Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR 42 mm with AMOLED DISPLAY and 64-Days Battery Life

Huami Amazfit GTR 42mm with AMOLED Display is one of the new Smartwatch products from Xiaomi. Well, the design itself has been leaked several days ago and generated some questions from the audience. One of them is; when will the product release? Well, it is reasonable if the Smartwatch is awaited by many customers. The stylish design, great features, and friendly price are the main reasons why people just wish to buy it.

Aside from being hype in China, the series from Xiomi commonly is also widely talked about in India. Sure, it is followed in other countries around the world even in the US and South Korea where its competitors are lived in. So, what are the specifications of the product along with the pros and cons? Check them out.

Huami Amazfit GTR Specifications

If many products of Smartwatch require you to recharge them too often even within a day, Amazfit GTR seems to be more special. The Smartwatch can be used in 74 days only with a charge. However, this feature can only work well in the basic watch. On the other hand, if you want to activate all the features, you can set it up into the normal mode. You need to recharge it once in 24 days.

The next feature is probably not really special. It is water resistant up to 5ATM. So, you can wear it while swimming or even diving but not in a too deep area. There are GPS and GLONASS that enable you to track positions of 12 types of exercise. Sure, common functions of smartwatch can be enjoyed here. They are receiving messages and calls, display notifications, reminders, weather information, music, and more.

Two Sizes Available

As you may have known, Amazfit GTR smartwatch comes out with 2 main sizes; they are 42 mm and 47 mm. The differences are placed on the resolution and, of course, size. the 47 mm version has a resolution of 454×454 pixels. Meanwhile, the 42 mm version comes out with a resolution of 390×390 pixels. Both versions use the AMOLED screen anyway.

The Iron Man Edition

Uniquely, the series also releases a special edition of Iron Man. In general, specifications are just the same as general versions. It is only about the design that is different. The Iron Man Amazfit GTR has a red belt while the screen is dominated by the black color. For the numbering and buttons, they are in red also. So, do you want to make your appearance look more stylish? Grab this version fast since the series is limited.


Xiaomi is known for its affordable products but still with high qualities. So, is Amazfit GTR one of them? Fortunately, yes, it is. The price starts at 1,000 Yuan, it is for the stainless steel and aluminum versions. Meanwhile, 1,400 Yuan is for the titanium variant. For the Iron Man series, it is priced at 1,400 Yuan as it is in the category of titanium version. If you are converting the number, it means that the products are priced starting from $133 to $233 or around Rs. 9,999 in India. Well, they are quite affordable, aren’t they? At least, it is if you compare them with other products from Apple or Samsung.

Pros and Cons

Since the product has not been released globally, it is still difficult to know the pros and cons. Yes, not many people who can have it unless if they are living in China. But although the pros and cons are still unknown, there are some predictions revealed. What are they?

There are many pros to this product for sure. First of all, it is about stylish design. You can choose some color variants including white, black, and even pink. Not to forget, there is also the Iron Man version that is dominated by the black and red. This smartwatch is recommended for you who prefer simple design. There are not too many accents on it, making it look more elegant.

Second, it is definitely about the cheap price. With many great features, the money of around $133 is just worth it. Okay, many other products may have higher features. But the prices are commonly much more expensive.

Third, the features are more than enough for smartwatches below $400. Well, with a small amount of money, you can get benefits from the more expensive ones.

How about the cons? In general, it has not been tested yet whether the smartwatch is really durable or not. Besides, there is no extra protection to avoid damages or scratches from hit or blow.

Why You Should Stop Using Internet Explorer Now

How many are you still using Internet Explorer as the default browser? For Windows users, it must always be a struggle in using Internet explorer securely. The most recent issue about Internet explorer is addressed by Microsoft. This Monday Microsoft gave warning to the Internet Explorer users of two major flaws which affect version 9 to 11 of Internet Explorer. One of the flaws is known to be zero-day and it is facing a real attack being exploited by the hijackers. This means that Internet Explorer now is having a critical vulnerability that allows malicious actors to hijack the users running the program, especially the outdated one. When you hear this, if you are using Internet Explorer, you probably should stop right now.

