Xiaomi Launch QLED TV in India On December 16th

Previously, Xiaomi gave a vague teaser with the ‘Quantum Leaps Ahead’ tagline. Now, the Chinese company has officially assured that a brand-new product will be launched, which is a QLED 4K TV. The launching will take place on December 16th. A new post shared on the Twitter profile of Mi India makes sure of it. It also has officially announced the date, time, and location. Though the product name has not been revealed yet, many people guess that it will likely be the Mi TV 5 Pro that was released in China back in almost the end of 2019. This Smart TV features a quantum-dot LED display.

Up to now, no details are figured out yet. But Xiaomi announces that it leads into the more sophisticated television era. Offering the next level of ordinary panels of LED display, QLED TVs are equipped with a quantum dot layer. Such a feature is reported to be able to enhance colors and brightness. So that it offers better entire picture performance. With this launching, Xiaomi will compete with its competitors, such as Samsung, OnePlus, and TCL. Those brands already have QLED TV models sold in India. For example, the TCL 55C715 QLED TV that costs Rs. 55,990 or around $760.68.

But, Xiaomi’s approach to pricing means that the brand has an option to offer its QLED models at cheaper price.

Specifications and Price of Mi TV 5 Pro

As it is said before, the Mi TV 5 Pro was previously launched back in late 2019 in China, exactly in November 2019. The TV comes in 3 different sizes, which are 75 inches, 65 inches, and 55 inches. All of the size options feature an Ultra-HD QLED screen with a resolution of 3840×2160-pixel. The Mi TV 5 Pro is priced at CNY 3,699 or approximately $565.67.In India, this TV could be priced at Rs. 49,999 or around $679.64 for the 55-inch variant. This is proposed to obtain a price benefit within the competition.

There is also a possibility that the Mi TV 5 Pro will be supported by the HDR feature. Moreover, the TV models that will be launched in India by adding the PatchWall launcher. The Mi TV 5 Pro is equipped with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. This is way higher compared to most advanced smart TVs sold in India. This means that the Mi TV 5 Pro will be Xiaomi’s most premium TV in India. It is also expected to be positioned higher than the 4X series which is currently the most pricey series in India.

Featured by the size of the bezels that are 47% thinner than the Xiaomi Mi TV 4, the Mi TV 5 Pro smart TV looks even more elegant. This newest Smart TV from Xiaomi is supported by the Amologic T972 chipset so that it is able to play videos with a 8K resolution. The Mi TV 5 Pro uses a 4K QLED display panel which makes the brightness level up to 4000 nits and covers the 108% NTSC color space and offers MEMC and HDR10 + motion technology. Moreover, Xiaomi also equips it with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Ethernet, and also Bluetooth.

There are two 8W stereo speakers with DTS Audio and Dolby Audio support as well. The 75-inch variant of the Mi TV 5 Pro was officially in the market in March 2020. This smart TV is a full-screen TV with an ultra-thin design. It adopts a full-screen design and a curved metal frame that is 5.9mm thin. Its 4K color gamut density has a 97% screen ratio. The main difference between the Mi TV 5 and Mi TV 5 Pro is that the Pro variant has a QLED screen instead of just a regular LED screen in the first one.

When it comes to designs, the Mi TV 5 Pro features an aluminum frame. It also comes with a screw-less design. Xiaomi claims that this Smart TV is just 5.9mm thick, which is ultra-thin. Moreover, the bezels are 47.1% thinner compared to the previous model, the Mi TV 4.

That is about the specifications and alleged price of the Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro and its launching event. The launching of this Smart TV also coincides with the release of Xiaomi’s latest smartphone, namely the Mi CC9 Pro or Mi Note 10. After knowing the price and specifications of the Mi TV 5 Pro, are you interested to buy this Smart TV?

Defying the Odds: Companies That Are Actually Thriving During the Global Pandemic

It cannot be denied that 2020 is the year when each of us tried our best to live our best lives. When the coronavirus becomes a global pandemic and has been affecting the entire world, most of us have been struggling and try to cope with conditions rather than thrive. But this does not apply to everyone. Since people across the globe rely more heavily on online products and platforms as they are forced to socially distancing, a lot of technology companies behind those offerings have actually thrived for the last 12 months. In fact, this is yet their best year.

It is something that is clearly seen this week during the Web Summit. Web Summit is the largest technology conference in Europe that is virtually held for the first time this year. When CEOs, politicians, top executives, and even a number of celebrities gathered together to openly talk about the conditions of technology, the companies that have flourished gave a clear picture about the growth in their sectors.

