Google Buys Software Company CloudSimple

On July 2019, Google announced their partnership with CloudSimple to help more company teams move their on-site operations to the cloud but now, Google is straight buying them based on Vice President Engineering at Google, Rich Sanzi statement on Monday, “This agreement making our last collaboration with CloudSimple that we inform on July, it make us must advance a perfect Vmware migration solution with upgrade service for our users”

 CloudSimple announced at their Linkedin, “We’re excited to announce that CloudSimple is now a part of Google Cloud! We’ll continue to focus on accelerating our ability to help customers easily move their VMware workloads to the cloud” on Monday and “We got the improbable things to convert the firm workloads to the cloud by collaborating more critical with a cloud provider who can help CloudSimple with bigger investments and faster assimilation with the cloud to get the big impact of what we ask to them,” said Pangal in a written blog post. It is interesting because previously SimpleCloud was a company once central to Microsoft’s cloud ambitions.

So what is CloudSimple? CloudSimple is a firm that offers a service to the world’s leading cloud vendors to spread and manage workloads in a dedicated, private cloud in public clouds. With the full support of Microsoft and VMware, the first offering is a service for VMware. Pangal was established the CloudSimple in 2016, StorSimple is the previously found by him too. StorSimple is a cloud storage system builder that was bought by Microsoft. CloudSimple helps the company looking to move VMware workloads to the cloud without any transformation and continue to use the familiar VMware and cloud management tools they know. IT benefits from the aptitude and on-demand, the elastic infrastructure of the cloud, as well as lowering costs. The VMware project and plans for the designing, developing and optimizing the product which makes the computing more superfluous, available, accessible as well as easily scalable. There are three VMware products such as VMware server, workstation, and vSphere.

Vmware that show up on Google Cloud Platform, the users will get all of the intimacy form the cloud stuff, learning and keep their investment, as they behead on their cloud method and immediately give the latest  benefit to customers, run them flawlessly and safer from hybrid cloud area. Through Google’s existing partnership with CloudSimple, customers can drift their Vmare workloads from on-premise data centers directly into Google Cloud VMware Solution by CloudSimple, while also creating new Vmware workload as desired. The partnership with Google Cloud enables the mutual customers to run VMware workloads on VMware Cloud Foundation in Google Cloud Platform. The innovation prowess, modern infrastructure, and leadership in areas such as smart analytics convinced SimpleCloud that joining together with Google would further their joint vision. The acquisition came into real after GCP’s $2.6 billion deal in June to acquire Looker, the Business Intelligence (BI) specialist. As with Looker, CloudSimple is already a major GCP partner.

By acquiring SimpleCloud, this makes cloud competition increasing. Enterprise customer base is crucial to cloud service providers as their allocating to modernize IT infrastructure is increasing. The enterprises are fastly shifting from traditional application software to software as a service (SaaS), which is expected to contribute to the public cloud spending globally. However, Google’s acquisition of CloudSimple is likely to help it in delivering boost experience to enterprise customers. Moreover, customers will apply VMware tools and protect their investments with VMware on Google Cloud. Google acquires SimpleCloud is one of the Biggest Tech Breakthrough in a Generation. Became one of the earliest investors in a new type of device that experts say could have as much impact on society as electricity was discovered. Current technology will soon be out-of-date and replaced by this new device. In the process, it is expected to create many jobs and afford many benefits.

Things like this are actually not so surprising because as happened before, Google, which is a large company that has a combined company from aplhabet, the A-Z company. The names of the big and well-known companies owned by Google such as Google Maps, AdSense, DoubleClick and YouTube generate huge amounts of profits. In 2017, Google bought 11 company which are Limes Audio (Sweden), Fabric                   (United States), Kaggle (United States), AppBridge (United States), Owlchemy Labs (United States), Halli Labs (India), AIMatter (Belarus), HTC (portions) (Taiwan), Bitium               (United States), Relay Media (United States), and 60db (United States). In 2019, Google bought 7 companies, Superpod (United States), Alooma (Israel), Nightcorn (German), Looker (United States), Elastifile (United States), Socratic (United States), and the latest is CloudSimple (Unites States).

Realme 5s India will be released: know the Prices, Specifications, and Everything related to this smartphone

For those of you who can’t wait for the presence of a Realme product, this is good news. The Realme 5s smartphone is rumored to be ready to be released in India, the launch process will take place tomorrow. In addition to Realme 5s, there is another smartphone that was released along with it, the Realme X2 Pro smartphone. Before the event took place, the official company Realme had notified leaks related to the advanced features of the smartphone to revive the sensation of the next budget offer. In particular, the advanced features of the Realme 5s smartphones are equipped with a super clear rear camera that uses a 48-megapixel camera. Also, another advanced feature in Realme 5s is the large battery capacity that has been implanted in the mobile phone and can make it last for hours during use. Battery capacity is 5,000mAh. For the processor, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. Continue reading to find out more information.

