A Unique Wireless Speaker by Transparent

Having a multifunction device or tool is good because you have one product with several functions. Speaker manufacturers may take the idea of producing multifunction products. Transparent tries to realize this idea by creating an aesthetic light speaker.The model of this product is unique and out of the box. How about its sound quality and other elements of the product? Check the complete detail below. 

A Lantern and A Speaker 

You may see a lantern when you look at a light speaker from a certain distance. But, what you are about to use is a transparent speaker, along with a lantern. This product is wireless, so it looks realistic enough as a lantern. Like the name of the product, it consists of a speaker and a lantern. You can listen to your favorite music or audio as well as turn on the light by using this product. The product is an impressive combination if you want to relax in a room while listening to audio therapy in dim light.

A Manufacturer that Comes Out with the Idea of Light Speaker 

Transparent is one of the manufacturers that come out with the idea of a light speaker. You are not about to see familiar wireless audio speakers available in the market. The model looks like a lantern with a transparent glass to protect the light. The light speaker even has a handle that makes you bring it as a lantern. You can use this device for up to 10 hours when the battery is full. Indeed, people will not only be amazed by the quality of the audio but also the light effect that makes this product look impressive. Transparent creates the light similar to the real flames, including temperature, brightness, and even the movements. You can turn on the lamp while you are listening to audio from the speaker. Designing a glass speaker is not something new for Transparent. The company has done a similar thing a decade ago and wants to try it again to get the same or more attention from people.  

The Specifications of the Light Speaker by Transparent 

Transparent keeps the quality of the audio by using a 2.5 inches driver and 3 inches radiator. The features on this device allow you to stream one or stereo pair. The bass sound on this product is at the bottom of the speaker. It is safe enough there due to the use of a borosilicate glass tube and black aluminum body. The light on the speaker shows splashes in a glass cover. The best part is that this manufacturer finds a way to keep the quality of the sound even if they use glass, and they are successful enough to have a high-quality light speaker for a stereo pair.  

Things that Make Light Speaker Difference Than Other Speakers

One of the significant differences between Transparent Light Speaker and other speakers is the model. The model of this speaker is impressive. Transparent even tries to make this product look the same as a lantern, although it is a speaker. The fascinating part is the light in which it has a real flame effect. All you have to do is imagine that you bring a lantern that can produce sound around the house. Based on the model, it seems that you can also carry it outdoors such as camping. The detail supports the outdoor atmosphere.       

Price and Release Date 

Transparent is not releasing this Light Speaker yet. This manufacturer will launch the product in April 2021. They want to improve the detail of the flame element and overall model before launching it for the public. The cost of this Light Speaker is £290 It is more expensive than AudioPro Addon T3. It seems that the manufacturer wants to compete with the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ in which both of them are at the same price. In terms of battery life, Bose can stand up to 16 hours if the battery is full, and it is longer than Light Speaker. On the other hand, the Addon T3 is a 25W speaker. It means Addon T3 is more compelling than Light Speaker. 

The Bottom Line 

Transparent doesn’t care about market competition. The goal of this company is to create an elegant and out of the box speaker. The sound quality is not bad at all, and even the sound quality is impressive in a glass cover. Indeed, we have to praise the way Transparent creates light that looks like a real flame in a lantern. It seems that Transparent looks for people who not only see the sound quality on a wireless speaker but also the aesthetic element.       

Dell U2720Q IPS Monitor, a Big Monitor You Must Have

Nowadays, people prefer to use a laptop over a PC, especially when they use it at home. Mostly, they love how practical a laptop is compared to a big-sized-space-eating PC. It becomes so obvious when you use the big monitor. Practical is also not the only reason here. If they need a big monitor to work on a detailed project, like the design or digital illustration, they can always go to the office where they work. It is also the same as you, right?  

Most of us will only plug the external keyboard and mouse, and use our laptop, like MacBook Air or Pro, as the monitor. And, that’s enough to give us a feeling of using a PC at home. It also doesn’t need a big table to accommodate that set of devices. Moreover, having a big size, like 20+ inch monitor at home, feels like a waste. It is just too expensive and luxurious for home-usage. Unless, if you work at home and your work requires this kind of big size monitor, a 15-inch laptop will be enough for browsing, game, streaming, and such.