Josh Silverman and handmade goods website Etsy mentioned that their sales roughly doubled to $10 billion this year. Anne Boden said the pandemic has given the transition to a cashless 10-year jump. On the other hand, Will Shu, the chief of Deliveroo estimated that the coronavirus global pandemic has accelerated the application of online food delivery by 2 to 3 years.

The Comes of Age

During his talk with Lance Bass of NSync, Steven Galanis, the CEO of Cameo described celebrities rushing to his video shout-out application when the global pandemic hit. When the international travel and entertainment industry are forced to stop, the app gives them a way to make money, as said by Galanis. It is also probably related to something to do with their spare time. The CEO of Cameo mentions that the marketing platform is quickly reaching success.

He described that many influencers have been using the app to provide paid-for greetings for their fans. It is more than a conventional brand partnership. Caspar Lee, Jeffries’ co-founder, who is also known as a famous Youtuber, mentioned that creating content during this global pandemic became quite tricky. It is because a lot of his videos are made outdoors on the spot. But regardless of these challenges, Lee has seen a great boost in engagement: a 67% increase in likes and a 50% increase in comments.

The market shrunk for travel influencers, people who make content about fitness and food have seen huge growth, as said by Caspar Lee. He also added that it became easier and more seamless to set up a collaboration with other YouTubers who live in different places as everybody is working from home. Lee also said that it was quite hard to collaborate with people in the States. But during this pandemic, it is possible to do that.

While some people are launching profitable careers, others have switched to technology platforms, including eBay and Etsy to make a little money. Many people utilize Etsy to sell their products and services, such as crafts and handmade goods, while eBay is useful for people who want to offload taking up space in homes. Jamie Iannone, the CEO of eBay said that when people think of goods at their houses that are worth 4000 USD, they bring a very distinctive kind of inventory onto the platform.

People also prefer to browse for used items as their effort to purse their purse strings. Instead of buying brand-new products, buying used items saves a significant amount of money. This is the reason why eBay launches a new certified refurbished one. It gives an award in the form of a 2-year warranty, money-back guarantee, and 30-day hassle-free returns. The program also allows the purchase of products from various brands.

People also buy kinds of things that they suddenly need when they are home during the global pandemic. From eBay, such items include home gym equipment and desks. While for Etsy, the items are mostly masks, as said by Silverman as the Etsy chief executive. There are also people who suddenly need equipment for newly discovered passions or starting their hobbies again. Besides these companies, there is another tech platform that has been flourishing this year, which is Zoom. As you know, most people in the world use this app to take care of their businesses. Even students use the app for online classes.

The US Turns Up Heat on China’s Biggest Chipmaker

The United States of America has added Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), China’s biggest chip-maker, to a list of ‘Chinese military companies.’ This adds more pressures on the company. This move from the US Department of Defense means that US investors are now forbidden to hold or trade shares in SMIC. It is said that the Chinese government was using the ability of ‘civilian entities’, such as universities and companies in order to modernize their military capabilities. However, SMIC disputed any military relations.

China’s biggest chip-make is now under an executive order that is signed by President Donald Trump in November. This is proposed to prevent the US capital from funding the modernization of China’s military. Previously, according to SMIC, letters made some of their US suppliers getting issued. The letters also said that the suppliers will be subject to new export restrictions. This shows that the US Department of Commerce probably adds the chip-maker company to its trade blacklist, which is also known as the entity list. However, such a decision has not been published yet.

It could cause an impact on chip production if such a decision happens. The founder of research firm Radio Free Mobile, Richard Windsor, said that this current restriction places the SMIC to the hands of the US Department of Commerce, given the thought that the Chinese company relies on resources from US companies to be capable of producing silicon chips. He also added that the additional designation of the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation as being controlled or owned by the Chinese military does not change any situation besides make it more difficult to have a license and make it more possible to get added to the list of entities. 

This restriction is like another sign that the Trump administration wants to maximize their final days to keep increasing pressures on China. It is also a sign that they give it a try to lock a hard-line policy for the approaching Biden administration. It is open to argue and interpret about the definition of what supports the military. However, it is utilized by Washington as a lever in the battle over chips, which is a key field of technological competition.

China is relatively behind in this one area and Washington knows that. China is also desperate to catch up. The Trump administration will be also relying on it being difficult for the Biden administration to be seen to cancel measures for fear of being accused of going “soft” on Beijing.


