Microsoft xCloud Project New Challenge

The preview of the new xCloud project where Microsoft finally adds Sony’s DualShock 4 wireless pad as one of the supported devices in this project generates many questions. Moreover, Microsoft also did it almost at the same time when Google Stadia was previewed as well. According to Kareem Choudhry, corporate vice president of the gaming cloud of Microsoft, this new project can be expanded into various features. So, if you say that in the future, you can play Xbox games on Android devices using the PlayStation controller that is not an impossible thing.

That’s not all. Microsoft also adds 50 games for their xCloud service. Famous titles, such as Devil May Cry 5, Tekken 7, Madden NFL 20, and Rainbow Six Siege are some of them. Next year, the support for Windows 10 PC will be also released.

Microsoft also expands the preview to a wider area, such as India, Japan, and Canada in the future. According to Catherine Gluckstein, product leader on xCloud, they have the vision to let people from all places to use Project xCloud on their device. When she was asked if Microsoft will develop a device similar to Google Chromecast, she said that there is a possibility for that.

There is also a rumor about the end of the console era. However, Microsoft doesn’t seem to follow that rule, even though they launch the Project xCloud, the game streaming service. Choudhry said that their Project Scarlett, which will be the project to create a new Xbox version that will be released at the end of 2020, is still ongoing. This console will compete with the Sony PlayStation 5.

Choudhry explained even though the online games and downloadable content are on the rise today, he can’t leave the game console. The reason is the physical disc sales for games are still high. Therefore, it keeps going as an important part of Microsoft’s gaming business.

The other reasons could be seen from the preview of the xCloud project at the X019 event in London. In this demo, it was clearly showing how the disc and game console is important for the game industry. At that event, the demo used a tablet to use the streaming game service using the 4G internet connection. The result is pretty much not satisfying. the performance wasn’t as good as what it said. There is a buffering and pixelating problem that occurs in a specific interval. Therefore, the online game streaming project like this needs a stable, fast and good internet connection. And, this is a problem Microsoft try to solve.

Choudhry explained that xCloud was designed for a 4G connection with the speed of at least 10 Mbps. People with a good 4G internet connection or Wi-Fi connection can experience the best performance for this service. However, Microsoft also wants to provide the best experience with a low requirement. Choudhry said that currently, his team tries to find the balance for video quality, latency, and bandwidth element for the xCloud project.

xCloud still struggles to give the best experience with a slower internet connection than 10 Mbps. And, they still try to push on how lower the internet connection this service needs so it can work well. With a lack of home broadband connection that provides the requirement for xCloud to perform at its best, the game console will take that role for providing the best gaming experience.

Google is indeed starting the race faster than Microsoft and Sony. However, Microsoft has confidence in persuading people to take their subscription because the gamer can get the best from this service. Choudhry added that this system (xCloud) uses the already-developed gaming ecosystem these days. Moreover, they offer the most important key that can satisfy the games, which are the games itself.

From the preview, the 50 games you can find on xCloud is already outnumbered the games available in Google Stadia, which is only 12 titles. Moreover, these 12 titles are also included the old games. However, what Gluckstein said about the game streaming as the way to change how to play the game and improve its performance or make it more interesting as the key for Microsoft to compete in this field. As we all know, when a game title was brought to other platforms, including a game streaming platform, there are always many changes that the development studios need to be done to make it playable.

Gluckstein also added that Microsoft has already started the development of the cloud version titles. This will be the challenge to see the problem, understand it, and find the solution and opportunity o that market. Many developers also did the same to compete in this specific market.

Google Release A Patch for the Problem in AMP4Email Feature

Gmail is one of the most popular email services. Its free version provides one of the best free email services you can find. Google also offers many unique and useful features you can find on other email services. One of them is the dynamic email feature. It’s also known as AMP4Email.

AMP4Email can be considered the newest feature from Google for its Gmail service. This feature allows you to add dynamic HTML content in your email. With this capability, you can do many things. For example, the message you send will activate a command that the recipient can use. So, if you use this feature to create a message to spread a specific event, like a questionnaire, or let the recipient access a catalog, you can do it beautifully with its dynamic feature.

However, the Google Vulnerability Reward Program found something worrying about this new feature. They expose the serious problem and bug that occur in this feature back in August this year. This feature is prone to a hacking attack that utilizes the dynamic ability and its ability to include HTML content in the email. The hacker and phisher can easily use the XSS or cross-site scripting method to inject a link that will start the attack through the AMP4Email feature.

According to Michał Bentkowski, Chief Security Researcher, via the blog post at Securitum, by allowing the access to include dynamic content in email, anyone can easily attach the JavaScript code in it. And, that could be dangerous. This condition doesn’t only work for the dangerous link. People also can add tags and attributes that are safe and even whitelisted by AMP4Email. Yet, it still posts some threat.

This feature doesn’t allow adding id attribute in the tags. This is another problem you must face. People can use this user-controlled id attribute to create HTML elements that they can use for the DOM Clobbering attack.