The Big Sized Monitor You Can Buy

However, if you plan to buy a big size monitor for a convenience and satisfaction purpose, we have one product that you can consider here. It is Dell’s product, the UltraSharp 4K U2720Q IPS monitor. The size is enough (27-inches) to give you a wide view of any application, program, software, games, or anything that you put on your computer/laptop. Plus, this monitor is a perfect companion for your new bigger working desk, if you just bought a new one. So, what can this monitor do for you?

The Dell U2720Q IPS Monitor Features

First of all, it has 4K HDR compatibility. It means you will have the highest or the best image or video quality on this monitor. You can use it to play various media and video formats, which make it the best feature that a monitor could have. Dell also uses a unique design for its base. This design allows you to rotate it for 90 degrees smoothly.

Another important thing that a monitor should have is connectivity. A monitor with just one type of connectivity feature will give you more problems if you have different devices to use with it. You need a dongle and extra accessories. It is troublesome and costs you more money.

Fortunately, U2720Q has everything that you need. It has an HDMI port for high definition connectivity. One DisplayPort also provides more options to connect to your audio and video device. Then, it has the standard two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports, which make it cover almost all devices you can find today, from Blue Yeti to SD card reader. Furthermore, these ports also produce 90W power, which is enough for charging purposes. So, you can plug the device without worrying about its battery. 

What Kinds of Benefits You Can Get from This Product?

Other than its performance, if we see it from the functionality perspective, we also can find so many advantages from having a Dell U24720Q monitor. For example, it has many connectivity options. It means you don’t need to use a dongle, which saves more money. Plus, it also makes everything easier to organize. No more messy cords on your work desk. You won’t have a problem to unplug and take your device with you after you use the monitor. In short, you won’t deal with the cable clutter problem.

The other benefit is the size. It is so big. You can’t compare the pleasure and fun you get from watching your favorite cooking show or exercise video on this monitor with your tiny old 15-inch laptop monitor. The feeling is different. You can see clearer and detail that you might miss when you watch it on your laptop. 

If you use it to play video games, get ready to get more immersed in it. And, if you use it for your work, you will even feel how your productivity increases multiple folds. Designing or editing an image will be much easier with it. Simply put, it is the best tool you can have.


Having a big monitor might eat more space. But, Dell UltraSharp 4K U2720Q IPS monitor gives you a reason why a big monitor is worth buying. It gives you a different and better experience than your small laptop monitor. Moreover, it is only around $500 on Amazon. So, it is a good deal for a high-quality monitor.

Stupid Mistake Lead to Big Problem on EU Defense Ministers Confidential Event

Technology helps us to live more comfortably. It makes everything easier to do, which also means it increases our productivity. Moreover, it also saves more money and energy to do something that in the past cost more than you ever imagined. One of them is communication and far distance meeting or conference.

For communication purposes, the internet is the best solution. It gives you a fast and smooth connection that you won’t find on other technologies. Of course, to get this kind of connection for communication, you must use the best internet technology. The best technology won’t only give you the best connection but also safety. It is an important element that all internet users must use for this communicating type.

The safer communication that internet technology provided is also chosen by many organizations when they are holding an important meeting or sending secret information and preventing the leak. It is doable with today’s internet technology. Unless there is an organized and big online attack, it is almost impossible to break the protection. However, a small human mistake could lead to a disaster which removes the protection feature of online communication.

One of the recent incidents that cause a big problem in the online secret meeting was happened on the EU Defense Ministers confidential video conference event. This event is supposed to be an event that only the internal party of the organization can attend and involve in it. The communication is provided by using the online video call platform, with a specific method to login into that platform. And, the only participant in this meeting knows about this method. The PIN and password as well are only known by the person who has an account in this event.

However, in the middle of the meeting, a Dutch journalist, Daniel Verlaan of RTL Nieuws, has successfully “infiltrated” the meeting that is said to be the most confidential meeting attended by important figures of the EU. The participants were shocked by the appearance of Daniel on their monitor. They questioned his purpose of breaking into the meeting.

One of the participants, Josep Borrel, the Chief of EU Foreign Policy, advised him to leave the video call platform because what Daniel did is wrong and breaking the law. It is a criminal offense, and the journalist will deal with law enforcement later.