What is zero-day vulnerability?

In cybersecurity, vulnerabilities mean unintentional flaws in a software program or an operating system. These flaws could be a result of errors in programming or configuring security. If nothing has been done to fix them, these vulnerabilities can allow cyber hijackers to exploit the program.

what is zero-day vulnerability? Zero-day means that the vulnerability in the software has just been found or it means that the software developer has just known the existence of the flaw. This causes the patch to fix the vulnerability that has not been made or released yet. To simplify, zero-day means that the developers have zero days in fixing the issue and the problem has a probability to be exploited by malicious actors. Now, what about the zero-day attack? This may happen if the software developer has not fixed the flaw or make the patch but hackers have abled to exploit the vulnerability.

The security risks of software vulnerabilities

This is how it works, hackers will create code with the target is a security flaw and they will make a malware named zero-day exploit. The malware will use the vulnerability and disturb the system resulting in unintentional behavior. When the system in your computer is affected by malware, it will steal your data and take control of your computer.

In their Warning, Microsoft explained that the vulnerability is corrupting memory to some extent that enable a hacker to perform arbitrary code in the context of the computer user. This means that if a hacker can exploit the existing vulnerability, the actor is possessing the same rights as the current computer user.

Microsoft then explains further that if the current system user is logged on as an administrative user, then the hacker who succeeds in exploiting the vulnerability will be able to take control of the systems that are affected by the malware. This will result in the ability of the attacker to install programs, view or change or even delete data, and create a new account with user rights.

It is stated in Microsoft’s warning that in the web-based attack, a hacker can host a website that has been specially crafted to exploit the vulnerability through Internet Explorer. The malware will try to persuade users to view the web. This can also be done by sending an email to the users.

Stop using Internet explorer

Discontinuity of Internet Explorer as a web browser is not only this time being stated by people from Microsoft. Early this year, in February, a cybersecurity expert from Microsoft wrote a post on the official Windows IT pro Blog that it is now time to stop the use of this old web browser. This product itself was discontinued in 2015. He stated that Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution, better not using it as a default browser. In his opinion, the use of Internet Explorer only when necessary such for searching certain enterprise solutions but he wants us as web users to not using it to avoid missing out on the larger portion of the web.

Next in April this year the warning came from one of the security researchers from Microsoft, who warned us that it is not enough to stop using it, you should also delete it from your computer. You do not have to use it, even simply by having it on your computer opens the possibility of having your data stolen by hackers.

The most recent warning reminds us that there is no need to keep Internet Explorer with you as all you have to do is open a crafted website containing, malware and it is over for you and your computer. Thanks to Clément Lecigne from Google’s Threat Analysis Group for the achievement in finding the vulnerability. The fix for the vulnerability is available, but it is manually done, so it is time now to move on and use Firefox as your browser instead.

Non-Profit Social Media: an Alternative for the Better Generation

Social media, the term must be really familiar to all of us nowadays. Yes, in the past, the so-called media refer to public broadcasts like TV and radio. The shows given for audience are interesting for sure. However, they can only be enjoyed one way. So that people can participate more in the media, social media are definitely great answers. On platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, users cannot only post the feeds but also comment with each other.

No matter how good social media work, there are many issues and problems following behind. Even at the beginning of its presence Facebook has been a medium for cyber-bullying. When there are more platforms like Instagram and Twitter, the condition is getting worse. Moreover, you can simply connect to public figures and celebrities. Well, if you don’t like them, you can just bully them.

Not to forget, there is YouTube. Okay, this platform is great since you basically can watch any video you want for free. There are countless good and advantageous videos uploaded everyday starting from music, cooking instructions, tips and tricks, and more. it is reasonable anyway if there are now many social celebrities coming out from various social media, including YouTube.