Since it was founded in 2000, SMIC has been the most leading chip-maker company in mainland China. But, the company’s most sophisticated products are said to be left 2 generations behind what its competitors are capable of, including TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and South Korea’s Samsung. Currently, SMIC is not able to manufacture transistors as small as those are made by its rival manufacturers.

So, SMIC cannot produce advanced processors for the newest smartphones and other sophisticated gadgets. The reason for this is partly due to the existing restrictions that the United States of America has applied to the company. Right now, the only way to produce the most sophisticated logic chips is by using equipment that is made by a Dutch company, ASML. SMIC has ordered a lithography machine that values $150 million or £111 million.

The lithography machine uses lasers in 2018. However, Reuters reported that the White House managed to convince the Dutch government to block the export for security reasons. A spokesman for the Dutch company, ASML, refused to make any statements when the BBC asked whether the deal was still in limbo. “SMIC manufactures semiconductors and provides services solely for civilian and commercial end-users and end-uses.” SIMC also told BBC that they had nothing to do with the Chinese military nor manufacture any military weapons.

SMIC claimed that they were completely shocked and confused after the Pentagon revealed that it had proposed the company to be added to the government’s blacklist. This restriction would restrict suppliers from providing the company with American-based technology without special permission. Moreover, the stock of the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation sank after this event. This is why Beijing said that it totally opposed such a decision from the US government. A spokesman from a ministry even accused Washington of bullying and using security concerns to break trade rules. What do you think about this current event?

Those “Sonic” attacks in US Diplomats during 2017, it may be microwave attacks

You may still remember mysterious diseases caused by suspected “sonic” back then in 2017 that attacked some US spies and diplomats in China, Cuba, Russia, and maybe other countries. A report released on Saturday, commissioned by the Department of State and written by external experts, has found a possible culprit, and it is technology frightening.

Many experts have identified that the directed and pulsed radiofrequency energy used as the most make sense explanation for the symptoms of the constellation which have been experienced by diplomats along with their families as well. It includes microwaves as the electromagnetic waves in the specific spectrum – this is not a food heater or heating machine at all. 

So, repeated short blows of waves in specific frequency will attach the inner part of ears, it can cause severe effects, and it can last long effects – without leaving any physical sign. 

The common symptoms of “dozens” affected include hearing a loud sound followed by pressure, pain, and kind of head vibrations. Suddenly, they will get short and long-term dizziness, fatigue, hearing loss, vertigo, memory loss, and get some issues related to balance. The symptoms occur in both embassies and some homes as well. Some of them have reported as forcing to get a permanent retirement as well. 

The experts state that some high frequencies can damage ears, but they can be seen by many people. The inner ear of a human is so sensitive to sound. Once a person is over 18 years old, they mostly cannot hear anything above 8,000-hertz range of sound. Although you cannot hear that sound, the frequency can affect some cells which line the inner ears. 

So, when someone gets exposed to continuous high-frequency sound, then it can damage the tissues. If someone has been exposed in a long term to high-frequency sound, then it can damage or kill soft sensory cells called cilia without any symptom until they start to experience some permanent hearing issues. So, this case should be a concern since it can treat a person’s life. They should get proper treatments to handle that condition.

Some studies referred to experts who stated that the energy of radiofrequency needs to be well-directed and pulsed (not continue pulse) to explain these spread symptoms. That’s why they explain it as the most consistent symptom related to the attack of radiofrequency energy. 

Many experts also warned that they have been disturbed by a potential which has been shown by a disinhibited malevolent actor and a new advanced machine which causes harm to other people or bad people who did dangerous acts in newer ways. 

However, that report does not go into detail about a “new tool” or talk about bad people. However, there are device classes which are called directed energy weapons that may include. That report refers to one device which was used in a study along with a bunch of names straight out of a Cold War movie known as Transformer Energized Megavold Pulsed Output or TEMPO. 

Many countries are developing this new weapon. However, New York Times reported that some affected diplomas have focused on “countering Russia operations with the foreign intelligent agents. It comes with some facts that Russia is very productive related to sources of research in these weapons. No wonder that it also leads to “suspicion”, according to Times that Russia may be behind these attacks. You can check the New York Times as a reference. 

The report also suggested that more proactive steps need to be taken to fight these attacks. But the first step to take is taking victims seriously, and hard to find the systematic record and investigate some symptoms – this is something that Trump has failed to do and make victims feel angry who are now suing the government. 