Daniel seems to understand, which is because he is a journalist, about this situation. So, jokingly, he apologized and left the video chat room. However, this incident forces the meeting to be ended or put on hold sooner than its schedule. The participant of the meeting and the organization that holds this meeting plans to report Daniel for this incident. There is no information on whether this case is still active or not. But, we can see it as a big blunder from the EU organization.

So, here is the question. Why did it happen? Why Daniel can easily break the confidential event that uses the best safety feature? Is he a top black hat hacker behind his profession as a journalist that capable to break any online protection? The answer is not and maybe, silly is more appropriate here.

Daniel found one of the conferences’ participants, Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld upload a screenshot of the login address of the video call platform used in that conference. Worst of all, she also posts part of her PIN code on Twitter.

The Nieuws crew found out about this and then tries to use it to login and access the video conference platform on that event. It could be hard and took too much time, especially with the PIN code. Fortunately, the PIN code that Ank Bijleveld posted only requires one more number to enter, before you can access the online platform of that conference. With one less number, the searching was much easier. The crew needs to try the number from 0-9, and they got it. Daniel can enter the video conference platform and join the event for a while.

The representative of the Foreign Affairs Council said that they will report this incident to the authority. However, they also added that what Ank Bijleveld did was a stupid mistake.

This incident shows that how advanced and perfect a technology is, if the human behind that technology makes a mistake, which is also human’s nature there is a big change of it messing up the situation. Therefore, technology can only work perfectly well with a reliable and skillful human behind it.

We Try to Find the Best Camera on Four Top Performance Smartphones

The latest Smartphone camera display how far the technology of mobile phone develop and grow. Its ability with various features included in it gives you the best performance and options to take any pictures that you like. Its capability even is comparable with the professional camera. 

To see how far these cameras’ technology can go, we have already tested four Smartphone that is known for its top-quality camera. They are iPhone 12 Pro Max, Google Pixel 5, Huawei Mate 40 Pro, and iPhone 12 Mini. We tested them using three different categories. They are the low light image, zoom capability, and video stabilization. But, before we tell you the result of those three tests, we also try to see its dynamic range as the initial test for these phones.

Phone Dynamic Range

Phone dynamic range is the ability of a phone camera to preserve the detail of the object that was obstructed because of the condition or environment around it. For this test, we try to take a picture of a person standing in the field and the sun is setting right behind him. 

The normal camera will create a silhouette image and the detail of that person will disappear in the shadow. These four phones did a great job. It can preserve the detail of the face, even the skin condition of our model. However, Pixel 5 has a little bit negative point, because the image looks rough with many noises. But, we can conclude that these four can do a good job of taking a high-quality picture. Now, let’s move to the test.

Low Light Image Test

The test is easy. We took a picture in the area where there is a lack of light. In this case, we went to Tate Britain, where the Diwali festival was held at night. The result is quite amazing. These four phones can capture the model without any obstruction. However, Pixel 5 still has that noisy grain problem. The best result was the Mate 40 Pro, which wasn’t only preserving the detail and removing the noise but also prevents the lens flare.

Then, we also tried the night mode of these four smartphones. The best result was the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The model looks clear and beautiful. However, if we return it to the basic performance, Mate 40 Pro is the winner. The result of the low light photo without night mode turned on is almost similar to the other three with night mode on. In the first test, the Huawei phone came as the best.

Zoom Capability Test

Next, we also have a zoom capability test. All these phones also have a super-wide lens for easy zoom out the object. Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 Mini has the basic super-wide lens. On the other hand, iPhone 12 Pro Max has 2.5x optical zoom, and Huawei Mate 40 Pro even has 5x optical zoom. 

The best result came from, once again, Huawei Mate 40 Pro. The optical zoom offers more benefits than the super-wide lens and digital zoom. We tried to take a picture of a squirrel that looks almost invisible thanks to its fur camouflage that match the tree bark texture with this feature. As the result, we can see the high-detailed image of the squirrel head, tail, and even the fur texture.

Video Stabilization Test

For this test, we try to compare the iPhone 12 Pro Max sensor-shift stabilization with other phone video feature. The other phones use optical and digital stabilization feature. iPhone 12 Pro Max gives the best result for this test. The sensor-shift stabilization feature allows you to record detailed and smooth video for a fast movement like sports. In this test, we try to record the model that is running. The iPhone video stabilization gives the best of all.