But does it mean YouTube is completely good? Of course, it is not. There are many other problems coming from this platform. One of them is easy access for underage kids to open inappropriate content. Well, it is although YouTube has provided the feature of Age Restriction Content. In many cases, it doesn’t work. Sure, bullying still happens in the comment session also. Meanwhile, so many types of content are considered not educative but even dangerous for other people.

The main reason why almost all social media platforms work that way is because; it is all about the money. Yes, they allow many kinds of unnecessary content to upload are due to the high demands. Undeniably, products and demands are things that cannot be easily separated.

Based on the facts mentioned above, it seems great for all of us to have a kind of social media that is really educative and necessary for all realms. Well, money is not the main purpose here. People who create, manage, and use the non-profit social media only want to share advantageous information to others. There is no more toxic content, propaganda, and other terrible things you commonly find in conventional social media.

Since it is non-profit, the content should also be non-commercial. There are no ads needed to fund it. Besides, it is much better if there are no brand accounts that are advertised their products all the time. Well, there is nothing there except educating others.

Sure, for other aspects, it can just be the same as for-profit social media. For example, you can create your own accounts, post photos, videos, and quotes there, and more. Besides, it is allowed if the account doesn’t use your real name. Moreover, it is if you just don’t want your identity to be revealed by others.

Even if you are protecting in a fake name, it doesn’t mean you can post anything as you want. Toxic matters are not allowed and you cannot post something dangerous. There are also no unnecessary challenges. As information, there are now so many challenges that are not giving any advantage at all. Well, they are probably fun but at the same time, they can make people die. You can mention some dangerous challenges viral in social media. They are including swimming in the whirlpool, taping your friend’s body, and more. Those are useless, aren’t they?

Of course, there will be a typical question; will people be interested to use it? This type of social media looks not fun at all. Yes, the users are probably not as many as the conventional ones. But it is definitely a really important thing to start. At least, the non-profit social media must be started by us who care about the future of our kids. Let other social media exist in their own ways. But there must be an alternative, the more positive one.

Finally, the internet has given so many benefits for us. But sure, we can get many problems from them also. So, rather than not caring of all of them, it is much better to stand up starting from now. Sure, there are many ways to use the internet more wisely. If many social media owners only think about profits, let them be. There is still a chance to make the non-profit one, which must be better for all of us.

Thomas Cook Collapse Effects: The Bankruptcy of a German Airline

The world’s oldest travel company in the world, Thomas Cook is reported to collapse on Sunday (9/22/2019). The news undeniably generates some other problems. One of them is Condor, the airline company in which the share is 49% owned by Thomas Cook, is predicted to face bankruptcy.

The financial problem causes Condor to make a loan to the German government up to US$220 million. Currently, the company waits for the response from the government. Thomas Cook’s collapse makes more than 600,000 tourists to be stranded. It includes thousands of Germans who travel in other countries.

The Minister of Economy of Germany, Peter Altmaier stated that the government will decide to give financial support for the next few days. Meanwhile, Ralf Teckentrup, the Chairman of Condor stated that the management will put efforts to save the company. They will not leave behind all of their duties. This way, they can still carry customers to their destinations and bring back home safely as usual.

Although he said with optimism, the airline will not take other passengers that have booked Thomas Cook and its subsidiaries. In other words, he suggests the customers contact their own tours for more explanations.

Some Impacts Suffered by Company’s Subsidiaries

Once has been the biggest tour and Travel Company in Europe, Thomas Cook has many subsidiaries for sure. Some of them are famous enough including Neckermann, Oger Tours, Air Marin, and Bucher Reisen. But different from its parent company, the subsidiaries still operate although they stop opening new services. In general, the subsidiaries are still healthy and profitable.

All the business units of Thomas Cook in Netherland have cancelled all trips that are ordered via Thomas Cook Netherland and one of its subsidiaries, Neckermann. Previously, the company said that they may fulfill orders of trips but unfortunately, they are not successful.

A special call center has been prepared for those who feel the impact. As a result, some lucky tourists can still go to their destinations via Thomas Cook including 10,000 Dutch who travel back with Thomas Cook.