Times also reported that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has received this report since August, but no one acknowledges it when being asked about the illness during October. The State Department also made that report public on Saturday after the news outlets got and reported the existence during this weekend. 

So, it may include futuristic weapons in those attacks, whether it is microwave, sonic, or something else that we never know before. More horrible thing is that the government may not take any action when facing these attacks toward American citizens, because it is a hard phenomenon and it is hard to understand.

Launch of Bronco SUV has delayed due to Covid issue and Supply Chain

The latest news about the newest Ford’s SUV series, Bronco SUV has been delayed from spring into summer of 2021 due to a problem in the supply chain because of the Covid issue. Ford’s customer needs to wait again after the ordering process is expected to order on Monday 7/12/2020. Recently, the launch was delayed into mid January 2021.

Ford spokesman Jiyan Cadiz in his interview with CNBC said that their company commits to building Bronco with the best quality as their customers expect and deserve. The supply chain, he said, is just only a specific problem to handle.

Ford’s shares have fallen at 1% in Monday morning trading related to the problem of Bronco.

Last spring, automakers decided to delay their several products as the virus has spread rapidly across North America. The delay is done for months and even in a year, due to the conserve capital or supplier issue problem. The domestic factories also have been shut down for two months due to the condition.

Bronco Ford 2021 is one of the most wanted vehicles from Ford company for years. Bronco is the first SUV from Ford offered to the general public. It was manufactured in 1965 and continued till June 1966.  

From Credit Suisse, they expected that Bronco would contribute nearly $1 billion to Ford’s pretax earnings sales if the car sales achieved 125.000 units. The original Bronco was built from 1966 to 1977 and became the hottest item among automobile collectors. The classic bronco price has increased by 76% over the last three years. The increasing price could be due to the reintroduction of the brand that leads to attraction to the old model. However, long before it becomes a general public matter, the classic Bronco has become the leader in collectible SUVs.

The company itself claims that there are more than 150.000 people who have made their reservation to buy the vehicle. Finally, the customer will need to wait for more. The order is previously set for December 7 and delayed into January. The reservation will be held on March 19 to finalize the dealer and builder selection, price agreement, and place the order. The other most wanted is the “sasquatch package” that featured with manual transmission has been introduced as the 2022 model year. The two and four models will arrive at least at the end of summer. 

However, Bronco Sport, the other vehicle from Ford that has arrived in the dealership currently has not been impacted by supplier problems. As a cousin of the Bronco series, it is another alternative for Ford’s consumers. Bronco is a truck-based vehicle platform and the Bronco sport is a smaller one with a less powerful 4 cylinder engine. The smaller car is based on a car or crossover that presents a smoother ride. Bronco Sports come with 181 horsepower, 1.5-liter turbo 3 that standard on all trim. For top trim, it is available 2.0-liter turbo 4. All trims standard come with all-wheel drive and the twin-clutch version available to the top 2 turbo litter 4. The seat comes with 5 passengers.

Both of the SUV share many common designs, inside and outside. Both take the inspiration from the early generation of 1966’s boxy Broncos. Both have a round headlight, straight body sides, and blunt front grille that stretch in the bumper and tip of the hood. The bumper was designed as similar as originally featured with a trapezoidal shape. The design is quietly vintage. How much bronco 2021 and Bronco Original differences?

Bronco 2021 goes further with the specification but still gets inspiration from the classic one. The original ford Bronco 1966 was compact with modern standards. How much is the modification to the 2021 model? The Bronco 2021 will be longer than the classic. It will be compact more from the Big Broncos generation that reigns from 1978 into 1996. The key is, while the 2021 Bronco Ford looks alike as redesigned from 1966’s model, but in terms of dimension, it is similar to the roomy full-size Broncos that reign in 1978-1996. The 2021 Broncos generation is a genius tribute to the original generation. The base engine comes with 270 horsepower and a 2.3-liter turbo 4. It comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission or 7-speed manual transmission. Passenger capacity capable of 4 or 5 depends on the door number. The rear end in the 2021 Bronco is familiar as the area under the windows changes into a little bit wider. The shape comes originally with a rectangular but modern aspect added by increased size and chrome in the area.

Cyber Attacks to Trick Biologists and Researchers to Produce Toxins Unconsciously

SciTech Daily currently reports that the ‘end-to-end cyber-biology attack’ is possible to happen. It is a phenomenon where biologists are unconsciously tricked to generate dangerous toxins in their own laboratories. The phenomenon is discovered by a group of cyber researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Negev.