Camera feature and capability-wise, Huawei Mate 40 Pro has a much better feature and technology than the other three. We can even confidently say that Huawei successfully presents the next generation camera technology on this series. So, if we take only the camera aspect, we will recommend you to get Huawei Mate 40 Pro for the best result. 

Unfortunately, Huawei and the other products from China got US trade blacklist. Therefore, you can’t access Google Play to get the app like you normally do on other Android phones. You need to get the APK file from a third-party provider if you want to install the app. You need to consider this aspect too before you buy it. 

Do the Emotion-Detecting AI Techs Work?

Artificial intelligence is among many things to get a rapid development within the scope of information technology nowadays. The implementation of such technology gets broader and farther that includes the detection of emotion. It means that the AI will be able to detect the emotional expression of a real human. The million-dollar question to that is, does it work for real? How to deal with that? What humans need to do to face that advancement of technology in the form of AI?

The recent update in the field of AI delivers the good news that some companies have managed to build an AI system to deal with emotional expressions reading on humans. The AI will know if a person is angry or happy. It may come in handy at some points in life eventually. Yet, it sparks a kind of debate as to whether or not the tech to put in use. It is pivotal to understand the extent that this tech is okay to use publicly.

Affectiva is a company that comes with the claim of having succeeded in making an emotion-detecting AI. Other companies with the same statement to that particular kind of thing are out there. The true potential of this tech is nothing but staggering for humans. It offers a wide array of purposes. So far, it sits in a pretty similar situation as when a new kind of tech has just surfaced. Should it be widely incorporated into the human life of today?

Amidst the things that this new tech offers are the reading of micro-expressions of humans. Aside from Affectiva, many companies out there have been implementing the basic idea of expression detection AI technology. An example of that is HireVue that provides a kind of AI-driven tool in the form of video to help on a job interview. It mainly detects the so-called emotional engagement of the job applicants so that the company will get help to make decisions.

Another example is Oxygen Forensics that provides a kind of emotion-detecting software to police officers. It underlines the importance of the responsible application to this thing for the better outcome of it in human life. The fundamental purpose of the tech that it offers is an additional insight for police officers when conducting a large-scale investigation of a case. There is nothing to worry about it at all as long as it is in the right hand. Those who understand the way to use it will make the most out of it.

Rana el Kaliouby is the co-founder of Affectiva that so far deals with the development of AI tech. The ability of a system to detect human emotion is very crucial these days. A fine example is a way that an AI will notice when a person gets distracted while driving. That could save the possibly dangerous situation on the road. There are many more things that will show the marvelous effects of this AI tech out of the information technology scope of today.

So, how to face it as a human? Well, there is no need to be afraid of that kind of advancement in technology. Today’s global state of the Covid-19 is a clear example where an AI that could read the emotions of humans is at a high level of need. A lot of contacts and communication these days are done through calls. Emotion-detecting AI will help anyone to get a better idea of the other end of the communication without having to say it out loud.

This kind of technology has been around for quite some time, to be honest. Yet, it has never been as advanced as today. Today there have been many things with AI features embedded in them. Even smartphone camera now comes with the so-called AI technology to capture better images. It is only reasonable for an item within the tech scope to be broader in terms of its use. Once the tech is in further development, it will be available to use on a much larger scale of the environment as well.

AI technology is not a thing that human needs to be afraid of it. It will not be like those AIs in many movies that end up conquering the world by killing all humans. The AI tech of today remains under the control of humans as the one who found and developed it. Just embrace it and get the positive effects of the tech instead of worrying too much about the unpleasant sides of it. It will be nothing but beneficial for the world of today and the future.

