airbus cuts the production rates quite significantly. On the other hand, Boeing, which is the main rival of Airbus, is struggling for another crisis. It is because of the year-long grounding of its 737 Max passenger jet, which had been its best-selling plane.

On Saturday, the US aviation giant cancelled a $4.2bn (£3.4bn) tie-up with Brazil’s Embraer. Some analysts saw that the action is triggered by the crisis. However, the company mentioned that it is about contractual reasons that make them take such a decision.

As you can see, almost all industries in this world, including the aviation industry, are getting negatively affected by the pandemic. A lot of workers have to lose their jobs. So, let’s overcome this condition together by obeying the government’s rules and policies. So, it is hoped that all of those affected industries will be able to get on their feet again.