Based on the latest study in the area of Nature Biotechnology, it is believed that bio-criminals need to make physical contact with the elements by themselves to produce and send the toxins. However, due to the development of technology, another way to send the toxin is highly possible. Nature Biotechnology also explains an alternative of sending toxins without making direct contact.

The report also mentions the technology of Wanware that can replace the short substring of DNA on the biotechnology computer. This way, some biologists may simply create toxins with sequential orders. Of course, those biologists don’t realize that and they can just share their products without knowing damages and risks that can happen in the future.

The Control of the Production of Dangerous Substances

The head of the complex network analysis of Ben-Gurion University, Rami Puzis describes that the production and spreading of dangerous substances unconsciously can be experienced by all the researchers who deal with biology. However, the control of the production is possible to manage also. One of them is by checking the DNA sequence by synthetic gen suppliers. It is considered one of the most effective methods to control and to survive from any attack.

For this matter, California becomes the role model as it is considered very innovative this year. The state has regulated a new policy about the gen transaction. California’s step to prevent their areas from the toxin attack needs to be followed by other states to improve safety and security.

Although what has been done by California needs to appreciate, Puzis adds another possibility for the criminal to make further attacks. It is particularly if businesses and laboratories that buy DNA are not aware and don’t put effort to check DNA products after buying them. In other words, there are so many things to do to prevent and control the production of dangerous substances unconsciously.

Screening Protocols

Sadly, there is a weakness that is known well to have by the US Department of Health and Humanity Service. Currently, the guidance to provide DNA still enables criminals to avoid screening protocols by using generic disguising procedures. It causes screening software to find it more difficult to identify DNA that produces toxins.

According to Puzis, by applying such an approach, research that is conducted by his team finds that around 16 from 50 DNA samples are blurred. They cannot be identified based on the basic guide implemented by the HHS department.

Furthermore, the accessibility and automation of the synthetic gene engineering workflow are found. It is added by inadequate controls for the cyber world’s safety. Some matters above enable malware to burden the biology process in the laboratory where the loop is closed by various possibilities in DNA molecules.

The Danger of Some Biology Codes

The attack of DNA that is not realized by biologists also gives some bad effects or is dangerous significantly. It may produce dangerous codes that can change the biological procedure. No matter how simple the attack is, the biologists cannot have another option. They must choose to provide a scenario with some vulnerability in three levels of biotechnology. Those three levels include software, biosafety research, and biology protocols.

The special scenario also emphasizes a chance to implement knowledge of cyber safety in a new context including some biosecurity procedures and the absence of coding. In the same opportunity, Puzis also explains that the scenario highlights the importance of the synthetic DNA chain along with extra protections toward the threat of cyber-biology.

Fortunately, many researchers have realized that such an unconscious attack may be experienced by them also. Therefore, they suggest the method of screen algorithm improvements. Sure, but it is by considering some other aspects including the process of gene editing inside the gen. 

Besides, the researchers also expect that the phenomenon and further studies related to it will provide more facilities to avoid the attack to experience in the future. One of the facilities is to sequence DNA faster and more strongly as well as the availability of production services related to the synthetic cyber security genes. It needs support from many realms including governments and people, not only in the US but also from all around the world. Yes, the attack can be experienced by any researcher no matter where he or she is from, can’t it?

Approximately 150 U.S. Cadillac Dealers decide to Exit Brand Than Swift to Electric Cars

There are around 150 General Motors Co dealers that have decided to split with Cadillac. It is taken due to the higher cost for upgrading the car into electricity. It indicates that the skeptical views about replacing them to be battery-powered vehicles.

Then, GM gives an option to Cadillac dealers. They have to take a buyout offer so that they can be out of the brand. Otherwise, they should spend approximately $200,000 for upgrades.

The upgrades include the charging stations as well as the repair tools. Those things are necessary to prepare their stores in selling electric vehicles.

The buyout offer ranges are varied, starting from $300,000 to over than $1 million. Because of that, around 17% of Cadillac U.S. dealerships accept the offer. They stop the franchise agreements for Cadillac as the luxury brand.

According to the survey, most dealers who accept it have other brands. They own more than one brand, such as Buick and GMC, or Chevrolet. Besides, they only sell a few Cadillacs in a month. 

Although some Cadillac dealers have skepticism due to investors valuing the electric vehicles, it may bear interest from the consumers. Yet, it can endure questions from the retailers who assist the customers as well.