Date and price list of Realme 5s when it will be launched in India

The Realme 5s smartphone will launch on November 20 in India. The launch time will be exactly at 12:30 pm Indian time. Also, their other mainstay products will be released, namely Realme X2 Pro. If you attend the cellphone launch event directly you will likely get an announcement that will surprise you. So far, the leaks regarding the price of this cell phone can not be ascertained. However, most likely what will happen is the price of this phone will be not far from the price of competitors’ phones that have almost the same specifications. Namely Redmi Note 8.

The presence of Realme 5s has been awaited by many people and often among them expect this type to be an inexpensive smartphone. You can watch this launch event live through the official Youtube Channel of Realme and various other official social media platforms that they have. The smartphone company based in China will also announce the exact price of Realme 5s phones during the launch event.

Realme makes it easy for customers who want to order by phone in advance, they call it the “Blind Offer” on their official website. “Blind Offer” has been available since November 18 and it coincides on Monday. The offer continues until the launch event. You can pre-order the phone with a predetermined minimum deposit. When you place an order, the mobile will begin shipping to your home starting on November 20.


For you lovers of Realme products, many might already know that Realm 5s is the result of an increase from the previous product, namely Realme 5. When viewed from its form, at a glance it might look the same. At the beginning of last month, they officially announced the specifications of the screen to be installed on their new cell phones. The 5s Realme screen is quite wide and very good, the HD screen is 6.15 inches wide with a water drop pattern.

If you have checked directly on the official website of the company Realme, of course, you already know the information about the camera settings features in Realme 5s. The feature is almost the same as that of the previous cell phone, namely Realme 5, the striking difference is the quality of the camera used in Reals 5s is 48 megapixels and the quality of the camera that is on Realme 5 (its predecessor) is 12 megapixels. With the sophistication of camera technology that has been provided on this new mobile phone, it allows you to take pictures and take pictures with very clear and bright images.

For other rear camera sensor features available on this phone, it is reportedly still the same as the Realme 5 cell phone, namely a 2-megapixel macro camera, an 8-megapixel angle shooter, and a 2-megapixel portrait camera. As for the front camera on this phone, it is rumored to be supported by a 13-megapixel quality camera. According to observations that we have made so far, the drawback is that this phone is a color that can be chosen is very limited. This is the news that has been eagerly awaited by Realme fans, namely the presence of different color choices in Realme 5s which will be released tomorrow.

In addition to this information, the Realme company has also reported that the Realme 5s that will be launched will pack a 5,000mAh battery. Most likely the battery is not yet supported by the fast charging feature as in other sophisticated mobile phones. But do not worry, all that can be covered with the Snapdragon 665 processor. RAM capacity on this phone is also quite large at 4GB. Additional features such as fingerprint sensor detection are also available on this phone and placed on the back of this smartphone. For more details, we should wait for news about the certainty of the price tomorrow after this phone is officially launched.


  • Display            : 6.50
  • Processor        : Snapdragon 665
  • Front Camera        : 13 mega pixel
  • Rear Camera        : 48 + 8 + 2 megapixel
  • RAM            : 4GB
  • Storage        : 64GB
  • Battery Capacity    : 5000mAh
  • OS            : Android 9 pie
  • Resolution        : 720 x 1600 pixels

Facebook gets into the meme-making biz with experimental Whale the app This app was quietly released in Canada last week

The shocking news came from Facebook, secretly it turned out that they had launched a new meme-making application called the Whale application, this was the result of a report compiled from The Information. This application can currently only be downloaded via the App Store, especially for those in Canada, where the list states that this application can edit and beautify some of your images or photos from your stock photo library. You can use some of the features provided such as applying filters, inserting stickers and emojis, and cutting. After the image or photo editing process is successful, you can share the results of the creation to some of your other social media accounts that are also owned by other Facebook such as Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

The application list confirms that the product development process was carried out by Facebook’s New Product Experiment (NPE) team, which was established early in 2019 to develop and research new experimental applications for the giant Facebook company. In line with this, Facebook confirms that they will use a different brand name with the aim of setting expectations that the application can be sold in the market very quickly, or if there is the worst possibility, then they will close the application if Facebook finds that they are no longer needed for people all over the world. NPE was also targeted to release two of their other applications which will be named with Aux and also Bump, aimed at students and students. A Facebook spokesman said that the application was launched to help companies find innovations in the form of applications that are currently being liked by many people in the world.

It seems very clear which demographics were the target of this application when it was first created and launched. Facebook is struggling to reach young people, especially those who are addicted to memes. A study conducted by Pew and published earlier this year said that almost half of all teenagers in America use Facebook. From the data that already exists, it might sound a lot, but the fact is Facebook is not the one that has the biggest grip, especially if you compare it to its golden age in the past when it was first launched. The strong competitiveness that has been given by the competitors of other application makers to Facebook turns out to constantly make this company lose its strength.

Facebook experiments when TikTok was developing rapidly

Facebook experiments with this new application were carried out amid the widespread use of the TikTok application, a social media application that focuses on videos that are popular among users who are just getting into their teens. Over the past few years after the product was launched outside of its home country, China, TikTok has been used by almost all circles and is a trusted and popular source of applications used to create memes and can be shared with almost all other well-known social media services. Throughout this year, it has been noted that the ByteDance application has approximately 500 million users worldwide and is on its way to the next stage they have planned to have 1.5 billion users from various walks of life around the world. It seems that their path will not be smooth, because there are signs that this month it is predicted that growth will begin to experience a slight slowdown.