False Information Sensation over the Coronavirus Origin by Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon

The global pandemic of Covid-19 is a problem that a lot of people are dealing with it at the moment. In the middle of the global struggle of the world’s citizens, some people bring their plans to the scene. That is the case of the popular sensation of false information that includes two names of Steven Bannon and Guo Wengui. Both of them come to the scene to hit the Chinese in general over the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The scheme involves some more names from the beginning of it all back in January of 2020. Those two names are the ones responsible for creating this so-called whistleblower scheme of Covid-19. They target the people of the US using the plan. The endgame is to build a kind of negative sentiment to the Chinese on its global scale. Among the names within this scheme are Dr. Li-Meng Yan and Wang Dinggang. According to Dr. Yan, the underlining matter here is, to tell the truth of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, it has only been a ride to deliver false information in a beautiful wrap of Christmas gifts that people are eager to open. It starts with the claim of Dr. Yan concerning the rumors of a new virus being played by the government in mainland China. She decided to contact Wang Dinggang, a popular YouTube host in the scope of delivering criticism towards the Chinese government. The blow-up on the channel leads to much wider exposure of the claim.

The first time Dr. Yan decided to contact Wang Dinggang about this matter, she did not want to be mention to the public. About eight months after that, her name is all over the news after she made appearances in the US. The evolution of being anonymous to a high-profile character is the outcome of a great collaboration of Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon. They are doing the so-called marketing campaign for Dr. Yan in the US to bring their plans out regardless of the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Guo Wengui is a Chinese billionaire who is very active in a small corner of the Chinese diaspora. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon is a former adviser to Donald Trump among the highly influential far-right group in the US. The purpose of the group under those names is similar. They intend to deliver some negative impacts to the Chinese in general. That is the start of the so-called carefully engineered spread of a fast-growing echo chamber for misinformation over many platforms and channels.

The two of them bring Dr. Yan to the United States and intensively train her to act accordingly in from of the public. That includes the way she should handle her media appearances as well as the way she talks about the information under her claim about the Covid-19 spread. They even arrange some interviews on TV channels that will hit a lot of people in the US. That brings Dr. Yan to interviews with Tucker Carlson and also Lou Dobbs on Fox, a popular channel in the US.

The interview of Dr. Yan with Tucker Carlson on Fox racked up to almost 9 million views online. That is a tremendous result to boost the purpose of bringing down the Chinese government and raising the sentiment of anti-Chinese in the US. The second thing has another aim to distract people from focusing on the terrible ways of the Trump administration in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak in the US. The origin of Dr. Yan as a researcher from Hong Kong is strong support to this kind of thing.

Unfortunately, about two weeks after the show, even Tucker Carlson said that he could not endorse the claim of Dr. Yan on the show. Yet, she is welcome to explain further about the statement. The interview follows the release of a 26-page research paper from Dr. Yan. Many professionals in the field have declined to support in many ways. The research is only a jumble of scientific terms to make it looks interesting. Unfortunately, there is no real essence on it to take seriously.

Popular platforms of social media that include Instagram and Facebook flagged this specific information released by Dr. Yan as false information. Even the claim that China has deliberately released the disease as told by Dr. Yan is among the fallacious information on the spread. The absence of a transparent investigation and sample sharing from the Chinese side is there as well within this tailored information that led a lot of people to massive disinformation.

A 17-Year-Old Boy was Arrested as the Mastermind of Cybercrime Actions

A teenager from Florida was arrested to be a suspect of hacking activities on Twitter. His “victims” are even not common people but popular public figures in the world. Yes, some accounts that have been successfully hacked by the teenager are owned by famous names like Elon Musk, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Jeff Bezos, Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, and even Joe Biden. So, who is the hacker actually?

A 17-Year-Old Boy

He is Graham Clark, a 17-year-old boy who was finally known as the mastermind of some account hacks on Twitter. The case began when some of the “victims” including Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Kanye West tweeted about the Bitcoin fraud that has happened on June 15. A team from the FBI responded to the report immediately along with some other agencies including IRS and Florida officials. They arrested the teenager in Tampa, Florida, the US.

Based on the results of the investigation, Clark was not alone in doing his action. He hacked the accounts along with 2 friends who are older than him. They were Nima Fazeli, 22 years old, and Mason Sheppard 19 years old. Uniquely, the three of them were not doing their actions in the same location. While Clark is in Florida, Fazeli lived in Orlando and Shepperd is from the UK. According to the US Department of Justice, those perpetrators use usernames Rolex and Chaewon.

Fazeli and Sheppard were arrested first

At the beginning, FBI announced they have arrested a total of two people in the hacking case. But later, an underage boy confessed to FBI that he had helped those two suspects, particularly Chaewon, to sell access to a Twitter account. The underage boy said that he is from California instead.