Tesla Inc. becomes the leading electric-vehicle as they can sell it directly to customers. They require no franchise dealers. This method should be a sample model that has to be followed by several startups.

Meanwhile, many traditional auto producers are forced to cover their electric-car projects on dealer networks. So, they can make their money by selling vehicles with gasoline-powered cars.

Many dealers say that they are considering the expensive facility investment. They will require electrical-system upgrades and make them compare with the needs in the market. It is approximately 2% of vehicle sales in the U.S. 

This small amount makes the retailers worry about selling. They suspend the electric vehicle model orders because they don’t want to keep it too long in their shop.

Furthermore, the pandemic causes more decrease in vehicle selling demand. This issue can be seen from the popular area with electric vehicles like San Francisco. 

The Cadillac buyout offers to the dealers are confirmed by Rory Harvey. He is the chief of Cadillac global brand. However, he denied mentioning how many they have valued the offer to dealers. 

He added that future dealers require the same vision as them. They have to be logical and able to follow a similar path toward electrification. For those who are not able to commit, they can exit the brand and receive compensation from Cadillac.

A plug-in car will need more space in the showrooms. They would like to re-establish the economics of operating a dealership as the electric vehicle has simpler components. 

Aside from its fewer components, it also needs less regular maintenance. This reason may cause a slight threat to the dealers’ components parts. 

The dealer will sell an electric one differently if you compare it with the vehicles having combustion engines. Thus, it becomes a great opportunity. The automakers can rethink the franchise models. 

Cadillac becomes the central role in pushing the electric vehicle. It happens because it becomes the most energetic company in producing legacy automakers. 

It can boost electric vehicle sales, including the development of driverless-car. The plan is bigger than the previous one as it takes up to  $27 billion in sales by mid-decade.

The above amount signifies the majority of GM’s planned. From that, we know that it is only 2% of electric car global sales recently. 

Cadillac prepares electric designs that will be available in showrooms for the coming years. Mr. Havey adds that Cadillac will be able to broaden its network and become competitive in the market. 

This statement is supported by one of Minnesota Cadillac dealers, Todd Snell. He sees electric cars as a future investment due to the costs, although he can not be sure how fast the market will respond, especially for those who live in the farming area. 

An electric car may not be 100% effective in the automaker industry. However, it will be an essential part of the vehicle business. They are looking forward to growing it bigger and wider. 

The dealers do not have many options for this change. Moreover, the state’s government supports the development of electric cars. Take, for example, California will ban the sales of gas-powered vehicles in 2035. 

Thus, this regulation forces the dealership to accept the offer. The dealerships have to electrify those vehicles and shops by not considering the dealership owners’ feelings.

Supernovae carry a positive result in generating carbon in new science

Supernovae or also called Supernova is quite well known for someone who learns about aerospace. It can be familiar to you. Although you have heard about it before, you are not sure what it is about and how to define it. 

What is Supernova?

In the universe, there are numerous stars. They have two methods for stars to die. Some are fading away while some others burn.

There are several ways of how the star ends its evolution. It happens in the massive cosmic explosions called a supernova. You can record it to be the greatest explosion that occurs in space.

You can experience Supernovae in other galaxies. It is quite challenging to see from our Milky Way galaxy as dust prevents our vision. 

What causes Supernova?

A supernova happens because of the transformation that occurs in the core of the star. The change may occur in two different ways. However, both share the same result that is Supernova.

The first type of it occurs in the binary star systems. In this system, two stars are orbiting a similar point. 

One of the stars has a carbon-oxygen in the form of the white dwarf. It can steal matter from the second star that makes the white dwarf gain too much matter. It can cause an explosion and then result in Supernova.

The second type occurs at the end of a star’s lifetime. This single star runs out of its nuclear fuel. 

Then, some mass moves into its core and causes it to collapse. This process results in the biggest explosion called a supernova.

Why do scientists study Supernovas?

Lately, there is a piece of good news from Supernova. The study carried out by Michigan State University found out that Supernova can create much faster life-giving carbon atoms.

Although it is such an amazing discovery, it brings us to another mystery. This puzzle could transform the recent theories of element creation. Moreover, it can improve new science, especially in the fields of fusion and astronomy.

Our planet has multiple components. You will find that carbon as one of its most various elements. It is created from the fusion reaction of triple-alpha as a result of a Supernova stars explosion.