While in Belgium, the Thomas Cook unit stated that many subscribers that have booked holiday packages cannot do the trips in the near future. In this country, some subsidiaries have been closed on Tuesday. It is along with the statement from Leen Segers. He said that the crew of the company has determined not to let new subscribers go these days.

Brussels Airlines also have stopped to accept passengers that have booked travel packages through Thomas Cook and Neckermann. The airline has canceled many flights operated under the name of Thomas Cook including them that fly to Tunisia.

The worse case is experienced by Thomas Cook France. More than 9,600 customers will go to court as an effort to go into receivership. The situation itself is quite puzzling so that some of those customers may sue the company with more accusations.

Based on some facts above, it is still too risky for passengers to book flights and holiday packages using services from this travel company. it is unless the government agrees to give loan so that Thomas Cook can be saved and operated.

The Main Cause of Bankruptcy

It is quite weird for many people; how a big company can be simply collapsed only in a short period of time. As information the signs of bankruptcy have actually been seen from some years ago. However, some attempts could still be done to avoid such a thing happening.

Based on statements and analysis from some experts, there are at least 3 reasons that cause the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook. They are the big number of bankruptcy, more competitors, and geopolitical uncertainty. The company even needs the addition of 200 million Pounds after it makes a loan of 900 million Pounds previously.

The president of Thomas Cook has met the creditor in London on Sunday as an attempt to discuss the last agreement. The discussion result was expected to give good news to the company; it was that the company still has a chance to survive. Unfortunately, the result was still far from expectations.

Based on the original provision of the plan, a creditor from China would give 450 million Pound or US$ 552 million as a reward. It the number values at least 75% from the tour operator business. Meanwhile, 25% is from the airlines. The bank that held Thomas Cook obligation even planned to add 450 million pounds. Then, the loan would be turned into equity. This way, those banks would handle 75% of airline shares and 25% of the operator business.

Get To Know DELL VOSTRO 3470 Small Desktop Computer

Having a small business with limited space for work? Then you will be needing some compact devices to support and maximize your business without taking too much space in your workplace.

Introducing Dell Vostro 3470 small desktop computer, with enhanced performance from the advanced processor, you will be able to work and open multiple tasks in an ultra-compact design.


Whether you have a small business in a limited space of work, or you are a student, or even if you are someone who works from home, Dell Vostro 3470 will be suitable for you. You can work fast and comfortably through the day thanks to the latest Intel processors, Intel Core i5 8400 that will give you a powerful performance during the use of the computer.

With up to 8GB high-speed RAM the device will give you the power and such a reliable performance.

Built-in WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet connection makes you stay connected to the web and it will help you to transmit any important data related to your business at an outstanding speed.

Imagine that your client sets a deadline and you need to use the time as precise as possible, you will not let anything slow you down. So the combination of the latest processor and the built-in WiFi will never make you disappoint your client. So why not complete the job on time and build the trust foundation from your business clients?

the existence of hardware TPM 2.0 will provide the best security to ensure the business keeps on going safely.

Who does not like multitasking? This will make your work faster and it is even easier for you to work on multiple things at the same time, so we are talking about time-saving here. With up to 2GB of optional discrete graphics, you can run multiple tasks and apps while enjoying a high-quality display on everything you are working on, whether it is powerpoint presentations to editing video.

About storage? No need to worry, there is plenty of room here, you can same and access documents, presentations, and even lots of media file without having to worry about the space. with up to 2TB HDD it is a huge space in such a compact design. You can even still enhance the performance by adding up to 512GB M.2 SATA SSD or you can choose the dual drive for optimum space room.


Stop worrying about having to provide extra space in your working table. This compact design is built for your desk space. You can save space now or even having extra space on your desk for other things that are important for your work. And you do not have to sacrifice anything just to have more space for papers perhaps?

The unique design also allows additional vents in the front part and the presence of ultrafine filters will keep the airflow in a good condition so you do not have to worry about overheating. The filters will keep away the dust and keep the system cool at the same time.