However, based on the official statement released by the FBI, they didn’t simply trust the report as they have believed that it was Clark who did the hacking actions along with the 2 suspects arrested before. Uniquely, Clark, the youngest one from Tampa, was the only person who got the exclusive access to the Twitter internal tool and did the fraud directly.

The Chronology

The report from the FBI also explained the chronology of how the actions were done by the youngsters. Clark convinced a Twitter employee that he worked in the IT department in the same company. He did it so that the employee wanted to give him official access to one of the biggest social media platforms. Then, Clarke cooperated with the other two suspects to hack the accounts of many public figures. The activities were then followed by tweets and reports by those figures in attempts to inform their followers.

Arrests and Punishments

Shepperd was successfully traced because he used his private SIM card to verify himself when trading using Cryptocurrencies; Binance and Coinbase. His account was known to send and receive Bitcoins as result of skimming. The same thing also happened to Fazeli. He also used his private SIM card to verify Coinbase. He named his account Rolex to receive the payment.

Following the cybercrime action that they have done, Fazeli is sentenced to 5 years in prison and a money fine of USD 250,000 for the computer intrusion action he has done. Meanwhile, Sheppard was charged with computer hacking, network fraud conspiracy, and money laundering conspiracy and he is sentenced to 20 years in jail and a money fine of USD 250,000.

It was really surprising the first time since Fazeli and Sheppard were only intermediaries. There was a bigger hacker with the username Kirk#5270 who was believed to get access to the Twitter internal system on July 22. Previously, it was not clear enough whether it is really Clark or not who was behind the account. But based on the newest release by the FBI, it seems that Clark is really the mastermind of the action.

More Indictments for Clark

Of course, as the mastermind, there are more indictments given to Clark. The judge of Hillsborough, Andrew Warren, files at least 30 indictments to him. Warren stated that Clark has used famous people to do cybercrimes. Well, but those people were not the main victims here. Their accounts were hacked to rob money from people from all over the US, including in Clark’s hometown, Florida.

However, despite all the crimes that have been done by the 17-year-old teenager, in his press conference, the persecutor didn’t file Clark for all of his action. It is because the law in Florida said that they will not punish underage kids. Sure, there are controversies surrounding the case. But this is what the law has written anyway.

The Best New Games to Play in Xbox Series X and PS5 This November

Undeniably, playing video games have been a part of our life for a long time. Moreover, there are currently so many media you can use to do this hobby. Yes, you can play the game simply on your Smartphone or PC. But for doing it on another level, a console game is still a great choice.

Buying a new console is not a bad thing for sure. Moreover, November is well-known as the month of blockbuster video games also. Some products have been available in the market and there are 2 of them with so many enthusiasts all around the world; Xbox Series X and PS5. Both are great for sure as it is seen from the impressive visuals and the collections of exclusive games. So, here are further descriptions of both.

Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the design. So, is the design really important since many players also consider this matter when buying a console product? If you prefer a console with a more compact design, it is PS5 that wins. However, Xbox series X is actually physically smaller than its competitor. It is just the body that is fatter. For specifications, there are not any significant differences between both consoles. They apply the AMD system along with the same RAM and Optical Drive.

The differences are seen if you are watching the details, particularly, they are about the number. One of them is that the capacity of Xbox Series X is bigger than PS5. On the other hand, PS5 is better in terms of speed and the GPU clockspeed.

The Best Game in PlayStation 5

Sony has announced numerous games to add to its newest console. Besides, some new exclusive games are also added. For the best game in PS5, it depends on the players’ perspectives for sure. However, you must be tempted by some following collections. They are God of War 2, Spider-Man 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Call of Duty, Uncharted, and many more.

For you who love cute game series, Astro’s Playroom is a great game to play also. The game enables the players to guide cute robots to face and solve many obstacles. The technology-themed game is unique and stunning enough for its colorful setting. Sure, there are so many challenges that may make you want to play it more and more. With DualSense Technology, it feels like you are really in the game. It feels so slippery when the robot is walking on the sand. Besides, you can also find it so heavy when your robot is walking in the water.