Why it can be used for DOM Clobbering? He explained that when you want to create an element in HTML, which that element will be referenced to specific JavaScript, you can use two function lines. They are the “document.getElementById(‘username’)” and “document.querySelector(‘#username’)” command lines. This is the standard method to create the HTML element that referenced to JavaScript. However, you also can use other methods.

The other methods you can use are the global window object property. You can use this part to create the access that you want. The attacker uses the “window.username” command line to create similar effect like when you use “document.getElementById(‘username’)”. In short, AMP4Email provides a much easier method to create the elements that the attacker can use to inject the code in the email.

With that easier method to inject the code, this feature can become many problems in the future. And, it increases the risk of DOM Clobbering. DOM Clobbering itself is a legacy feature you can find on many web browsers. Moreover, this is also the source of many problems that can happen on many applications you use to access that web browser or integrated with it.

The researchers also found out how AMP4Email can cause a problem. They test it by using their id attributes to the HTML elements. Then, when you open the email that loads the JavaScript file the sender send to you using this new feature, it adds the specific URL in it. This URL is then described as the “undefined” link. When it happens, it is proved that DOM Clobbering occurs.

This condition is common in the DOM Clobbering. It happens because the expected property that was originally added to the loaded JavaScript is missing. Therefore, the URL turns into an undefined URL link. When this condition occurs, it can affect the performance of the web browser you use to open the message. Furthermore, it also can affect the application and other parts of your device software.

It doesn’t seem dangerous when you see it at glance. The problem also can be solved by repairing the HTML elements in it. However, this condition also is proved that the script code in the email can be activated through the AMP4Email feature. So, if you want, you can tweak the code and attributes for this kind of email. With this wide-opened path to enter others’ systems, the attacker can easily inject malicious code that can damage and cause a bigger problem.

Regarding this problem, Google has finally released the patch to repair the problem caused by their new feature. This new patch will solve the DOM Clobbering problem and risk of the injection of unwanted script code using the AMP4Email feature

Older Galaxy Watch Can Enjoy Galaxy Watch Active 2 Features

As we know, Galaxy Watch Active 2 was released on September 23 in the US. With the release of the Galaxy Active Watch 2 software on November 19, new software is available through an update and brings a number of amazing new features to older devices. These features do not have to be new breakthroughs, but they must be useful additions for Galaxy Watch users. The new features make the old user does not need to buy the new one. Here are the features that can be enjoyed with Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Bixby Voice

Bixby is a voice assistant created by Samsung for their mobile devices and adds voice control for Samsung digital assistants that functions to facilitate the work of Samsung users. Like other voice assistants, Bixby performs personal assistant assignments that perform for clients. Such a task that Bixby Voice does is listen to audiobooks, open apps, check the weather, play the music, turn on Bluetooth, changing settings, translating something, make Bixby as your personal photographer, taking notes, and post something to social media. But it is an old feature, the latest Bixby version that surprised the user is including the ability to start exercise routines, control your SmartThings ecosystem, looking out the time difference between places.

New Language Support

It is very impossible for a device to only have one language, even though it is an international language. Over time, other languages are needed in the use of devices. The function of language is to easier the people’s life so this is why Galaxy Watch Active 2 feature which was originally only in American English coupled with British English. The Language that shows up after updating the older Galaxy Watch is British English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. These new features make the Galaxy Watch users easier to operate their smartwatch in a different language.

The Touch Bezel

The user of the Galaxy Watch can make the easy force to the Galaxy Watch by moving their thum around the screen. If the old feature of bezel get many complain because it did not work, not with the latest update. You will find zero problems with it. In another way, this latest smartwatch feature, which has a natural revolve bezel, is getting some other ne things from the latest Samsung smartwatch. These features include tracking for rotation time for jogging and the others exercise, data balancing system form NFC for Technogy training stuff, developments to the always-on display while boosting the battery or when saving power mode is sustain, weak heartbeat alerts, and some changes to the Health App of Samsung. The new features make the users easier to reach their exercise goals.

My Style Feature

The latest feature lets users make custom watch surface that fit their apparel, after capturig something with their gadget. The most useful function of the latest update of My Style is the icon for in-use applications moves to the bottom of the watch screen, these new features will help the galaxy watch user to manage their used-apps quickly. The current time always displays on the screen even the galaxy watch is in use. The new emojis are also available in the latest feature of My Style.

Good Battery Performance

The new features make the user can comfortably use the Galaxy Watch for last two days with light usage, meaning no workouts and just getting the notifications. Throw in 30 to 60 minutes of exercise and you will likely be charging before your sleep or even if the galaxy watch charge before going to the office or going to school it still can use a whole day. The Battery Performance is so satisfying if compared to another smartwatch that needs everyday charging even twice charging in a day so it can be used for a whole day.

With updating the old Galaxy Watch or buying the new one, the galaxy watch users will enjoy many features that making the task easier to do. With the new features, you’ll find nothing but a smooth and good performance of the software. Seems Samsung wants to say apologize for the old mistakes such as not-working bezel, lack of existing languages, the current time that not showed on the galaxy watch screen-on, and incomplete health features that so important nowadays. If the user of Samsung galaxy watches still thinking about updating their devices, the new features will make you happy. It feels you don’t need to buy the new one because your old smartwatch already feels like new.