If you ever need more, you can always upgrade it with expansion slot.This will allow you to make your business keep on growing. VGA and HDMI ports are there to support multiple displays to keep your high productivity going.

Dell Mobile Connect

This app is made toes up your life, you can access multiple devices without having a distraction, just connect your android or io with your desktop, and you can practically work from anywhere. Dell Mobile Connect helps you to communicate better, make calls, send texts, get notified, and you can even make a duplicate of your smartphone to your P. This will allow you to use all applications with no limit.

By connecting your phone with your dell computer through point-to-point make sure that your data is protected and not exposed by the use of insecure internet connections. this surely eases your mind since you do not worry about your data being taken by some malware form, not a secure internet line. Dell mobile connect helps you to transfer videos, photos, music, and documents from Pc to smartphones and vice versa and it can be done quickly. Without complex cloud storage services or cables, you will be able to get the transfer done in a blink of an eye.

This Dell Vostro 3470 Small Desktop is for you who needs to work while having small space, its compact design and connected to a mobile app will allow you to work from anywhere you are. Whether you are working or students with lots of presentations, this sure is for you.you will have a desktop computer that can be placed in your bedroom.

Top 5 WordPress Hosting Sites

It is important to choose the right best hosting if you own or run WordPress websites. The hosting site determines how healthy and reliable your website is. Since there are so many hosting sites out there, which one is the best?

No matter which one you will choose, you should keep these points in mind when it comes to choosing the best hosting for WordPress. The server requirements should meet the latest requirements for WordPress. Speed is also important and if your website loads slower than one second then you need to consider changing your hosting.

Uptime is another important thing you should take a look. If you the uptime of your hosting is below 99.95 percent, you better switch it to another hosting.

#1. Bluehost Hosting

At a glance, Bluehost provides excellent main keys for your WordPress website. The average uptime is more than 99.98 percent with 375 ms average loading speed. It has a 24/7 live chat that will help you. The hosting is friendly even for beginners with reliable performance that includes SSL.

This hosting site very popular especially for bloggers and small business owners. The pricing is cheap which less than USD 3 per month. It is easy to use and no performance issue has ever been reported.

According to the tests we have run, Bluehost provides the best value ratio. With 99.98 percent uptime and 375 ms loading speed, you will never get the best yet most value for money hosting service on the market.

The pricing starts from USD 2.75 per month and you can purchase it for 36 months. However, the renewal price is USD 7.95 per month. Still, it is very common in the hosting industry yet this one is considered cheap after all. To save money, you should purchase the plan for the longest period.

#2. HostGator Hosting Service

This hosting service provider offers 99.99 percent average uptime with 425 ms loading speed. With a fast response live chat that will help you 24/7, HostGator is another best hosting service you should take into account. The intro price is cheap and it provides very reliable service and unlimited email.

HostGator is another popular hosting service provider with more than 10 million domains. It will be your ultimate choice when you run a WP website. Various high traffic sites use this hosting service its fast loading times just makes the hosting service more desirable. According to our test for one-year long, the average speed is 425 ms with 99.99 percent uptime.

Its initial purchase is USD 5.95 per month while the renewal might charge you USD 9.95 per month.

#3. SiteGround

This is another option you can take a look when you need a reliable hosting service for your WP websites. This hosting allows you to change the data center locations from the USA to Europe and vice versa. Some features provided will allow you to get a faster WP seed. The uptime is 99.99 percent and the load time is 671 ms. This number might not be as fast as HostGator and Bluehost. However, speed can be faster in some regions of Europe.

It has 24/7 customer service which will give helpful solutions for all your issues with the hosting service. However, the sign-up price is a bit higher than other hosting sites with USD 9.90 per month for the renewal. If you register your domain, it will charge you another dollar.

#4. Hostinger

If you need another name of the best hosting site for WP website, you should consider Hostinger as well. It offers the cheapest hosting plans with a data center in almost all continents across the world. You might not be able to choose your data center at first. But once you have signed up, you can ask the support service to change your server location.