Another recommended new game from PS5 is Demon’s Souls Remastered. The game is the remake version from the game with the same name available on PS3. Slightly, it is just a conventional game to control characters inside. However, almost all parts of Demon’s Souls Remastered are challenging. The difficulty level is very high but you may just not want to leave it behind before solving the problems there.

The Best Games in Xbox Series X

So, how about the games in Xbox Series X? Are they as interesting as the games in PS5? Sure, you can enjoy some names like Red Dead Redemption 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 4, NBA 2K21, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Watch Dogs Legion, and many more. Of course, it depends on what type of game you want to play before saying that it is the best. Those games are made by famous development companies in which the quality should not be questioned anymore.

Interestingly, the best thing about Xbox Series X is not only about the game collection but also the subscribing service. The feature of Xbox Game Pass is available only at $10 per month for this console. It gives you access to more than 250 games including all offers published by Microsoft. Aside from some big games, Game Pass also provides other mini games you may have played before.

One of the mini games in Game Pass is Mudrunner 2017. The game sounds easy and simple but it is basically a very serious simulation game. In this game, you play a character that drives a big truck and passes through deep mudholes. You must do some tricks to reach the finish line well without problems. Another option is Carto. It is a kind of adventure game that slightly looks lighter and easier than other adventure games. However, it is still very challenging for sure. Above all, the mini game from the Game Pass Xbox series is also interesting to play by anyone.

The Latest Apple’s M1 MacBooks are Just the Same as the Brand’s Previous Products?

iFix confirms that some new series of Apple Macbook, Apple MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air will be on their hands soon. Those series are powered by the M1 processor for a newer and better performance. Yes, the processor tends to be cooler to avoid problems like lags. Besides, the battery is also quite better compared with its predecessors. But how if about other specifications and features? Are there things that make the newest Apple series different and more special?

Some Changes are Indeed Available

The series of Apple Macbook Air and Apple Macbook Pro provide some changes that make them look better than the predecessors. For the MacBook Air series, the biggest change is that the product is available without a fan. To prevent it from overheating, Apple replaces it with an aluminum heat spreader. The feature is indeed more effective to cool down the entire device. But based on the report from iFixit, the spreader needs more treatments to make it work better and durable.

So, how does the spreader work? Still according to the report, there is a thick cool plate right above the M1 processor to pull heat through a conductor that is flatter and cooler. This method is undeniably more effective in cooling down the device and avoiding problems when you use it. However, the process takes more time than using a fan.

For the MacBook Pro, the internal changes are fewer. There are still features including the fan that looks just the same as the previous series. The fan may not work too actively since the processor itself has been working greatly in processing data. This way, you should not be disturbed by the noise caused by it.

Specifications of the M1 Processor

The chip of M1 is equipped with a 5-nanometer processor that enables it to perform better in lower power consumption. For seeing how the performance looks, it is very similar to some other chips given to other Apple products including the chip A14 Bionic in iPhone 12. Furthermore, the processor is also equipped with the integrated memory chip that is also used in other products including iPad Pro 2020.

With the integrated chip, every single part of the M1 processor can access the groups of the same memory without copying or saving data to cache first. It gives the users many other benefits particularly in terms of speed and efficiency.

Other Features in MacBook Air and Macbook Pro

Chip M1 is undeniably great in making the devices have better performances. This is the most important point that makes MacBook Air and MacBook Pro work stunningly. Unfortunately, for other specifications and features, it seems that those Apple’s M1 Macbooks are not so much different from its predecessors.

For MacBook Air, it uses the 8 core GPU as well as a 16-core neural engine. There are 2 types of RAM used; they are 8 and 16GB while the internal and external memories are 512 GB and 2 TB respectively. The capacity is indeed big but some previous series of Apple MacBook uses the same things also. To explore webs with Wi-Fi, MacBook Air is claimed to be long-lasting up to 15 hours. Meanwhile, if you want to play videos offline, you can do it non-stop for 18 hours. Undeniably, the battery performance is quite impressive.

MacBook Pro has a design that is quite similar to MacBook Air. However, this type of MacBook comes with a memory size that is much smaller than MacBook Air. The memory capacities are 256 GB and 512 GB internally and externally. These capacities can still be enlarged with the memory of 2TB if you want. Additionally, the product is supported with 2 ports of Thunderbolt 4 and Jack Audio 3.5 mm. Some other features provided are the cooling fan, Touch Bar, and a fingerprint sensor placed right on the keyboard.