Thus, what does alpha describe us? It is defined as a helium atom core that is composed of two neutrons and two protons. If you have triple-alpha, it means the alpha is three times larger. 

A triple-alpha is the fusion of six protons and six neutrons. The fusion brings six electrons. Thus, the carbon will consist of six protons, six neutrons, and six electrons.

The fusion may give you an inefficient reaction. It can be efficient if there is something that can help it. Thus, the researchers use a supercomputer model to support their research on it.

It presents a surprising result among scientists. They found out the exceeding protons in the Supernova’s innermost reaches. As a result, it can stimulate the fusion reactions of triple-alpha.

The reaction gives us surprising information too. It can generate carbon ten times more than the expectation. Of course, it is a remarkable discovery. 

The above explanation can assist you in understanding why more carbon occurs in the universe. To reveal another mystery, scientists do more research.

In the beginning, they thought the exceeding protons create more particular isotopes of ruthenium and molybdenum that are heavier. Both particles consist of the greatest amount on Earth. 

Those elements are only created in Supernova. You will not find it in the other place outside it. This statement is carried by Luke F. Roberts as an MSU professor and the co-authored study. 

This study becomes a memorable discovery, especially among scientists. It guides them to maximize the use of the Supernova element.

They found that the isotopes might be created in different forms. Unfortunately, they can show us how this form exactly happens. So, this remains another mystery.

Of course, it takes more time to do more study and research to reveal another way. The alternative ways will not be easy to come up with. They need further studies for that. 

According to co-author Hendrik Schatz, the favorite theory has been destroyed. Hence, none can help to support its explanation. 

To describe more about this discovery, it requires the creation of some unusual new science. Of course, it becomes another progression in science. 

Although this can be a development in new science, scientists should be ready with the contradiction. As science inventions can be both, it may give a positive or negative result.

New Stay-at-Home Order Triggered by San Joaquin Valley and Southern California

The authority has taken the new stay-at-home order considering the ICU capacity drops by 15 percent, as reported by the California Department of Public Health. The report also suggested that two regions, Southern California and San Joaquin Valley, have triggered the new order in the first place.

The new mandate will last for as short as three weeks, starting from late Sunday. It comes as the state got a new record that the virus cases reach over 25,000.

On Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom stated that the state will be divided into five regions, such as Southern California, San Joaquin Valley, Northern California, Greater Sacramento, and the Bay Area. If the capacity of the ICU in one of them drops below 15 percent, a new order of stay-at-home will be released. Newsom also predicted that every area capacity will drop below 15 percent in December.

For instance, this Saturday the ICU of San Joaquin Valley dropped in capacity up to 8.6 percent. Meanwhile, Southern California’s that includes San Diego and Los Angeles counties fell to 12,5 percent, based on the statement of CDPH.

The new order of stay-at-home may instruct wineries, bars, hair salons, barbershops, and personal services to close temporarily. Personal services include body waxing, tattoo parlors, and nail salons – the information is available on the state’s official website.

Other than that, schools that meet the health requirement issued by the state along with essential infrastructure would be approved to continue open. Retail stores are allowed to open with 20 percent capacity while restaurants should only provide takeaway and delivery, no dine-in option.

The new order is supposed to prevent Californians from mingling with others who have no life in their neighborhood. Also, it keeps gathering outsides instead of inside buildings, regardless of the gathering type. 

The official of Sans Francisco Bay Area health announced that they wouldn’t watch until the ICU capacity drops below the 15 percent threshold. They would remain at home as early as possible.

Mayor London Breed of San Francisco stated that their hospitalization rates rocket locally, especially in the ICU for now. Other than that, the hospitalization around the state is also increasing regardless of the location. Thus, if the beds are running out, there would be no other country that can help them. This is why staying at home takes place as soon as possible, as stated by the Mayor on Friday.

To summarize, two regions in California had become the trigger of the new stay-at-home order, according to the statement of the California Department of Public Health. The ICU capacity in both regions has fallen below the 15 percent threshold, which is not a good sign. The order may last for three weeks, but it is not impossible if the order would be applied longer. Restrictions on some places are applied, which includes restaurants, retail stores, barbershops, hair salons, personal services, wineries, and bars.

New cases in California are surging from day to day over the last even days. The state admitted more than 28,500 cases per day, which means that it increases by 126.9 percent compared to two weeks ago. Also, 10 percent of tests have come back positive for this past week.

As the cases skyrocketed in the state, hospitalizations have reached their highest number. Today, there are more than 11,400 patients with confirmed cases in the entire state. Compared to two weeks ago, the number is higher by 78 percent.