Even though this one is the cheapest hosting service for WP websites, it provides 340 ms loading speed and 99.96 percent of uptime, which is faster and more competitive on the market. The initial sign-up price is USD 0.99 per month that can be purchased up to 48 months. Once the plan has ended, you can renew it for USD 2.75 per month.

#5. Dreamhost

Even though this is another alternative you can choose, it might not be suitable if you want more than average service. The uptime is 99.93 percent with 656 ms loading speed. Users can make site transfers for USD 99 and the service support is only during working hours. You cannot even choose your data center location.

Still, anything you choose, it depends on your main goal of making a WordPress website.

Google’s Trouble in Managing Google Assistant’s Customers’ Privacy

Google Assistant is a product from Google that is highly demanded recently. Users can use it to help their daily activities by only tapping a special button on their Android Smartphone. The feature is introduced mainly in the series of Android One.

The product is really sophisticated for sure. It is even said that this giant technology company has been one step ahead with it. Unfortunately, Google has some issues also. One of them is the issue of privacy violence that comes out to the surface currently.

A media from Belgium reported that Google Assistant and the smart speaker Google Home can record the voice and their staff can listen to them. The media even stated that there were more than a thousand quotes in which 153 of them are conversations that should not be recorded. The users might not activate it with the command “OK Google”. Those private conversations are including parents-children conversations, intimate conversations done by couples, and professional calls that contain secret information.

The problem is, in terms and conditions given by those products, it is said that any voice messages that are asked to Google Home and Google Assistant will be recorded and saved. Many users may ignore those matters based on the facts that they don’t know anything about these matters. On the other hand, something that is not stated in terms and conditions is permissions for Google staff to listen to the recorded quotes.

The controversy is getting bigger after people know that Google’s competitors, Amazon and Facebook tend to look more professional. Those technology companies make sure to exclude themselves in any product they produce unless; it is the requests from their customers. This way, users’ privacy can be kept better.

One of the protests was stated by Jim Killock, the Executive Director of Open Rights Group. He said that companies should do the right thing and make sure people choose to be recorded. Additionally, based on his opinion, it is funny to force people or customers to check whether every company intrudes their home or not.

The statement comes out after Google defends them by saying that about one of 500 users is subject to the human checks.

Is it true that Amazon and Apple excluded in the practice?

The main accusation comes to Google as they have been confessed to the ability of staff to listen to private quotes. Meanwhile, other companies defend themselves to do the same practice. However, the different thing is said by the Bloomberg News Agency. The company reported some technology companies including Amazon, Google, and Apple were involved in the practice.

The company’s involvement can be analyzed through some products and features available in the market, In general, some smart products are indeed equipped by staff label words and phrases. Words and phrases are mainly functioned to help improve voice-recognition accuracy in products’ software. And that’s true, some companies have such products. For example, they are Microsoft with their Xbox, Amazon with their Alexa recordings, and Facebook with their Opt Out for Portal Voice Recording Check.

Sure, the practice is considered common and reasonable. Without the feature, it is impossible for the companies to develop their products well and enjoy by customers. But it doesn’t reduce the fact that the customers’ privacy has been violated.

How to Solve the Problem

Undeniably, big technology companies have put many efforts to develop the feature applied in Google Assistant and Google Home. It is all to help customers to ease daily activities for sure. But in the future, it is expected that alternatives can be invented particularly to make sure customers’ privacy is kept well.

To solve this problem, at least for now, one of Google Assistant’s managers apologized for the mistake. He claimed that the quotes and data recorded are mainly used to make the product works. Besides, the setting menu was actually obviously shown that humans are included in the process.

Since the new technology how to make Google Assistant work well without human involvement has not been invented well, one solution seems good to use, at least for nowadays. Google planned to provide a feature that enables users to set the sensitivity level of the products. This way, the customers can choose the Google Assistant’s sensitivity. The more sensitive it is, there will be more quotes to be recorded.

The data stored are also automatically deleted after a few months. Therefore, there will not be records in the past to be played in the future. They are all gone except the customers themselves who have the willingness to keep them all.