With the presence of TikTok, the competition between the two will be tighter and indirectly the battle for social media supremacy will occur. Also recently, Facebook introduced a new feature called Reels. The product launch was carried out in Brazil. Reels are made by copying the style of posts that exist on TikTok, it is done so that the popularity of TikTok can be rivaled.

At the same time, TikTok has also penetrated the world of e-commerce, which allows top-class users to start connecting to their stores within posts. The users can then freely access the store and buy various types of goods without having to die the main application TikTok. Everything is done to facilitate its users.

The rapid growth of TikTok certainly raises polemics in the business world of applications. This is evidenced by criticism made by Mark Zuckerberg, who is also the owner of the Facebook company for application censorship applied by the Chinese government. Simultaneously, US government lawmakers are also investigating the ties of TikTok owned by ByteDance by directly visiting Beijing.

The Whale is currently on a long list of experimental applications that have been bought or launched by Facebook for years since the company was founded. The experimental applications include Moments, Lifestage, Notify, Slingshot, Poke, Moves, Hello, and Tbh. Now, the question that arises is whether the Whale will be able to expand to other markets outside of Canada? This might happen if the application succeeded in capturing the hearts of customers to use it, in other words successfully running the test. However, even if the Whale succeeds, Facebook can easily get rid of the Whale’s main application and immediately implement its tools in the Facebook application that they depend on. By following Facebook’s track record, we suggest not to be too attached to their latest experiments.

Valve Half-Life Alyx Is a New VR Game

A valve is a big player in the game industry. Finally, it launches a new game from the half-life franchise. However, it is not a half-life 3 game that is mostly waiting. The owner of Valve has informed that half-life: Alyx is a new virtual reality game that will be launched by its half-life franchise. It has been known that its a popular FPS game franchise. This game presents to the second series in which most of the fans expect to get the new series. Some interesting things about this VR game can be revealed. What are they? 

An Interesting Virtual Reality Game from Valve

Virtual Reality game from Valve is not a Sasquatch game that is easy to understand. However, it is an indication that a series of half-life is still existed and breathing among gamers. You need to wait longer to get the explanation of half-life: Alyx. It has been received well at the time and still be regarded to be an example of a recommended game video. It is interestingly to visit it back and play it again. You will see some changes to this new game when you play it. However, the fact is that half-life is a virtual reality game controlling one’s enthusiasm for some fans. The expensive virtual reality devices are not necessary to run it. It is combined with the lack of games making this virtual reality game worst for some gamers. It is not a continuing series of half-life that has been launched and played by the gamers in some decades. Though, every stage is getting back to the nature of Gordon Freeman and surely makes everyone enthusiastic. At least, something special can be got when you are playing it. 

A New Game Play of Valve Half-Life

You can take your jacket if you go to hell because Valve makes a half-life game anymore. Don’t get enthusiastic if it is not half-life 3 again. The valve as a developer announced that it will launch new gameplay in Valve half-life: Alyx game. It is adorable and challenging for the people loving the virtual reality game. It is enthusiastic to reveal that half-life: alyx that it is a new virtual game from Valve. It will be launched soon to share with the gamers. Many fans are enthusiastic to hear it in some more things. It launches debuted in 1998 in which it has kept the big fanbase though it has been released in one last decade. The people trust and get enthusiastic finding the signs that half-life 3 possibly come to the upcoming years. However, you can enjoy the highly satisfied joys through this virtual reality game. 

Continuing the Episodes in Half-Life: Alyx

2 years after half-life 2, the upcoming episode is released. A majority of fans have received the facts that Valve continues the challenging story of Gordon Freeman and let it hang on at all. It is not a half-life game only. It’s gonna be stopping in the number of two and it causes jokes among the gamers. Valve seems to be worried in three numbers. However, this week hears the surprising news related to the series of half-life. The valve is not announcing a half-life 2: episode three. It is a virtual reality game at the premier blockbuster class. The developer doesn’t inform it what kind of game is. The details related to half-life: Alyx is revealed sooner. 

A Short Explanation of Half-Life: Alyx

An interesting thing of a half-life: Alyx is Valve conducting through its social media account that has been verified. The news of this new game launching is making everyone curious. The developer will reveal the information about its new virtual reality later. It is a few explanations about this game with its episodic challenges in the game. It has been released in 2004 to be a sequel of shooter games being a debut in a gamin industry. After the project of half-life 2 ended, Valve is ambitious to continue the protagonist characters in this game, Gordon Freeman. It becomes the main figure in this virtual reality game that can be played later. It is designed in a short duration to play Gordon Freeman in which it is released in the form of an episode. Alyx is a non-playable figure namely Alyx Vance being the most important character in a half-life 2 accompanying Freeman in the journey and getting more praises from international game media because of the non-mainstream characteristics. Despite being a strong character, Alyx is also smart and smartly speaking so that it represents the gamers’ feelings.