Even though no one would not admit this, more deaths are expected. There are 149.4 daily deaths on average over the past week. As the case counts get higher, the death toll also rises not long after that.

Another fact that we know about this condition is that disparities in age and race recur. 74 percent of the dead were elderly, 65 or older. Meanwhile, after this time, Latinos have 2.8 times higher risk than whites to come back positive.

As has been mentioned earlier, the United States has admitted over 15 million coronavirus cases along with over 180,000 deaths each day. California, as the most populous state in America – is on top of the rank board with the highest case counts. This state is also on top of the rank board when it comes to death cases due to the virus pandemic.

Coronavirus and the pandemic cannot be separated from economic growth. The communities that get devastated by this pandemic may also experience the same thing in the economic crisis. Staying under the restrictions for longer may prolong the economic recoveries, simultaneously.

Business Growth Drops in US as Virus Cases Surge

This time seems like the only time in US history when hiring was sharply slowing down. Last month, the number dropped dramatically as the states have to deal with a surge in cases of coronavirus.

The Labor Department said that in November, employers added about 245,000 jobs, but that is below many experts’ expectations. The jobless rate declined to 6.7 percent from 6.9 percent a month prior. That might be caused by people stopping looking for job vacancies. The report came along when several programs related to coronavirus cases and employment were set to expire at the end of the month. The program that is set to expire includes some unemployment benefits.

Experts stated that the number is an indicator that the recovery of uncertainty in the economic condition seemed to stall. It also underscores the urgency for Congress to take any action for further stimulus. According to a report in October, job numbers reach 610,000 in the US.

Shepherdson, the chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, stated that job and employment growth had reached its lowest point – let’s put a bottom line on it. The report also suggests that it seems impossible to unlink economic growth and the virus. He also added that the numbers would hopefully increase as the pressure on Congress gets higher.

There are roughly 12 million people who will lose access to several unemployment benefits by the end of 2020 unless the lawmakers sign the additional stimulus. The data came from a recent report conducted by a Left-leaning think tank, the Century Foundation, 

Still, according to the report, more than four million people have lost the unemployment benefits, it found.

Andrew Stettner, a senior in the Century Foundation, stated that it was such an out-of-the-way action of Congress by allowing many workers to be cut off. Stettner also worked on the report.

For instance, Sarah Groome lost her position and her job as an event manager at Major League Soccer in April. This case was caused by disruptions of coronavirus earlier. She also received her last unemployment benefit cheque in October. The 35-year-old’s effort to access the emergency extension related to pandemic has become tangled in authority, even though she has called so many times a day, as her effort to clear up the issue. “I have no income,” said her.

She later found a temporary job as a part-time retailer that could add about USD 100 per week. For paying rent, insurance, and other expenses, she retrieved her savings. She said that she has no idea what she is going to do financially. She already applied to various jobs, maybe over 100 today, but no interview came up. It is horrifying to know nothing about what’s next. On the other hand, around 12 million people in the US would be facing a similar issue soon.

The US regained about half of the jobs lost at this point. However, over 10 million people are unemployed. 40 percent of them have no work for more than six months today, according to the Labor Department. Meanwhile, Americans who are economically inactive are getting higher from time to time.

On the other hand, about 7 million people may need a job but not be included as unemployed since they are not looking for work anymore as reported by Friday’s, recently, officials have rethought about restrictions on activities in some cities. The idea is according to new records of hospitalizations and infections.

The US has reached 14 million infections along with over 274 death cases, as reported by Johns Hopkins University.

Meanwhile, the economy has been painfully slowing down to recover. As the authority restricted support recently, the number of people who come with reports about how their food is not adequate anymore, or difficulty on paying rent and other bills.

James Sullivan, an economic professor, stated that it could lead to a worse economic deprivation unless the authority would take proper yet immediate action soon. Since May, about 7 million Americans have suffered from poverty, many of them are children, and those with no degrees in the university. The government does need to support its people.

Congress took steps to make a possible way to collect up to two years of benefits for those unemployed, after the 2007-2008 financial crisis. However, the eligibility to receive the money will expire after 26 weeks, under normal circumstances.

On the other hand, Republicans and Democrats seem to part ways even though there is no legal proof just yet. Democrats push more money than Republicans offer, which leads to a congressional impasse. On the other hand, a lack of action makes things confusing about whether or not they reach an agreement.