So, are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro great? Sure, they are. But the features and specifications are quite familiar. Yes, some older Macbook products from Apple have the same details also. Indeed, in general, the performances of both Macbooks are better than their predecessors due to the application of the M1 processor. But based on the iFixit report, the lacks of improvement in other details just make the M1 MacBooks less special.

Moreover, there are currently many other laptop products from other brands that provide better specifications and features also. The competition is getting tighter for sure. It is expected that Apple may upgrade its laptop features in their products to launch in the future.

MacBook Air M1 Review

What’s new on Apple’s new MacBook Air? Well, their newest collection of MacBook Air is gorgeously quick. Believe it or not, it starts to work as soon as you open its lid. You can try to browse some webs and be ready to be startled because it can load a lot of sites really fast. If you are a game addict, then you must try some of your favorite games on this device, it will give you a mind blowing gaming experience and most importantly without any fan noise that can disturb your focus. The battery is also really great because it can last for 24 hours. Seriously, MacBook Air M1 really is one of a kind that makes it possible for you to do many things on this very device.

All of those above things can happen because MacBook Air M1 is using an on-a-chip system or you can call it SOC. It is the first time for Macs to install that kind of system. After all this time, Apple is popular for creating its own mobile chip and now Apple has achieved a huge success which can be proven with how Apple’s computer doesn’t need Intel Inside anymore.

Truth to be told Macs are great and many people love it. But over a few years, it’s felt like Apple is ignoring Macs and more on iPhone and iPad. It also can be seen from how the Touch Bar is still wholly divisive and it also still equips with a shallow and easily error-free keyboard. Such a thing is really not fine at all. Fortunately, after all this time you can say that it’s about to change for Macs because right now Apple is really putting a good thought to every part of its Macs, specifically for its CPU.

We can’t deny that the biggest selling point of the iPhone and iPad is the harmonious unity of Apple’s hardware and software. Well, it is a well known fact that Android can offer you a lot more in terms of variation and customization, but if you really want to get something exclusive and luxurious, your best bet must be Apple. And finally after such a long agonizing wait, the company has the courage to bring that exact privilege to Macs.

The first thing that came into my mind while I was operating the MacBook Air M1 is iPad Pro. Why? Because it feels way too similar and I was really shocked by it. The fastest app that I can run is the app which is especially created for M1 such as Safari and GarageBand. If you want to have the best web browsing experience ever then you better stick with Safari. When I opened the site, I acknowledged that it loads almost right away and when I want to scroll through some really complicated pages I can also do it effortlessly. Interestingly, this device is also equipped with MacOs Big Surf which will make it easier in doing some mundane tasks like browsing around the system menus and finders as well.

Actually, MacBook Air M1 also experiences major changes on the inside. It has an eight-core chip based on ARM design. This kind of design is usually found in mobile devices only.

As mentioned before, the M1 no longer uses Intel inside, it uses Rosetta 2 emulator which really do an awesome job. Because of the changes, chrome and Slack launch very fast and without any hint of slowdown. It was really different with the previous Macs where I often found slow down when I was launching Chrome or Slack. However, in this version of Mac I find that Google browser is pretty much slower compared to Safari, in terms of loading web pages. To put it simply, Apple really goes all out to tackle almost every app with so much grace and ease.

Moreover, you can easily add your iPhone and iPad apps that you can manage through your Mac. Apart from that, this MacBook Air M1 is also equipped with pretty good gaming performance. Using this device you can play your favorite game all night or all day if you prefer. You can play your game smoothly with this Mac because the Apple’s SOC gives you up to 8 GPU cores. However, the most mind blowing thing ever is that Apple delivers those awesome performances without a fan. It just has a heat sink and passive cooling to help with the heat. This is such a good news for anyone annoyed with how the MacBook sounds, which is like a plane about to take off.

In sum, the MacBook Air M1 is a really great device which can deliver such an excellent performance without any fan to help to cool off the heat. Furthermore, this MacBook is also equipped with pretty good gaming performance as well as long battery life, so you can play your favorite game as much as you want. Apart from that, you can also run your iPad and iPhone apps through this device. Needless to say, Apple really does a great job with this MacBook Air M1.